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Strong words from respected physician Dr. Russell Blaylock:

'Many Doctors Are Cold-Hearted
Simpletons — and That
Number Continues to Grow!'

Dear Friend,

That's a fairly bold statement coming from another member of the medical community, don't you think?

But after hearing what he had to say about the way so many doctors treat patients who come to them for help for a serious health concern — I'd have to say I agree with him.

For instance, did you know that major medical schools spend little to no time introducing future doctors to challenging or difficult-to-diagnose diseases?

The focus generally is on those quick, easy-to-diagnose illnesses that respond right away to easy treatments.

The doctors need only write quick prescriptions and the patients are out the door and on their way.

If you're anything like me, your next question might be: Why?

Well, unfortunately, money is at the root of the answer, as is true so often these days.

You see, doctors don't have the time (or the interest, in many cases) to treat those baffling "mystery" illnesses — the ones that turn into long and drawn-out treatment ordeals, when the cause isn't blatantly obvious.

They'd rather treat the simple, easy-to-fix cases, because — let's be honest — the more patients a doctor sees per year, the more money he or she stands to make.

But what happens to those poor people with chronic and persistent illnesses?

Well, they often bounce from doctor to doctor, spending enormous amounts of money on unnecessary tests and medications, only to continue suffering — sometimes throughout their entire lifetimes.

But our Newsmax medical expert, Dr. Russell Blaylock, says . . .

'There are No "Mystery" Diseases,
Only Shortsighted Doctors'

Doctor, Neurosurgeon,
Author, Health Advocate

Dr. Blaylock

Russell Blaylock, M.D., not only compiles and edits's Blaylock Wellness Report, he's also a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer.

He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his internship and neurosurgical residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. For over a quarter of a century, he practiced in the demanding field of neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.

He recently retired from his neurosurgical duties to devote his full attention to nutritional studies and research. Dr. Blaylock has authored three books on nutrition and wellness:

  • Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
  • Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life
  • Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients

An in-demand guest for radio and TV programs, he lectures extensively to both lay audiences and other physicians on a variety of nutrition-related subjects.

Dr. Blaylock is the 2004 recipient of the Integrity in Science Award granted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. He serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, official publication of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

He previously was assistant clinical professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson and is a visiting biology professor at the Belhaven College, also in Jackson.

What Dr. Blaylock means by that is that many so-called "mystery" illnesses simply require your treating physician to investigate a little more.

His case in point is the often-misdiagnosed celiac disease.

Once thought to be a rare illness that most people had never heard of, celiac disease is actually one of the most common autoimmune diseases around.

In fact, 1 in every 100 people suffer from this disease.

The real crime is that those who have the illness often suffer needlessly and painfully for years.

I say needlessly because, as Dr. Blaylock explains it, people with celiac disease have a heightened sensitivity to gluten. But simply removing gluten from your diet makes the debilitating symptoms of the disease disappear.

Can you imagine living your entire life with:

  • Intestinal cramping?
  • Bloating?
  • Diarrhea?
  • Malnutrition?

And your doctor simply blowing off your symptoms — or prescribing drug after drug that often only makes matters worse?

Unfortunately, studies prove that 97 percent of people suffering the symptoms of celiac disease go undiagnosed for most of their lives!

And when you read the latest issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you'll see that celiac disease (and other baffling mystery diseases) spill over to affect multiple systems in your body.

In this issue, Dr. Blaylock fills you in on just how to take complete control of your own health and healing by insisting your doctor "pay attention" to your symptoms — to get you the help you need and deserve.

