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Retirement CheckIn this groundbreaking report, you'll discover the 100% legal secrets that hotshot executives from major corporations use to build a "Golden Parachute" retirement.

  • Collect a regular "retirement check" as often as every 15 days . . .
  • Start at any age, it doesn't even matter if you are retired . . .
  • Earn up to 10% annual returns without losing sleep . . .

Most people don't understand how simple it really is to set up a corporate "golden parachute" retirement program. Just look back in history to some of the greatest capitalists of all time.

Claim Your Special Report FREE!What do Henry Ford, Sam Walton, and Warren Buffett all have in common? All these corporate tycoons and their families discovered how to sit back and collect retirement checks while average Americans are working harder than ever for less than they deserve.

Now is your chance to join the likes of Ford, Walton, and Buffett.

I have exposed how to tap into these golden parachute payouts from well-known companies such as Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, Chevron . . . the list goes on. It's even possible to get in on these deals immediately.

To collect, you don't have to be an employee of any of these companies.

You don't have to be an insider or sit on the company board.

You don't need to qualify according to age or employment status.

You need only to follow the simple steps, including filling out a short form, which I explain to you in full in your "Retirement Golden Parachute" report — yours free (a $49 value).

The 'Golden Parachute' Model
Wasn't an Easy One to Crack.

But I can start showing you how to find these golden payouts as soon as you're ready — with this FREE report along with the next four issues of my service called The Dividend Machine . . . ALSO FREE.

This exquisite service uses my special "Seven-Point Safety Net Strategy" to find you the best income streams possible. This system takes out most of the guesswork in deciding which companies are going to pay you the biggest checks.

  • Safety Net #1: The Largest Income Yield That Still Makes Sense
  • Safety Net #2: Bigger, Bigger Income Streams Over Time
  • Safety Net #3: Money in Your Pocket, Not Paper Gains
  • Safety Net #4: Companies You Can Trust
  • Safety Net #5: The Right Sector for the Right Moment
  • Safety Net #6: Checks as Big as They're Supposed To Be
  • Safety Net #7: The Absolute Best Share Price

The Dividend Machine is designed to build long-term growth while still maintaining steady and solid cash flows. And my track record has been a huge success. Thus far, every one of my stock picks is making money. A lot of money! There isn't a single losing pick (not to mention they keep sending investors non-stop paychecks). The Dividend Machine

Using the secrets I'll show you in your FREE "Retirement Golden Parachute" and in the first four issues of The Dividend Machine research letter . . . you will see how you, too, can collect your fortune just like the wealthy insiders.

The simple strategy you'll find will show you the effortless formula for putting together a multiple of work-free "paychecks" — allowing you to pile up lots of money that works (so you don't have to)!

Let's review what you'll receive for claiming your copy of "Your Retirement Golden Parachute" and the next four issues of The Dividend Machine . . . all FREE.

First you will receive "Your Retirement Golden Parachute." In this report, I'll show you how to access the richest corporations in America and show you how to get on their "payroll" so you can start collecting checks from them immediately.

You'll also receive . . .

  • Monthly Newsletter — In these issues I'll update you on everything that is happening in the financial markets, plus I'll update you on all of our positions. This is your road map to making money on a regular basis. (A $495 value)
  • Password Protected Website — When you sign up, you will be given immediate access to The Dividend Machine's security-encrypted website. Here I will give you members-only information you will find nowhere else. This is a very powerful library of investment resources. (A $295 Value)
  • Weekly Commentary — Each week I will send you a wrap-up of how the portfolio is doing and offer my expert take on the current market. This weekly state of the portfolio address is critical to keep track of your wealth. (A $99 Value)

A $889 Value . . . Yours for $0

This is your chance to join the ranks of Ford, Walton, and Buffett . . . for FREE!

You can control your financial destiny!

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Retirement Golden Parachute

To Your Success,

Bill Spetrino
Bill Spetrino
Editor, The Dividend Machine

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