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Dear Fellow American:


I have placed a massive amount of cash — $1 million to be exact — in a TD Ameritrade brokerage account.

I aim to use this money to create a great deal of wealth for myself.

And here’s what I will do for you: You will be given the opportunity to grow your own wealth — as I grow mine.

And I’m going to be 100% upfront and transparent about how I do it.

Not with some fly-by-night, financial “secret” . . .

I won’t play Russian Roulette
with this large sum of money . . .

I will be implementing a proprietary investment strategy my chief financial analyst David Frazier has developed over the last 22 years to grow this million dollars safely . . . easily . . . and most importantly — MASSIVELY!

Our goal is bold: I’m aiming for a 50% to 70% return in the next 12 months!

As you can see, I’m not making some BS, crazy claim. I’m a shrewd businessman . . . I’m not a big-dream seller, a day trader, or a gambler. And I think get-rich-quick schemes are despicable.

I am calling this remarkable program, which I am sharing with you, Your Million Dollar Secret Code.
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An Actual Internal Email, I Received on April 2nd,
From My Private Financial Weapon David Frazier!
Time To Put Him to Work for YOU!


I have several stocks that my research suggests will appreciate substantially over the next six months:
- Bank of America (BAC)
- Monsanto (MON)
- Ford (F)
- Accuray (ARAY)
- Microsoft (MSFT)
- Medtronic (MDT)
- China Life Insurance (LFC)

-David Frazier

As someone who is invested heavily in the markets, I have relied on David Frazier’s investment advice to continually grow my wealth.  This is why I’m constantly asking him to find me stocks primed for massive growth.

So let’s look at how those stocks have performed as of May 7th (a little over a month later from receiving this email).

Not one loser in the bunch and 2 massive wins. 

And this is only in a month’s time!  Would you like to add these types of gains to your portfolio right now?
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-Christopher Ruddy
CEO & Editor
Newsmax & Moneynews

You Are Probably Asking Right Now . . .
“What’s the Catch?”

There isn’t one.

It’s very simple. I’m putting up $1 million of my own personal wealth into a real portfolio — Your Million Dollar Secret Code.

And David Frazier will implement his Stock Timing Axis strategy, which will give me an opportunity to grow my wealth by leaps and bounds.

David believes he can bring a 50% to 70%-plus return over the next 12 months to this $1 million, and you can get access to the exact same recommendations and will make the exact same return I do.

For every 15 stock recommendations David makes in the next year, he believes you will have:

  • 3 Losers — no getting around that
  • 9 Stocks with the potential for a 45% return in about 6 months
  • 2 Stocks with the opportunity to double in the next year
  • 1 Stock David’s research shows could at least triple in value over the next 18 months


And I will invest $1 million — of my own money — into these recommendations.

And you are invited to join me in this profit-taking initiative by joining Your Million Dollar Secret Code.
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It goes without saying that no investment is completely devoid of risk, but I believe with David’s Stock Timing Axis strategy, you can drastically reduce your exposure.

If I wasn’t completely confident of this point, I wouldn’t be putting such a large sum of my own money “on the line” . . . so to speak.

And I’m going to make access to this strategy very cost effective for you regardless of your budget, I promise.

This Is How I’ll Be Avoiding Unnecessary Risk
With These Million Dollar Plays . . .

The days of “buy and hold” are over. You won’t be cherishing stocks like they are Picassos you’d hang on your wall. Even Warren Buffett admits it simply doesn’t work anymore.

We are taking no prisoners . . . we are making no friends. And we are setting strict stop losses . . . if a stock hits a minus 16% mark . . . it’s gone . . . David is selling it. On to the next play.

This will help us minimize risk but leave us open for maximum gains.

Here’s the Real Deal . . .
I’m Opening Up My Investment
Portfolio to You

48 Hours Before I Act . . .

You will get a two-day head start on me for any buy recommendation David makes . . . and also the same 48-hour head start after he recommends you sell a position.

So — say David recommends you buy a stock at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday . . . you can get that stock right then. I, on the other hand, will wait until exactly 2 p.m. that Thursday to get the exact same stock.

That’s how confident I am in these stock picks . . . I absolutely realize that when I can actually purchase the stock it most likely will have risen from the price at which you can get it . . . but the overall profit potential is so big, there will be enough gains for me too. Click here to reserve your spot!


Your Complete Wealth Accumulation Weapon!

As a Charter Member you will receive:


1) About 36 Massive Profit/Minimum Risk Plays — These will be a mix of stocks that David Frazier’s Stock Timing Axis strategy predicts will make huge gains anywhere from two to 12 months after he initially recommends them. A couple here and there may even be 18-month holds. Even though David believes we are going to enter a serious bull run, if an opportunity arises to invest in the downside of a stock, he will make that play as well. You will be given guidance about exactly what to buy, at what price, and how much. David Frazier will provide you with all of the research and analysis behind each recommendation. And you will get a 48-hour head start on me, before I can buy the exact same stock recommendations.

You will be given simple-to-follow instructions as well as all of the research behind David’s recommendation. (That’s a $5,000 value.)