Not only that but also you'll discover other important tidbits like these:

  • Leaky gut syndrome and hypoglycemia are "all in your head"? See why some doctors insist your legitimate medical complaints need only a trip to the psychiatrist's couch to cure you . . .
  • One bad gene plus three dietary culprits put you at risk for a lifetime of these fiery celiac disease symptoms . . .
  • Four warning signs you may be a victim of celiac disease (but 1 in 6 people with the disease never show these signs). Plus, see how a misdiagnosis could spell serious problems . . .
  • Six unexplained conditions you need to have your doctor check out immediately (ignorance is not bliss in this case, my friend) . . .
  • The single most important nutritional step you can take to mitigate your child's attention deficit disorder drastically — or even symptoms of autism . . .
  • Ten migraine-producing food additives to avoid if you want to soothe your head pain (doctors often overlook this link to "silent" celiac disease) . . .
  • Dr. Blaylock's 12 must-have nutritional supplements to cool the inflammation and ease the severity of your headaches . . .
  • The little-known link between undiagnosed celiac disease and increased risk of unexplained infertility (seven reproductive conditions alone are attributed to this disease, which is misdiagnosed routinely) . . .
  • Why it's critical to insist that your doctor get at the root of your mystery illness: Ignoring it or blowing it off could cost your life . . .

Plus, so much more . . .

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This is just a sampling of some of the practical and life-saving information you'll receive in Dr. Blaylock's monthly health newsletter.

And you can bet your bottom dollar every single word in every single issue is the honest-to-goodness truth.

In fact . . .

You Have Exclusive Access to Crucial Health
Information No One Else Can Give You

That's right. In this issue (and all those to follow), Dr. Blaylock takes on much more than just one topic he's passionate about. He addresses plenty of other crucial and timely issues that could affect your health and well-being.

In this issue alone, Dr. Blaylock shares his vast knowledge on a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Discover why one of the most common diseases in America is also one of the most unrecognized by your doctor today — even doctors more than 300 years ago knew about it . . .
  • Seven heart-specific nutrients you need to keep your ticker in tip-top shape. In fact, they are so powerful that heart patients have been able to avoid heart transplants . . .
  • How to get the help you need, even when many doctors (maybe even yours) won't treat your complicated or difficult condition . . .
  • Warning! See how biking and jogging could put you at serious risk for deadly diseases such as Parkinson's — and even strokes . . .
  • Is your computer a pain in your neck? Simple self-treatment solutions for prolonged relief . . .
  • A quick peek into your eye may save you from a lifetime of devastating illness . . .
  • Don't be so quick to kill those bugs and weeds in your garden — not if you want to save your brain and the brains of your children . . .
  • What Play-Doh and common cosmetic products have in common — and why it's important for you to know . . .
  • Dr. Blaylock's nutritional strategy for preventing ulcerative colitis surgery . . .
  • Don't take any type of hormones to reduce osteoporosis until you read about these powerful nutritional alternatives . . .
  • Discover the nutritional secret keeping the Eskimos of Alaska healthy and free from any kind of autoimmune disorders . . .

And so much more . . .

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Mainstream Media Line Their Pockets
By Keeping You in the Dark

All those expensive, trendy ads you're continuously battered with on TV or in magazines — the ones promoting the latest cure-all medication on the market — well, they don't come cheap.

The mega-giant drug companies spend billions of dollars every year in advertising to entice you to buy their dangerous and often side-effect-laden drugs.

Next time you watch your favorite show on TV, take a moment to count the number of ads . . . pitches claiming to treat everything from high cholesterol to erectile dysfunction.

I think the number will astound you.

And mainstream medical journals aren't immune from that kind of relentless advertising, either. Those huge drug companies will stop at nothing to infiltrate the minds of even our finest doctors.

All that advertising translates into billions of dollars — money the mainstream media doesn't want miss out on by printing a little thing like the truth!

But I know — because you're already a Newsmax subscriber — that you refuse to accept anything but the truth.

You want to be able to make up your own mind, based on honest facts instead of media hype.

Well, Dr. Blaylock feels just the way you do. He says "thanks but no thanks" to the traditional medical machine. And he doesn't cater to mainstream media, either.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Blaylock is so firm in his convictions that, here at Newsmax, we like to think of him as a real medical rebel when it comes to bringing you the unbiased truth, because he:

  • Accepts NO commissions or payment for any of the products he recommends.
  • Takes NO money from the multibillion-dollar drug companies.
  • Does NO medical "research" funded by Big Pharma, either.
  • This way, he has NO conflict of interest.

How's that for a refreshing approach?

