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Newsmax Polls
Should Don Imus make a comeback? Was Don Imus' firing fair? Let NewsMax know you opinion. Vote in our Imus poll.

Senator Fred Thompson may run for president. Do Americans and the GOP support him. Vote in NewsMax's poll on Fred Thompson

Can Newt Gingrich win the GOP nomination and win the White House? NewsMax is taking an urgent poll on Gingrich — Vote today!

Famous radio host Michael Savage says he is mulling a presidential run. Let NewsMax know and vote in our Michael Savage poll.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic frontrunner. Love her or hate her, Hillary has a shot at the White House. Vote in NewsMax's Hillary Clinton poll. Your vote counts!

Rudy Giuliani is America's mayor and the frontrunner for the 2008 GOP nomination. NewsMax is conducting an urgent Giuliani poll — let us know your opinion!

John McCain wants to be president. Do you support him? Let NewsMax know in its McCain poll. Vote today!

Is Mel Gibson an anti-semite? NewsMax is conducting an online poll on Mel Gibson — make sure you vote today!

Condi Rice says she doesn't want to be president. Do you support a President Condi Rice? — Vote Here

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