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David SkaricaThe saying used to go "cash is king" — but in today's turbulent times, that cliché has been rendered irrelevant.

Gold has dethroned U.S. paper money as the reigning royalty of investing.

If you aren't "in" on this trend right now, you are missing what very well may end up becoming a modern-day gold rush — just like we saw two centuries ago.

As the dollar descends further and further in to a dangerous economic abyss, everyone is rushing into acquire as much of this precious metal as possible.

Private investor demand for gold grew 41percent from the second quarter to the third this year alone.

And international governments are hoarding gold, too.

  • China just grabbed more than 120 tons of it.
  • India just acquired 200 tons of bullion from the International Monetary Fund.
  • And the United States has stockpiled 261.5 million ounces in Fort Knox.

That's more than $301 billion in gold the U.S. government is stashing away to prepare for the inevitable total collapse of the dollar.

And I've used this massive trend to bring my subscribers serious wealth during the past eight months alone. Play your cards right and you can capitalize on this gold movement to simultaneously pad your net worth while you protect it from erosion.

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Has There Ever Been a Better Time
To Be in the Business of Gold?

You've seen gold rise and rise in price since late 2008 — but did you know that we are entering the season where gold historically has seen its greatest leaps in price?

We already are in the middle of a very substantial upswing in gold. With the "buying season" at hand, if you are smart you will be set to profit from gold's predictable uptick. It happens like clockwork every year.

And it sure beats having your money stuck in dollar-based investments such as CDs and money markets.

Check out the chart below. It quickly shows you gold's value vs. the dollar since Jan. 1, 2009.

A quick glance reveals that gold has risen as much as 53 percent in value during the past year, while the dollar has plunged 16 percent.

It's quite obvious that "gold fever" has reached epic proportions.

In fact . . .

David Skarica
Internationally Recognized
and Award-Winning
Gold Stock Prospector!

I met David Skarica a few years back at a memorial for legendary investor and philanthropist, Sir John Templeton.

I was immediately taken back by his knowledge of investing. In 1995, at only 18, he had become the youngest person on record to pass the Canadian Securities Course.

In 1998, at the young age of 21, he already had published his first book on the markets, in which he correctly predicted the downfall of tech stocks but also explained that real estate would hit its peak in a few years.

In 2000, he recommended, correctly, that his subscribers should shift their portfolios into precious metal stocks to protect their wealth from the massive bear market that financially crippled so many investors.

To this day, David has delivered his subscribers countless 100 percent to 200 percent and larger returns from gold stock recommendations.

An independent research group analyzed his investment recommendations and found him to be in the upper 1.7% of more than 300 firms.

I'm proud to offer his flagship publication, Gold Stock Adviser, to you today for free.

I want to make sure all of you have the proper resources not only to protect your wealth but also to prosper in today's uncertain times.

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I believe we are smack dab in the middle of a gold rush unlike anything we've seen in 160 years.

History is about to repeat itself . . .

Back in 1849, Americans from all corners of the nation rushed to California to claim their stake in this incredibly lucrative and fail-safe investment.

They risked dangers of disease and attacks from native aggressors for a chance to realize the American dream. And many became quite successful.

From 1849 to 1855, $300 million in gold was taken out of the California mines, hills, and streams.

To comprehend what that equates to today is almost unfathomable.

Instead, let's look at gold's current value using the year when the government started manipulating the value of the dollar — the year the Federal Reserve was created, 1913.

in 1913 is
equivalent to
$6.6 billion today.

Go back another 64 years in time, to the California Gold Rush, and you just can imagine its real value.

During the Klondike gold rush in Alaska, 12.5 million ounces of gold were discovered. With gold prices back then, that haul was valued at about $259 million dollars. Using 1913 as a starting date and adding in inflation figures, that equates to more than $5.7 billion today.

Needless to say, fortunes were realized and dreams were fulfilled among those who had the gusto, grabbing incredible windfalls by capitalizing on this precious metal.

And it's no different today . . .

Just recently, gold hit as high as $1,290 an ounce.

It's expensive to buy. But we are nowhere near its historical peak.

It's About to Be Jan. 21, 1980,
All Over Again!

That's when the real peak of gold was . . . On that date, it hit $825.80 an ounce. Factor inflation into that figure, and you are staring at $2,163.62 an ounce.

