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Gold Stock Adviser is an elite gold stock advisory service unlike any other. Edited by Tom Luongo, it focuses like a laser on the handful of undervalued large-cap and mid-tier mining companies that could produce 50% . . . 100% . . . even 250% gains or more.

With the Federal Reserve continuing to print billions of dollars every month, the erosion of the dollar will continue, and with it, the purchasing power of every American. The only way to fight back and protect your wealth is by investing in the one store of wealth that the government can't manipulate: gold.

In Gold Stock Adviser, Tom Luongo will help readers sidestep the destructive monetary actions of the government — and even profit from them — by buying the mining companies that are poised to profit the most from rising production and mining activities as gold prices soar.

These companies have the potential to deliver not only handsome returns, but also life-changing money under the right circumstances. And since Tom operates under the premise that, as Mark Twain once said, a gold mine is "a hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it," you can be assured that every investment Tom recommends will be thoroughly analyzed with a skeptical eye.

It's Tom's background as a chemist that fosters a logic-based analysis of any potential investment, rather than an emotional one. His years of rigorous data collection and data analysis mean that he approaches investments with a critical eye, and isn't swayed by marketing hype of false promises.

In each monthly issue of Gold Stock Adviser, Tom brings you this rigorous analysis of each potential investment. He will cover financial risks, industry risks, political risks, and any other influence on the stock that could affect its price. He truly dissects each company to make sure it's a safe recommendation.

You have a choice: Continue to watch your wealth erode due to the perilous financial games being played in Washington, D.C., or start protecting your wealth by investing in the one asset that can withstand the catastrophe: gold.

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