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Dear Friend,

Good news! I've been getting excellent results for my asthma and allergy patients with a natural treatment program that actually gets at the root causes of the problem.

If you're fed up with drug therapies that treat only symptoms — and want a real solution — this program is for you!

I've written a special report on it: An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma. And today I'm going to show you what's in it, plus how you can get your very own FREE copy.

50 Million People Suffer Asthma and Allergies

This is no small problem. In America, more than 50 million people are suffering; 500,000 people are hospitalized each year. And asthma continues to be one of the most common chronic diseases among children.

If you have asthma, you know the awful feeling of struggling to breathe. And you also know how miserable allergies can make you feel . . .

I know these problems firsthand, which gave me a strong motivation to find a real solution.

You see, at age 5, I developed asthma and allergies. I vividly remember being rushed to the emergency room once or twice a year, gasping for breath.

I used inhalers and drugs to control the symptoms, including taking a horrible-tasting yellow liquid (theophylline) to help me breathe. I swear the taste of that medication was one reason I became a doctor.

Unfortunately, as I grew older, my symptoms only worsened.

I had to be careful to keep an inhaler with me at all times. I frequently got viral illnesses that caused my asthma to flare up. I tried numerous medications: some made me drowsy; others seemed to rev me up and make me nervous; all of them dried me out.

I saw many allergists, too, but 10 years of allergy shots didn't work. Sound familiar? I'm sure it does . . .

Conventional Medicine Has Failed

Benadryl and Zyrtec cause drowsiness, dryness, and brain fog . . .

Albuterol rescue inhalers provide immediate relief, but their overuse actually can worsen your condition.

Inhaled steroids can be used for emergencies, but their extended use can cause yeast infections, weight gain, insulin resistance, and even osteoporosis and diabetes.

Serevent works longer than the Albuterol inhalers, but it's been associated with an increased risk of death. The FDA even requires this warning on the label. And the same is true of Advair.

Singulair inhibits inflammation, but it also causes fatigue, fever, intestinal upset, headache, as well as flu-like symptoms and numbness in the arms and legs.

Isn't there something better than these harsh drugs that treat only symptoms? Yes. And today, you'll get it!

The Solution for Asthma Sufferers Is Here

I am happy to report that I've developed a five-point natural treatment program that is producing excellent results for my patients, and for me, too!

Overcoming Arthritis

Discover what conventional medicine has been missing all these years, why drugs aren’t the answer, and how natural therapies can finally bring relief!

See special offer just ahead!

Hi, I'm Dr. David Brownstein. I'm a family physician. I'm the director of the Holistic Health Center in West Bloomfield, Mich. And I'm the author of Newsmax's popular health advisory letter, Natural Way to Health.

Many years ago, I realized the limitations of conventional drug-based medicine, and I began researching and practicing natural alternatives.

It didn't take long to discover that many natural therapies are safer and more effective than drugs — and that many popular drugs do more harm than good.

I also realized that, because of the drug-based training doctors receive in medical school, they know only disease, not health and wellness. Their solution is this or that drug for symptoms, not natural therapies that can bring about healing.

To share my knowledge, I began writing books. In fact, I want you to have a FREE copy of my best-selling book, Drugs That Don't Work and Natural Therapies That Do (details just ahead).

I also started writing a monthly newsletter, Natural Way to Health, in which I routinely:

  • Expose the hidden dangers in popular foods and medicines
  • Reveal the truth about medical reports and studies
  • Offer safe and effective natural alternatives to harsh drugs
  • Discuss case studies and answer reader mail, and . . .
  • Write on key health issues affecting millions!

Here's a sampling of some previous reports I've written that may be important to you:

  • Stop Heart Disease in its Tracks, Naturally — Heart disease is not caused by high cholesterol as the drug companies want you to believe. Plaque forms in your arteries because you're short on vitamin C, two amino acids, and two hormones. See my report and throw out your statin drugs!
  • Prevent Cancer With Vitamin D — Researchers have learned that the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D has been way too low for years and that the resultant deficiency has led to more prostate, breast, and other cancers, plus loss of bone strength and higher risk for autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Alzheimer's — A severe deficiency can cause or mimic Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, and more. Most adults are deficient and don't know it. See my report and discover the only type of vitamin B12 that's effective (it's not cyanocobalamin).

Signup Today!In one moment, I'm going to invite you to try a subscription to Natural Way to Health for just 14 cents a day at no risk. As a bonus, you'll receive three of my most popular books, plus get access to all 16 of my valuable health reports — FREE!

But first, let's see what's in your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma . . .

