The Great Housing Crash of 2008:
How To Protect Your Investments

The drop in U.S. real estate markets is likely just the first stage of a global liquidity
crunch which could ravage your assets and your investments.

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Could the U.S. housing recession and recent events in the U.S. stock markets be early warnings of something even worse to come?

Until recently, the U.S. and global economies had been roaring.

In the last two years, the DOW went up by a HUGE 30%, and many commodities are up by 20% to 50%+. Also growth in several Asian countries — notably India and China — has been simply amazing, up by 9-12% a year!

And until recently, real estate was also booming in many parts of this world, including the U.S., Europe and Asia.

This broad-based global boom would be great news for everyone if it was the result of natural and sustainable market forces, such as a growth in savings and increasing economic innovation.

Unfortunately, there is lots of evidence that this global boom is anything but natural and sustainable, but is really the artificial result of a global liquidity bubble . . . a bubble which could now be on the verge of bursting!

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