I'm Ready for Some Honest-to-Goodness
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Straight Talk From A Once-Traditional Doctor

Dr. Blaylock knows the inner workings of the traditional medical model.

That's because, before his retirement, he was a highly esteemed neurosurgeon with a flourishing medical practice, one he maintained for more than years.

So he knows how Big Pharma constantly bombards doctors with drug propaganda.

That's why he's made it his personal mission to get at the real truth behind the faulty claims of the pharmaceutical fat cats. And to make sure you have access to that truth, he writes about natural, healthy options you won't find anyplace else.

In each and every issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report, you'll be privy to the latest cutting-edge health research (especially those findings that never make it onto the nightly news or into your local paper).

And you'll get his straightforward recommendations for simple dietary solutions that will keep you in control of your own health, along with easy lifestyle changes and effective nutritional supplements.

No baloney — no media hype — no pretense . . .

Just good old-fashioned truth and integrity you can believe in.

And best of all, with The Blaylock Wellness Report, you get good old-fashioned value for your dollar, too. It may seem hard to believe, but you'll get . . .

Your Own High-Quality Health
Report For Only $4 a Month!

And that's no joke . . .

For only 13 cents a day — $4 a month — you'll have instant, 24-hour-a-day access to our popular Blaylock Wellness Report.

You've watched the price of everything from zucchini to automobiles climb right off the charts. But are you really getting any more quality or service for your money?

Well, here at Newsmax, we want to make sure you get both for your hard-earned money.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find the kind of quality and service we offer — for a mere 13 cents a day — anywhere else on the planet.

Can you think of any other publication that can help you save thousands of dollars on worthless — and potentially dangerous — drugs, bogus supplements, or unproven treatments?

Every month, Dr. Blaylock takes on major health issues that potentially may affect you, your family, or others you care about. Issues such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks, nutritional supplements, high cholesterol, alternative treatments, and dozens more timely topics.

And with his special "Ask Dr. Blaylock" section, you'll have the opportunity to present your own questions for him to answer in the newsletter.

Best of all, 12 issues are yours for only $4 a month — $48 for the entire year!

I think that's fair, don't you? Really, $4 won't even buy you a small snack on an airplane these days . . .

And, if you subscribe for two years, you can slash the price even more — to just $3.29 a month.

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If you think that sounds good, check out our fantastic Newsmax guarantee . . .

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Even with our Newsmax incredible value-based newsletter and no-risk guarantee, I want to add even more great value to your investment.

How about . . .

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Because you're such a valuable member of the Newsmax community . . .

You have a "Free Pass" to all of Dr. Blaylock's previous newsletters.

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Here's just a small sampling of the high-quality information you'll get (these reports sell individually for $15.00 — but you get them all free!):

Issue #3:
Cholesterol Drugs Are Dangerous
Do you have a cholesterol problem? Then you must read Dr. Blaylock's report and learn about the all-natural supplement that reduces cholesterol without using dangerous statin drugs. VALUE $15

You'll find:

  • The right — and the wrong — reasons to treat high cholesterol with statin medications (Hint: The right reason isn't to pay for some drug company bigwig's box seats at the pro games!).
  • How having low cholesterol is not only bad for you. . . but can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than having elevated cholesterol levels.
  • Why the "supposed" dangers of dietary cholesterol have been vastly exaggerated (Hint: There's big money involved!).
  • And much. much more . . .
Issue #7:
Health Exams That Can Save Your Life
The next time you see your doctor, you need to ask for these tests — the ones your own doctor may not know about! VALUE $15

You'll also discover:

  • The 4 "EXTRA" cardiovascular tests you must have to minimize your risk of heart attack and stroke (unfortunately, your doctor probably won't do them unless you specially request them by name) . . .
  • SPECIAL WARNING FOR MEN: Why the PSA test for your prostate may
    be misleading (and 10 supplements to tell that prostate inflammation
    goodbye) . . .
  • Better than mammograms! Four near-secret tests that are better and safer — and no more "smashed breast," either . . .
  • Why having a yearly physical exam could lead to unnecessary testing resulting in complications . . . even death . . .
  • And much, much more . . .
Issues #8 and 9:
Prevent Cancer Before It's Too Late
Cancer is NOT inevitable. You can avoid this deadly disease if you have the right information. Read Dr. Blaylock's special double report now! VALUE $30

