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  • The U.S. dollar and your wealth are going the way of the Mexican peso: down!
  • More than $10 trillion in government spending is triggering a sudden and massive devaluation of the greenback.
  • The TARP chief told Congress the federal bailout will now total over $23 trillion! That would be over $70,000 per person.

But if you act fast, you can protect your life savings from 1970s-style mega-inflation . . . and you could DOUBLE your money . . .

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Secret Government Plan
To Devalue the Dollar Could
Wipe Out Your Life Savings!


In this special issue, discover . . .

  • Why the U.S. dollar is sinking fast . . .
  • The real reason the stock market
    has rallied . . . and what could happen
    NEXT . . .
  • Little-known investments that will skyrocket as the U.S. dollar
    plummets . . .
  • And MORE!

Dear Investor:

Unbeknown to most investors, the Obama administration is quietly planning to devalue the U.S. dollar even MORE. The decision has been made . . . and it's working.

Obama adviser Warren Buffett accidentally revealed in a recent CNBC interview what the Administration REALLY has planned all along.

Buffett told the interviewer that the United States will do what
every other country has done when faced with huge obligations
and decreasing revenues — inflate (devalue) the currency!

The reason is simple.

The Democrats have waited nearly 30 years, ever since Ronald Reagan was elected, to begin spending money on social programs again.

They're not about to let a global economic wipeout stand in their way.

Deliberately devaluing the U.S. dollar will make U.S. government debt obligations less onerous, American exports relatively cheap, and rally the stock market.

There is only one problem with their plan!

By causing inflation to soar, it will wipe out the life savings of generations . . . and destroy the U.S. economy for decades to come . . .

Dollar Devaluation Is a Done Deal

That's why we've prepared a special issue of the Financial Intelligence Report called "The Coming Dollar Devaluation: 8 Factors Every Investor Must Know."

It could end up being the most important economic report you'll read this year.

This special report gives you the inside details on what the world's most famous economists and financial experts expect to happen in the coming six months.

Plus, it outlines a realistic plan of action you can take to protect yourself from the plummeting dollar — and reveals investments that could easily DOUBLE your money if the U.S. dollar slide continues.

You'll discover . . .

  • Eight reasons why the global recovery will be stopped dead in its tracks in the United States . . .
  • Why certain rising commodity prices are the canary in the mine shaft when it comes to inflation . . .
  • What Obama's plans to nationalize U.S. healthcare will do to the U.S. dollar . . .
  • The REAL reason why interest rates have been rising despite everything the government tries . . .
  • Why you have to become a global investor to survive the coming dollar devaluation . . .
  • How Wall Street's "bandit capitalism" is leading to "bandit socialism" . . .
  • What will happen when China and other foreign investors stop buying U.S. debt . . .
  • The reason why inflation is inevitable — and the steps you must take, right now, to prepare for it . . .
  • and much, MUCH more!

Best of all, you can get a copy of "The Coming Dollar Devaluation: 8 Factors Every Investor Must Know" absolutely FREE.

I'll tell you how to get a copy in a moment. But first, let me explain why . . .

The Destruction of the Dollar,
And Your Portfolio, Has Started

When the market crashed more than 18 months ago, the dollar strengthened significantly. Investors worldwide fled to the greenback. Hundreds of billions of poured into the United States.

But all that ended quickly when Barack Obama took office.

Once Obama and congressional Democrats began handing out trillions of dollars in bailouts and posting record deficits, the confidence of world investors was badly shaken. The value of the U.S. dollar began plunging.

Since taking office, the Obama administration has increased the monetary base by a staggering $10 trillion (see chart below). In less than a year, it managed to DOUBLE the expected annual budget deficit to almost $2 trillion.


The result was predictable: The stock market rallied . . . but the once mighty dollar has PLUNGED against foreign currencies.

That's WHY Warren Buffett, for the first time ever, shifted more than 20 percent of Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio outside the country and into non-dollar assets.

This estimate does not include companies he holds, such as Coca-Cola, that draw huge portions of their earnings from abroad.

Inflation Is About to Wipe Out the
Stock Market Gains of Recent Months!

These are dangerous times. If you have spent the past 10 YEARS investing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, your investments have lost money — a lot of money. chart

Since the market hit its historic 2007 high, stocks have plummeted. In March of this year, the Dow hit a new decade low of 6,547 — a drop of more than 53 percent from the high. The market has rebounded since that low but remains down nearly 40 percent.

We predicted this year's rally-back.

But here is what should really have you worried!

The recent stock market rally was fueled almost entirely by the MASSIVE infusion of $10 trillion in borrowed government cash, according to our analysts.

