Grover Norquist Washington, D.C.


Executive director of the College Republican National Committee (1981); executive director of the National Taxpayers Union (1978-79); economist and chief speechwriter at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1983-84); board member, National Rifle Association, and the American Conservative Union.

President of Americans for Tax Reform.


If Norquist is going to work against a particular GOP politician or a particular law, it would be hard to find many D.C.-based GOP operatives who would question or stand in his way. He operates as a key bridge or link between the GOP’s business community and the GOP’s social conservative community. He hosts a weekly Wednesday informational meeting attended by all the GOP’s power players in his Americans for Tax Reform office.

Role in Campaign ’08:

Stridently working against Obama and other pro-tax politicians trying to get elected or re-elected to office.

Who Knew: Norquist serves on “Funniest Celebrity in DC” board and has performed stand-up at the Improv and Warner Theatre.


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