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Get Rich by Friday!

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An Urgent Message From Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher of Newsmax and Moneynews.

What if the secret to making a ton of money in the stock market has nothing to do with . . . the stock market?

What if the secret is an algorithm . . .

A simple algorithm that anyone can use — no matter your age, income, or education.

A safe algorithm that could remove the anxiety that you may have about your financial future.

A profitable algorithm that can be put into action quickly . . . and then virtually run on autopilot . . . turning every $10,000 you have into $254,788 over the course of 20 years.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, I don’t blame you.

I thought the exact same thing.

But then I saw the letters from the thousands of people who already are using this algorithm to profit.

People like . . .

Now, these are just a few examples . . . I have received thousands of emails from people across America telling me how they have profited.

Seeing the results, I decided to meet the man behind this simple algorithm . . . Bill Spetrino.

But When I Met Bill Spetrino
I Was Extremely Disappointed

At first, anyway . . .

I expected Bill to look like the guys that I see on Wall Street wearing nice suits, or to sound like the analysts who show up on CNBC to give their latest tips.

But Bill is quite “ordinary.”

In fact, he currently lives in a modest house on the outskirts of Cleveland, he drives around in his old Jeep Cherokee, and he refuses to wear name-brand clothing.

Yet Bill became a big-time millionaire who retired
at the young age of 42 . . .

To be clear . . . Bill was not born wealthy, he does not have an Ivy League education, he did not win the lottery, and he has never even made a six-figure salary.

Yet he has been living a millionaire’s retirement for the past 10 years.

And it is all thanks to the simple algorithm he discovered in his late 20s.

At the time, Bill was working for $7.50 an hour as an accountant. When doing some routine work, he stumbled upon the algorithm. He and his wife immediately took their life savings . . . $9,000 at the time . . . and used the algorithm to multiply their wealth.

It didn’t take long to see the money flowing in . . . about seven days in fact.

They added more and more money to the system.

And now 20 years later, money is still showing up in their mailbox and investment accounts like clockwork, month in, month out; only the checks keep getting bigger and bigger.

That’s why Bill is able to spend the majority of his time with his family going to baseball games and fishing, instead of sitting in an office slaving away.

Bill is living the life he has always wanted, on his own terms, without any anxiety or fear.

He has absolute financial security.

After meeting Bill, I decided to test the algorithm — this system for investing —for myself.

The results: It took less than a week to implement, and I have already made 85% in profits.

And now it is set on autopilot.

I just watch the money flow into my account like clockwork.

Your Chance to
Get Rich by Friday

In all my years as an investor, I have never seen a system so simple, so safe, and so profitable.

And that is why I asked Bill if he would be willing to share his algorithm with you.

Being the ordinary guy he is, Bill eagerly agreed . . . and the end result is a report called Rich by Friday.

And today I want you to have a FREE copy of it (a $49 value).

Now, this isn’t just any “standard report.”

It is actually interactive with links to online videos showing you how to do exactly what Bill did to make millions.

You will even find out how you could turn every $10,000 you have into $254,788 . . . just like Bill did.

It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are . . .
How Much Money You Have . . .
Or How Financially Savvy You Might Be . . .


With Bill Spetrino’s simple, arithmetic-based approach to investing, all you have to do is take a few easy steps . . . steps you can literally put into place in a week . . . and you too can attain wealth like he did.

You can't find Bill’s algorithm with a Google search. Brokers and investment advisers don’t even know it exists.

You can only get the algorithm in the report Rich by Friday.

In only seven days, you can . . .

Put Into Place an ‘Autopilot System’ That
Will All But Guarantee Your Future Prosperity!

With your FREE copy of Bill Spetrino’s brand-new special report, Rich by Friday, you'll discover . . .

Bill Spetrino assembled a tremendous amount of valuable how-to information into one simple, easy-to-follow investing blueprint that is revealed in Rich by Friday. This will save you hundreds of hours of research and telephone time — and will help you quickly and easily put into place a wealth building program for life.

Best of all, the investing, money-generating, and income-creating steps revealed in this blueprint are not difficult to implement.

In fact, most of the steps in this special report can be put into place within seven days — literally by “next Friday.”

Never before has the average person been given a money-making blueprint like this: Bill not only tells you what to do . . . he also shows you, step by step, how you can do it yourself using simple online research tools like Yahoo Finance and Google Alerts.

With a copy of Rich by Friday in hand, you can begin finding investments that could multiply your wealth 10, 20, even 50 times over.

But Bill and I Decided to
Go One Giant Step Further

Getting Rich by Friday is only one part of what we want to give you today.

Your package also includes . . .

And there’s more.

When you send for your copy of Rich by Friday and enroll in the trial subscriptions, you'll get eight additional bonus reports as well . . . ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You’ll receive everything digitally so you can download them immediately: The report Rich by Friday . . . a four-month trial subscription to the Dividend Machine . . . a three-month trial subscription to the Franklin Prosperity Report . . . and eight exclusive bonus reports — a value of over $400.

All we ask is that you cover the processing fee of $1.97 (see order page for complete details!).

You have everything to gain by taking advantage of this limited-time opportunity, and nothing to lose.

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Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher
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