As you can see, there is a great deal of room for profits between where gold is now and where it surely will go in the future in the inflationary times we struggle through.

One of the world's leading economists, Marc Faber, recently was quoted on the gold price:

"Sky will be the limit" — Marc Faber

But not everyone has such a rosy prediction for gold's future.

Many are saying we are headed for a drastic correction in the price of gold. That it's set to pull back from its recent rise.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As the saying goes, "the iron is hot — the time to strike is now!"

Here's Something to Consider
When Determining Whether
You Want to Own Gold . . .

It's quite costly simply to store it.

Unless you want to take on the risk of hiding gold in your house, you have to place it in specialized vaults at certain banks. And that kind of security doesn't come cheap. These banks will charge around 1 percent to 2 percent of your gold's value a year just to keep it locked away.

A pretty sizable fee.

I believe there is a great way to get the benefits and profits of owning gold while simultaneously avoiding the high costs of purchasing and storing it.

Let me put it more bluntly . . .

Everything You May Have Known About
Profiting From Gold May Be Wrong!

You Need an 1849 Mind-Set
to Capitalize on Gold Today!

Make your fortune in gold by going after today's best prospectors: the companies that find the gold in the first place.

Just like in 1849.

That's what I do for a living. And quite frankly, I do it very well.

I know many of you strongly yearn to have solid advice and recommendations on capitalizing on the gold market.

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You and I Both Know That Inflation
Will Cripple Our Nation Very Soon . . .

The Question Is: What Are You
Going to Do to Ensure You Are Safe?

Gold can act as a bulletproof vest of sorts against the hyperinflation we are facing in a very near future.

The companies that capitalize on gold mining will be the ones who come out from these perilous times with incredible and safe profits. Profits that will well outpace any inflation or damage to the dollar we will sustain.

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That's what I've provided my fortunate subscribers since I launched the Gold Stock Adviser in the spring of 2009.

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Not many sure things are handed to you in life, and they rarely are given to you for free. But with gold soaring right now — this is definitely one of them.

34.81% in This Well-Stocked Gold ETF!

Recently, I recommended that my subscribers get into an ETF that focuses on gold mining companies that have more than $100 million in market capitalization. In a nutshell: These are not fly-by-night, pan-in-the-river prospecting companies but rather, solid miners.

The result? Three months later, the ETF already is up 34.81 percent, and it's just beginning its ascent!

In fact, The Wall Street Journal this month just wrote that, for this ETF, right now could be . . .

"a good time to buy."
Wall Street Journal

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Funding Gold Expeditions and
Discovering a 38.18%
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This company doesn't own the equipment or land . . . it doesn't hire the miners. Instead, it funds the companies that do. It has put more than $1 billion of financing into small-cap companies that mine gold and other resources.

Sometimes the company even takes a direct "piece of the action" from the gold discovered by the companies it invests in.

For example, just recently, it was given a direct stake in a South African mine. This allowed it to recoup a quick 334 percent gain on the loan it granted the company that owns the mine. And that profit will only grow with the gold that is discovered.

At a 38.18 percent gain in six months, it's already provided quite a haul for Gold Stock Adviser subscribers. And I'm quite confident it has plenty of room to go up in the very near future. In fact, it's still drastically undervalued. Getting in on it now will give you an incredible opportunity for a triple-digit-return gold grab.

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A 27.03% Jump Is Just the
Beginning Footsteps for a
Profitable Gold Marathon!

I love this company, because it does it all. It explores for the gold, it mines the gold, it acquires other mining companies . . . and most importantly, it delivers solid returns to my subscribers. Just last week, this stock was up more than 27 percent for my readers.

And having just acquired two of its competitors, I expect this company to begin to reap serious gold returns from its new properties.

This is going to be a very profitable investment to add to your investment arsenal.

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Let's quickly review the other open positions in the Gold Stock Adviser portfolio:

  • 25 percent (and about to surge) profit in a Colorado mining corporation sitting on probable gold reserves of 85 million ounces (maybe more).
  • A 24 percent spike from a company that operates no mines, yet collects royalties on 185 mining operations.
  • Quick 10 percent gain on a prospecting company with mines in Canada, Mexico, and Finland.
  • An 8 percent climb is just the beginning of the lucrative possibilities of this Canadian exploration company.

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To Your Success,

David Skarica
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