You'll see:

  • 6 oils you should ban from your kitchen if you want to avoid cancer
    (and the 2 oils you should never be without) . . .
  • The single thing you can do to slash your cancer risk by 50% . . .
  • What much-loved meal accompaniment increases your risk of developing cancer by a whopping 190%?
  • A common spice that contains a powerful substance scientists have determined to be one of the most powerful cancer inhibitors found yet . . .
  • Which one factor correlates to the early development of aggressive prostate cancer (This could actually cut your lifespan in half) . . .
  • Plus much more . . .
Issue #10:
Omega-3: Nature's Miracle Panacea
Are you worried about having a heart attack or stroke? Do you or a loved one suffer from depression? This one disease-preventing supplement can put a skidding stop to these problems (and many others) — and maybe even change your whole life. VALUE $15

Dr. Blaylock will share things with you in this issue like:

  • 3 easy steps you can take to balance your good fat/bad fat ratio (it's really simple, once you get it) . . .
  • The healthy supplemental oil your kids will actually take without a fight . . .
  • How certain dietary fats can affect your brain chemistry (once you understand why, you can take your health to the next level!) . . .
  • How bipolar disorder has been linked to low levels of specific dietary fats and can be treated by simple nutritional correction . . .
  • And much more . . .

Issue #13:

Eliminate Hypertension Forever!
The Natural Approach to Curing High Blood Pressure
50% of Americans are at risk for this killer. Do you know which natural supplement will lower your blood pressure inexpensively — and with no dangerous side effects? VALUE $15

In this issue, you'll discover:

  • The natural and vital supplement that has demonstrated such dramatic improvement in cardiac function that some people have used it to avoid heart transplants . . .
  • 11 ways to control hypertension naturally and safely, with methods confirmed by carefully conducted clinical tests . . .
  • How the statistics medical experts use to measure blood pressure can be shockingly deceptive . . .
  • Plus, dozens of other useful gems to improve and maintain your health . . .

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  • The latest unbiased information on crucial health topics
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  • Simple strategies to rejuvenate and take charge of your life

If you think you can wait to hear this kind of in-depth health news from your own doctor — who's too busy to read even a fraction of the studies Dr. Blaylock monitors — think again.

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Some of the topics Dr. Blaylock discusses in this report include: chronic illness, heart attacks, acute infections, hemorrhagic conditions, depression, psychosis, fatigue, achy joints, mental fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, autism, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, leaky gut syndrome, celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, gluten, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, neurological disorders, molecular mimicry, microglia, antibodies, free radicals, lipid peroxidation, excitotoxins, cytokines, chemokines, chronic inflammation, bystander damage, malnutrition, malabsorption, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Grave's disease, dementia, Addison's disease, pneumonia, meningitis, cancer, cerebellum, gastroenterology, gluten sensitivity, peripheral neuropathy, seizure, infertility, migraine headache, vitamin B-12, folate, vitamin B-6, chronic brain inflammation, calcification, schizophrenia, food allergies, glutamate, aspartame, MSG, vitamin C, vitamin E, curcumin, quercetin, grape seed extract, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, calcium, vitamin D, hair loss, vaccines, hepatitis B vaccine, hyposplenism, acid reflux, lactose intolerance, gluten-free diet, GERD, heartburn, anemia, Type 1 diabetes, Sjogren's syndrome, dermatitis herpetiformis, alopecia areata, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, small bowel cancer, esophageal cancer, melanoma, fatty heart, obesity, heart failure, Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, L-carnitine, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, strokes, diesel exhaust particles, DEP, male infertility, sudden cardiac death, endocrine system, iodine deficiency, Alzheimer's disease, optical coherence tomography, OCT, pesticides, herbicides, chlorpyrifos, neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine, toxic metals, ulcerative colitis, bioidentical hormones, lupus.


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