Try This Five-Point Holistic Approach

Conventional medicine says asthma and allergy attacks are caused by inflammation and bronchoconstriction (constriction of the airways of the lungs). Sorry, those are symptoms, not causes.

The underlying problem is the body's overreaction to an allergen (irritant) because of a nutritional and hormonal imbalance. Here's what happens. . .

With an imbalance, your airway tubes become hyper-reactive. And then with the slightest provocation they become inflamed, constrict, and produce too much mucous.

The result is a gasping for breath and the familiar wheezing sound associated with asthma (a similar overreaction causes itchy and runny noses for allergy sufferers).

The conventional drug-based approach is to treat the symptoms: the inflammation and the constriction. But these drugs have bad side effects and become less effective over time.

My five-point holistic approach is different. It gets at the root causes so the frequency of flare ups are reduced or eliminated.

Just remember that asthma is serious. It can kill. So hold on to your medications while trying these natural therapies under the guidance of your physician.

1. Drink water with this natural ingredient

Plentiful hydration is extremely important to asthma and allergy sufferers, and yet when I ask my patients how much water they drink, they typically answer "One or two glasses per day."

They do drink coffee, tea, soda, juice, beer, and wine. But these drinks are dehydrating. You may think you're getting water from them, but instead they are drying you out (as are your allergy medications).

In your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma you'll learn how much water to drink, and also a natural ingredient you can add to your water (just 1 teaspoon per quart) that will break down excess mucous and relax your airway muscles so they won't inflame and constrict.

Don't worry, the added ingredient won't affect the taste!

Drink this water mixture regularly and use it preventively before any exercise or sports activity. I always drink some before (and while) playing tennis and I no longer have the problems I once did.

The Biggest Fraud in
Medicine: Cholesterol
Leads to Heart Disease!

See how the drug companies tricked the public into believing high cholesterol causes heart disease, then manipulated study data to make statin drugs seem valuable when they are essentially worthless!

See special offer just ahead!

2. Avoid milk and dairy

Pasteurized milk products stimulate mucus production, and too much mucus is present in all asthmatic episodes. I've also found that most asthma and allergy sufferers are allergic to the milk protein, casein.

Avoid dairy products! There is very little good nutrition in them, but they do create problems, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

For details, see your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma.

3. Get plenty of Magnesium and Vitamin D

Every cell in your body depends on magnesium. More than 300 important enzymes can't function without it. It's essential for making energy. And it's a known muscle-relaxing agent. Get enough and it will calm the muscles of your airway tubes that otherwise want to inflame and constrict.

Unfortunately, our food supply is largely stripped of magnesium, so most of us aren't getting enough. It's estimated that only one-third of U.S. citizens get the RDA, which at just 300-400 mg is already inadequate for asthma sufferers.

In your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma, you'll see how much you need, plus which foods are rich in it. Incidentally, if magnesium gives you diarrhea, try a periodic IV drip. This will build up your blood levels of magnesium while bypassing your sensitive intestinal tract.

Vitamin D also is very important. We're living in a time of severe vitamin D deficiency. That's why we're seeing loss of bone strength, increased incidence of various cancers, plus autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.

Several studies show that a vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to an increased incidence of asthma, especially in children. A big problem today is the directive to avoid sun or use sunscreen when outdoors, which prevents your body from making vitamin D from sunlight.

But now in your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma you'll see exactly how much vitamin D you need to treat asthma and allergies (it's many times the RDA), as well as what type of vitamin D to get, as the most common form is not well absorbed.

4. Balance your hormones

I've learned firsthand in my practice that you can't overcome asthma or severe allergy attacks without balancing your hormonal system, especially the thyroid and adrenal endocrine system.

Surprisingly large numbers of people suffer from a thyroid deficiency called hypothyroidism, but they don't know it. Their doctors don't know it, either. Why?

Because a very common food additive, bromine, robs your body of iodine, which is the most important nutrient for healthy thyroid function. And then to make matters worse, the thyroid test your doctor gives you — the TSH test — is inaccurate.

The result is millions are walking around with low thyroid and don't know it. And that's especially bad news for asthma and allergy sufferers.

But now, in your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma you'll see the importance of an accurate thyroid test, plus how to treat hypothyroidism with iodine, selenium, and natural desiccated thyroid hormone.

For even more detail, see my book Overcoming Thyroid Disorders, FREE today with your no-risk subscription to Natural Way to Health (see special offer just ahead).

If you're serious about overcoming asthma, you'll also need sufficient levels of the adrenal hormones DHEA and pregnenolone. That's because a shortage of these hormones will actually cause asthma and allergies.

Sign-up Today!See your FREE copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma to learn at what levels DHEA and pregnenolone give you protection. I think you'll be surprised at how quickly your condition improves with this therapy.