All that government borrowing has boosted the market but will trigger inflation that the United States hasn't seen since the 1970s.

If the stock market during the next two years rises by more than 8 percent a year but real inflation hits the U.S. economy at more than 10 percent, investors will experience negative asset value.

The same thing has happened with the socialist-controlled Venezuelan stock market, one of the few stock markets in the world doing well now. When you factor in that country's skyrocketing inflation rate — now averaging 30 percent! — investors in Venezuela are losing their shirts.

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Obama Is Making the Same Mistake As . . .

Twenty years ago, Japan was one of the richest countries in the world and had one of the highest standards of living. Everyone was talking about "Theory Z" and the Japanese state-controlled approach to business.

Then, in the 1990s, the Japanese asset bubble in stocks and real estate went through a crash similar to what we are experiencing now.

Rather than use free-market approaches to address the problem, Japanese policymakers did many of the same things the Obama administration is doing today, such as keeping interest rates artificially low, spending heavily — and deliberately devaluing the yen to spur exports.

The result: The Japanese economy has NEVER recovered. The Nikkei, the Japanese stock market, plummeted 86% — and is STILL down 75% from its historic high.

Today, the Japanese rank 24th in the world in per-capita income, according to the International Monetary Fund.

Like Japan, the United States could see a significant unwinding of its real wealth. You'll learn all about it in your FREE copy of "The Coming Dollar Devaluation: 8 Factors Every Investor Must Know" — where you'll discover . . .

  • What the government DOESN'T want you to know about the rising national debt . . .
  • The world's two most powerful inflation fighting strategies . . .
  • A little-known exchange-traded fund (ETF) that could skyrocket in value if the value of the dollar continues to sink . . .
  • A better way to invest for inflation . . . plus, a foreign stock that could make you piles of profits . . .
  • Why you can't trust your pension fund when it comes to runaway inflation . . . and how you can take charge now . . .
  • What you need to know about the exploding U.S. money supply . . .
  • The No. 1 reason why the economy's "green shoots" may be about to have battery acid thrown on them . . .
  • The truth about Obama's trillion-dollar health plan . . . and why it's driving investors away from the United States . . .
  • And MORE!

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Expert, Independent, and Contrarian Insights

Unlike most other financial newsletters, there is no hype with the Financial Intelligence Report. There are no absurd claims.

Our Team and Contributors Include

Lord William Rees-Mogg, the former editor of the Times of London and co-author of  the best-selling "The Great Reckoning" and "Blood on the Streets."

Axel Merk, president of Merk Investments, an independent investment adviser focused on growth, value, gold, and cash strategies.

Hans Etienne Parisis, a Belgian-born bank economist who has advised global billionaires and governments on the financial markets and international investments. Parisis is based in Panama City, Panama.

This is just a part of our team. Our approach is not to rely on insular opinions about the markets, but to seek out the best and brightest, globally.

You get thoroughly researched, accurate information, reasonable projections, and excellent investment advice from some of the best financial minds in the country.

And instead of a narrow focus on just a few investments like most financial newsletters, Financial Intelligence Report covers it all: stocks, bonds, munis, options, commodities, even precious metals.

What's more, the Financial Intelligence Report has an incredible track record. Since 2003, the year it began publishing, it has outpaced the S&P every year — and its current portfolio picks top the S&P by more than 30 percentage points!

The Financial Intelligence Report is edited each month by a team of analysts and experts led by its publisher, Christopher Ruddy.

Ruddy, a graduate of the London School of Economics, serves on the board of the prestigious Financial Publishers Association and is a noted commentator and author.

Ruddy and the Financial Intelligence Report team, in turn, speak with some of the great financial minds to give our readers the other side of the story — beyond the media spin.

The late General Alexander Haig acknowledged the Financial Intelligence Report as a "must-read for the global investor."

At this point, you are probably asking yourself . . .

"So What's the Deal?"

It's very simple!

You will immediately receive "The Coming Dollar Devaluation: 8 Factors Every Investor Must Know," plus we give you a one-year subscription to the monthly publication of the Financial Intelligence Report.

However, we want your investments to be safe and prosperous, so we decided to take it a step further!

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Pension Fund Time Bomb is Ticking (a $49 value)

Despite huge government bailouts — now estimated to be more than $10 trillion — another 800-pound gorilla is standing in the corner: the coming implosion of the U.S. pension system.


Bonus Report #3:
Finding High Yield In Turbulent Times (a $49 value)

As interest rates drift toward all-time lows, investors soon will be on a hungry hunt for yield. Discover some of the best yield investments for today's markets that will protect and grow your wealth.


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