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You are invited to join Steve Forbes, CEO and editor of Forbes magazine, for a critical Newsmax webinar airing at this very moment. You can literally begin to watch it in a few short seconds.

Joining Steve Forbes — one of the top financial experts in the country — for this revolutionary event will be Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, foreign currency and international finance expert Sean Hyman, and Libertarian vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root.

Tune in as the following topics are discussed and debated:

  • The Dangers of a Weak Dollar for America and You!
  • The Real and Perilous Threat of Inflation
  • The Risk Facing 401(k)s and Your Retirement Savings
  • Could the Fed’s Policy Lead America on the Path to Another Devastating Crash?
  • Could We Possibly Suffer a 1930s-Level Depression in the Very Near Future?
  • Could Currency Investing Actually Be the Smartest Play For Protecting Your Wealth in the Face of a Devalued Dollar?
  • And so much more . . .

You will be given real solutions to the real problems facing your investments and hard-earned wealth!

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