5. Treat your allergies and try NAET

The final step is to be aggressive in treating your allergies. The most common food allergen is the milk protein, casein. As you've already learned, it's wise to avoid dairy.

The second-most-common food allergen is gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Try a gluten-free diet for 30 days. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how this helps (to learn more, see my book, Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet).

But what do you do if you find your body is becoming allergic to too many things?

Try NAET Acupressure. I've used acupressure in my practice for 13 years (on myself, too) and I can attest that it is very effective for many patients.

Acupuncture is Chinese medicine based on "energy flow." The idea is that your body is made up of various energetic points, and when this energy flows freely, you stay healthy. But when the energy is blocked, you develop health problems, including allergies.

The AMA accepts acupuncture, practitioners of which use needles at specific points to get the energy flowing. And acupressure relies on the same concept, except that pressure is used instead of needles.

Although I was trained in acupuncture at UCLA 15 years ago. But I didn't start using acupressure for allergies until I learned from a colleague, Dr. Libby Slocum, that she was having great success with her allergy patients using a special technique called NAET.

NAET stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Devi Nambudripad developed it and used it to treat her own allergies.

Conventional medicine treats only symptoms while doing nothing about the underlying cause — the body's overreaction to an allergen.

NAET theory is different. It says the body is misinterpreting the allergen as a dangerous substance and seeks to reprogram the body to not overreact to that substance.

I was skeptical this could work, but I trusted my colleague's counsel and flew out to California to take the NAET acupressure course directly from Dr. Nambudripad.

I was impressed with the doctor, her method, and her results. For one thing, she successfully treated me during the training session. So, following completion of the course, I adopted it in my practice and have been getting positive results for my patients ever since.

Now, in your free copy of An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma, you'll learn how to find a NAET practitioner in your area. And for an even more detailed discussion, you can download a FREE copy of my report Discover the Amazing Power of Acupressure to Conquer Allergies . . .

Get Started on Your Path to Healing Today!

I've written An Effective Holistic Approach To Treating Asthma so you can discuss these therapies with your doctor, get the necessary tests, and get started on a healing path.

By getting to the underlying causes of asthma and allergies, any one of these five natural therapies could bring a big improvement, and all five together are sure to significantly reduce — and potentially even eliminate — the problem.

This valuable report — and many more — are yours FREE today, just for trying a no-risk subscription to Natural Way to Health — at our lowest price, just 14 cents a day.

Check these report topics to see which ones you'll want to download today . . .

  • Hidden Dangers of Popular Stomach Acid Drugs — Using drugs to reduce stomach acid is all wrong. They rob you of energy-producing vitamin B12 and folic acid, increase your risk for h. pylori (ulcer) infection, and let bad bacteria and parasites into your intestinal tract, where they wreak havoc. See my report for a natural solution.
  • The Biggest Fraud in Medicine: Cholesterol Leads to Heart Disease — See how Big Pharma waged a successful campaign to get everybody on cholesterol-lowering drugs, even though they do nothing to prevent heart disease or heart attacks, but do "weaken" your heart and interfere with vitamin D absorption!
  • Big Pharma's Big Lie About Osteoporosis and Aging — The most popular drugs, including Fosamax, Boniva, Evista, and many others, do more harm than good. Get my report and discover safe alternatives that will strengthen your bones!
  • Iron: The Right Balance Is Critical to Your Health — Most women have too little and are fatigued. Most men have too much and are risking heart disease. Why? The common iron test is inaccurate. See the four things your doctor must order from the lab to get an accurate reading, plus how to correct your imbalance!

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In Drugs That Don't Work and Natural Therapies That Do, you'll see why some of the most commonly prescribed drugs today may be harmful to your health . . . and why you should consider natural therapies in your treatment program for these six common obstacles to wellness:

  • Elevated cholesterol levels — Discover how you can lower your cholesterol naturally . . .
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  • Stomach problems such as heartburn, reflux, and ulcers — See why you should use antacids only as a last resort. (Plus, holistic steps you can take to treat common digestive complaints) . . .
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Overcoming Arthritis

Your first free book, Overcoming Arthritis, is chock full of news about the latest treatment options, options that can help you slow down, halt, or even reverse the progression of arthritis, and once again experience life to its fullest.

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  • How to determine if an infection may be at the root of your arthritis or other chronic illness . . .
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And in your third free book, Overcoming Thyroid Disorders, you'll see how hypothyroid (low thyroid) may affect as much as 40% of the population — maybe even you. And over time, this makes you vulnerable to heart disease and at least 59 other symptoms and conditions.

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