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Are you experiencing low energy? Feeling anxious or depressed? Forgetting things?

You're Low on Vitamin B12!

An estimated 46 million Americans are deficient!

The standard blood test for B12 is inaccurate!

And bottled B12 supplements don't work!

Dear Friend:

Vitamin B12 deficiency has become an epidemic in America. More than 46 million people are afflicted. And yet very few people (or their doctors) know they have this problem.

They do know the symptoms: low energy, loss of mental clarity, a feeling of nervousness, anxiety, depression, and weight gain.

A severe B12 deficiency also has been implicated in serious conditions such as . . .

  • Drugs That Don't Work Dementia and Alzheimer's
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson's disease

As well as . . .

  • Pernicious anemia
  • Inflammatory bowel
  • Bell's palsy
  • Heart disease
  • And cancer

How can one vitamin be so important? Because vitamin B12 is vital to the energy production of virtually every cell in your body . . .

It also works with dozens of important enzymes for a whole host of biochemical processes that are essential to good health.

So if you're vitamin B12 deficient — and millions of Americans are — you're going to develop unpleasant symptoms, and even serious health problems!

Dr. BrownsteinHi, I'm Dr. David Brownstein, and I'm writing to tell you that the standard blood test for vitamin B12 is wildly inaccurate. People are being told they're fine, when in fact they're deficient.

That means the cause of your symptoms is either not being treated, or it's being mistreated. You also should know that the standard synthetic B12 shot in your doctor's office is unsafe. For these reasons, I want you to have a FREE copy of "A Safe, Effective Vitamin That Can Change Your Life."

In my special report, you'll see why so many health complaints — and even life-threatening conditions — are related to a vitamin B12 deficiency.

You'll find out the best ways to check your B12 levels . . .

And you'll discover the highest-quality natural B12 for replenishing your body and feeling better fast (PLUS, it's not expensive).

In my monthly advisory letter, Natural Way To Health, I routinely help my readers sort out troubling symptoms and alert them to problems their doctors are likely to miss. And this is a BIG one!

Let me show you just some of what's in the FREE report you can download today . . .

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Vitamin B12 is essential to the function of two critically important enzymes, methylmalonyl CoA mutase (MUT) and methionine synthase (MS). I'll cut the medical jargon, but you do need to know this . . .

Without a perfectly functioning MUT enzyme, you won't make enough blood cells, and that puts you at risk for anemia. Plus, a compromised MS enzyme puts you at risk for heart disease and cancer.

Cancer? Heart disease? Yes! Because your body just won't work right without B12. And that's how disease gets started . . .

For instance, B12 works with the MS enzyme to synthesize and control homocysteine. If you've been following my reports, you know that elevated homocysteine (not cholesterol) is the real culprit when it comes to heart attack and stroke.

And here's something else you'd never suspect: B12 is necessary for healthy nerves. That's because it catalyzes the production of the co-enzyme SAMe, which makes the myelin sheath that protects your nerve cells.

Have you ever heard the expression, "My nerves are frazzled"?

Sure. Most people think it comes naturally with age. No, it doesn't! What comes with age is a vitamin B12 deficiency, and that leads to nerve problems.

Let's look at just one case study from your FREE copy of "A Safe, Effective Vitamin That Can Change Your Life."

Dementia? Or Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

One of my patients brought her 76-year-old mother to see me. She was alarmed because her mother was forgetting names and places, and asking the same questions repeatedly.

The first thing I noticed was a low energy level. And when I asked her what she was feeling, she started to cry . . .

She said she often felt "anxious and nervous" but didn't know why.

She said her mind used to be razor sharp, but lately she felt as if it were "turning to mush."

I ordered lab tests, but because of her condition, I immediately prescribed a naturally pure form of vitamin B12 to be administered daily (in your FREE report, you'll see exactly what this is and where to get it at low cost).Join Now

In 10 days, the anxiety left her. And in 3 weeks all of her symptoms were cleared up. Thanking me, she said, "Dr. Brownstein, I feel back to my old self again!"

Her daughter was equally ecstatic, confiding: "I was afraid I was losing my mother — now she's just as feisty as ever."

What's the lesson here? Don't think you or a loved one is coming down with Dementia or Alzheimer's until you've properly and accurately tested for B12 deficiency (see your FREE report).

And remember, you'll be protecting against memory loss, anxiety, nervousness, and depression when you get the pure, natural form of B12 you'll discover in your FREE report.

You see, vitamin B12 deficiency is very common in people over age 40 because of our nutrient-starved modern diet, reliance on harsh drugs, and overuse of antacids.

anxiety, depression, headaches

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms . . .

  • Fatigue and weight gain
  • Migraine headaches
  • Slower reflexes
  • Restless legs?

Or perhaps . . .

  • Trouble concentrating or remembering
  • Body aches and pains
  • Impaired touch perception
  • Depressed mood or anxiety?

These are all symptoms of B12 deficiency. And most doctors completely miss the problem because the standard doctor's office blood test for B12 is too broad and thus inaccurate.

It's sad, but I frequently see my medical colleagues prescribing pain pills, sedatives, antidepressants, and other harsh drugs that do nothing to get at the root problem of low B12!

And by missing the problem, they put their patients at risk for the serious ailments and diseases listed at the top of this letter.

That's why, in your FREE report, "A Safe, Effective Vitamin That Can Change Your Life," I'm going to show you how to test for B12 deficiency. And if you're low — as tens of millions are — how to get the highest quality natural B12 that your body craves for no more than $2 to $3 a week.

But wait a minute! Why are so many people B12 deficient in the first place? It's pretty simple . . .

Our Bodies Don't Make B12 . . . We Must Replenish!

It's true. We can get vitamin B12 only from foods. And no plants or vegetables contain B12. Only fresh meats do. poultry products

When we're young, we digest meats just fine and our bodies absorb the B12. But as we age, our ability to digest meats and absorb this essential vitamin declines steadily.

That's why bottled B12 supplements can't solve the problem. They work only for young people (mostly those under age 20, who don't need them).

Another problem: People over 40 have frequent indigestion and heartburn — again a result of a modern diet that consists of too many fast and processed foods.

To get relief, most people turn to over-the-counter and prescription antacids (a multibillion-dollar business). But that's exactly the wrong thing to do because . . .

Antacids Prevent Your Body From Absorbing B12

So what happens? You develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. And now you're susceptible to all kinds of problems . . .

When you download your FREE REPORT, you'll discover that vitamin B12 is essential to synthesizing fatty acids. That's how you get your energy.

If you're not breaking down and processing fats, you'll feel fatigued, irritable, even depressed. You'll gain weight, too, because unprocessed fats trigger hormones that manifest as cravings for more food.

And then, as your homocysteine level goes up — and it will with low B12 — the unprocessed fat will start to form as plaque in your arteries. Now, you're at risk for heart attack and stroke!

The fact is, when you're short on vitamin B12, the problems just snowball. And it's estimated that 46 million Americans are deficient, most of whom don't know it.

That's why I'm working overtime to get the word out to my patients, my colleagues, and readers of Natural Way to Health, my popular health advisory letter that . . .

  • Exposes hidden dangers in common foods and medicines . . .
  • Reveals the truth about conflicting medical findings reported in the press . . .
  • Offers safer, healthier alternatives to harsh conventional treatments and drugs . . .
  • Alerts you to problems your doctor may be missing . . .
  • And offers easy tips and advice for feeling better fast!

Join NowIn a moment, I'll tell you about a SPECIAL OFFER to receive 12 monthly issues for just pennies a day, including a FREE copy of my vitamin B12 report, plus my three most popular health books for FREE!

But first, let's see what else is in your free report . . .

A Safe, Effective Vitamin That Can Change Your Life

  • How B12 deficiency can cause brain fog, memory loss, and confusion!
  • Why B12 deficiency causes fatigue, weight gain, and depression!
  • How it mimics or leads to dementia and Alzheimer's!
  • Why insufficient B12 can cause serious conditions like chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!
  • How low B12 is implicated in multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease!
  • Why a severe B12 shortage can do irreversible damage to your nervous system!
  • Why you're at increased risk for cancer and heart disease!

Also in your FREE REPORT . . .

  • If you're over 40, you're probably B12 deficient; what to do about it before it gets worse!
  • The best ways to test for vitamin B12 deficiency!
  • What vegetarians must do to avoid B12 deficiency!
  • Why vitamin B12 must be replenished continually in our bodies!
  • How B12 deficiency causes body aches and pains, frazzled nerves, and migraine headaches!
  • Three types of vitamin B12, the two that are best and why the most common one in your doctor's office is unsafe!
  • Plus, you'll get a safe, natural, and low-cost B12 therapy to alleviate symptoms and improve your health!

You'll get all this in detail, plus . . .

* A case study of a patient who had ulcerative colitis that gave him near constant stomach pains, along with either diarrhea or constipation. You'll see how we solved this problem . . .

* Plus, how the drug companies perpetrated a fraud on the American public over cholesterol — NO, it doesn't cause heart disease and NO, you don't need statin drugs!

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