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The World's Greatest
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Learn more about this incredible opportunity in our latest financial insider report. Plus get a four-month risk-free subscription to our brand new newsletter, The Dividend Machine. Here's just a sample of what you'll get in this special report:
Why dividend stocks may be the perfect investment for these
turbulent financial times.
How more than 50 years of financial research shows that dividend
stocks beat the market year after year.
How dividend stocks enable you to make excellent returns even
when stock prices are going nowhere . . . and save you enormously
on your taxes.
Five great benefits of dividend stocks.
How dividend stocks enable you to build wealth for a
comfortable retirement.
How $10,000 invested in the World's Greatest Dividend Stock in
1951 grew to more than $46 million today.
Why investors make a huge mistake focusing on share appreciation.

Dear Investor:

In my new special report, The World's Greatest Dividend Stock, you will learn all about an investment that has been the world's top-performing dividend stock for the past 52 years!

Let me give you an idea of the huge returns you could make on this incredible stock:

In 1957, if you had invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 composite index, with dividends reinvested, your investment would be worth $1.4 million today — a 10.9 annual percentage return. Not bad.

However, the exact same $10,000 invested in my No. 1 dividend stock would have grown to an incredible $46.2 million — 33 times as much!

Which return would you prefer: $1.4 million or $46.2 million? The answer is obvious.

In my new report, I explain precisely why my No. 1 dividend stock performed so well for more than 50 years — and how this company's "lock" on its market means similar profits for many years to come for investors who get in now.

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Dividends Are the Key to High
Stock Profits Year After Year

Meet Bill Spetrino, the genius
who created the high-profit
Dividend Machine

Bill Spetrino Bill Spetrino, editor of The Dividend Machine, is a professional investor who has made his clients millions solely through strategic investing.

A trained accountant, he graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio and spent a decade teaching. A lifelong entrepreneur, Spetrino developed his investment system over many years of hard work, trial and error.

He explains his unique dividend stock-picking system in his book Consume, Consume and Consume More.

Spetrino consults with clients throughout the world about investing and tax planning.

The biggest single mistake most investors make is focusing on stock appreciation, rather than dividends.

Although high stock returns are great, your profits can end up in the basement during periods of market contraction, such as the one we recently experienced, when stocks dropped by more than 50 percent in one year. That often results in investors' being forced to sell shares at precisely the wrong time, when share prices are low, locking in big losses.

The far better alternative is investing dividend stocks, which can give you annual dividends of 10% or more, even in down markets.

In fact, with our exclusive dividend stock system, you have the opportunity to win in virtually any market:

When times are good, you can reinvest your dividends, building your wealth. Then when times are bad, you can cash in your dividends, and still keep your shares.

Over time, dividend stocks build more and more wealth, turning ordinary investors into millionaires. As Wharton economics professor and renowned author Jeremy Siegel explains:

"97% of the Dow's gain since 1900 was reinvested dividends"

And there are many more benefits from investing in dividend stocks, all of which you'll learn about in my new report:

Get your FREE copy of my new investor report
"The World's Greatest Dividend Stock" plus four months risk-free
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The World's Greatest Dividend Stock

Here is just a taste of what you'll learn in my exclusive new report, The World's Greatest Dividend Stock:

  • Why dividend stocks are very tax-efficient, enabling you to build wealth with no taxes until you cash in your shares.
  • How dividend stocks permit you to sell shares only on your terms and at the right time.
  • How dividend stocks facilitate your passing wealth on to your children, grandchildren, and other heirs — a family tradition that allows them to live their lives without the stress of worrying where their next dollar will come from.
  • How a properly designed dividend stock portfolio provides the way for you to live well while continuing to build your wealth.

In my report, The World's Greatest Dividend Stock, you'll also learn all about the one stock that has made thousands of investors wealthy and could do the same for you, including:

  • How The World's Greatest Dividend Stock has a "lock" on the market (more than 50% share), ensuring high-dividends plus appreciation for many years to come.
  • Why the unique nature of this company's products helps its stocks to perform well in good economic times and bad.
  • Why its product sales are virtually immune to recession.
  • How you can maximize the value of the 7%-10% annual dividends you receive from this stock.

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The world's best dividend stock is just one of the great investments you'll learn about in my Dividend Machine newsletter.

Every month, my newsletter brings you the best, high-yield investments, including dividend stocks, Canadian royalty trusts, REITs, DRIPs, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, and much more.

My goal is to show you how to earn a steady stream of double-digit income, while also generating capital appreciation — the best of both worlds!

The Dividend Machine takes a long-term approach to investing. I won't say you'll make an improbable "500% in 90 days" or other such bogus claims. Instead you'll learn how to build your wealth steadily, consistently, and safely, year-after-year — slowly turning thousands of dollars into a fortune you can use for a worry-free retirement or to leave to your children.

Instead of promising you "fast profits" that more often really mean "disappearing investments," I recommend only high-quality stocks that regularly deliver substantial dividends — usually 5% to 10% or more a year — plus excellent appreciation over time.

That means you can get income every year, and build wealth over time.

Let me be perfectly clear on what I mean by risk-free. If you are not satisfied with The Dividend Machine — for any reason — let me know and I will return your subscription payment in full. Do keep in mind, investments, even conservative ones, do carry risk. The Dividend Machine seeks to eliminate those risks as much as possible!

I select my recommendations using a personally created stock analysis system that I have perfected over decades as a financial adviser. The system has called every major stock market turn correctly since 1965.

Then I carefully monitor each stock I recommend and meticulously review every open position each month in The Dividend Machine, including detailed analysis of my latest Buy, Hold, or Sell recommendation.

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