2) Trade Alerts — The moment one of David Frazier’s recommendations reaches what he believes is the right moment to sell for maximum gains, or when the occasion comes that a position goes against us, you will immediately be e-mailed with specific instructions.
(That’s a $995 value.)



3) Phone Alerts – I’ve authorized the option to have David Frazier’s trade alerts sent to your phone. Time is money, and I want to make sure you are given each recommendation in the quickest possible fashion. This will augment your e-mail alerts.
(That’s a $199 value.)



4) Password Protected Web Site — When you sign up, you will be given immediate access to Your Million Dollar Secret Code’s security encrypted Web site. It’s here where David will give you members-only videos, podcasts, and articles that you will find nowhere else. This is a very powerful library of investment resources. (That’s a $295 Value.)


5) Weekly Commentary — Each week, David Frazier will send you a wrap-up of how the portfolio is doing and offer his gyroscope on the current market. This weekly state-of-the-portfolio address is critical to keep track of your wealth. (That’s a $99 Value.)


24 Hour

6) 24/7 Flash Alerts — The markets never sleeps. An event that occurs in Singapore may affect your investments here, and David Frazier will always keep you “in the know” about these events with these e-mails. (That’s a $99 Value.)



. . . and you aren’t going to pay even a fraction of that.

But before we get into the final price . . .
I have three gifts for you.

Platinum Gift No. 1: A One-Year Complimentary Membership to Financial Intelligence Report — Over the years, while the major indexes were plummeting, my flagship financial newsletter was bringing investors a 30% return. In each monthly edition, you will be e-mailed smart and sensible investments to protect your money. A $99 Value . . .
Yours FREE!

Buffet Book

Platinum Gift No. 2: The Tao of Warren Buffett: This critical book will help guide you to billionaire wealth and enlightened business management. You’ll learn Buffett’s key Taoism: “Why do smart Americans take their investment advice from a guy who takes the subway to Wall Street?” An $18 Value . . . Yours FREE!

Friedman Book

Platinum Gift No. 3: Money Mischief by Milton Friedman: This book was absolutely prophetic. Written almost two decades ago, it details exactly what Barack Obama is doing to inflate the currency and the dangers that lay ahead. A $14 Value . . . Yours FREE!


These three additional gifts bring your total Charter Membership package to Your Million Dollar Secret Code to $6,818 . . .

So you will only be asked to contribute $1,295 to join the inner circle of Your Million Dollar Secret Code. That’s roughly a measly $36 per recommendation.

You will get single stock recommendations from David Frazier that should pay off many multiples of the total membership fee. So it is quite a deal.

And when signing up for our Secret Code, make sure you read our "Disclosure" and "Terms and Conditions" which contain important information for you!

If our portfolio makes 25% . . .  you’ll have an opportunity to make 25% . . . if it makes 100% . . . you'll have an opportunity to make 100%. Pretty simple.

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A Triple Guarantee to Limit Your Risk Exposure!

Because I know that, in today’s economy, each dime you have should be heavily scrutinized before you spend it, I’m including a 60-day, 100% refund guarantee. Test-drive David Frazier’s recommendations first . . . let us earn your trust!

So, you can actually get a two-month free peek at my investments. You can trade them and then on day 59, get 100% of your money in our project back. But I’ll take it a step further.

You don’t even have to put one dime into our recommendations for the first month (even the first two months if that’s what you are more comfortable with).

By not investing any money in the recommendations at first, you are eliminating all risk from the equation until you are comfortable.

This means at the end of two months you don’t have to make any trades . . . just watch us . . . and if you’re not satisfied you get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Remember — most brokerage houses or online investment services will allow you to do what’s called “paper trading.” Most are familiar with this. “Paper trading” simply means using play money to make actual trades.

After all of Wall Street's shady practices, you should do no less than make David and I earn your trust.  

For two months you can make “virtual gains” on David’s trades without investing one penny.

If on day 59 of “paper trading” you don’t think there is enough profit potential for you . . . let me know . . . a 100% refund is yours.

The Third Guarantee Is a Bit Original . . .

I call it the “Index Buster” Guarantee. As I’ve mentioned in this e-mail . . . and I’m sure you were probably well aware of it already, the S&P 500 dropped as much as 54% in the last year.

David Frazier’s Stock Timing Axis strategy is predicting this index is set to explode upwards in the next year.

Remember — his Stock Timing Axis strategy has predicted every major market turn within two months over the last 22 years. David Frazier knows how to foresee a market movement.

Well, if Your Million Dollar Secret Code does not outperform the S&P 500 during your first year of membership . . . call me up. You’ll get another year on the house. Another 365 days of maximum profit plays . . . for FREE!

Just so I’m blatantly clear . . .

So, just for a good laugh . . . call up your broker or money manager right after you sign up today.

Ask a very simple question . . . “Will you only charge me $36 a recommendation . . . invest your own money in said recommendations . . . but give me a 48-hour head-start before you do . . . then give me a 100% risk free guarantee . . .  and actually work for free for me for a year if you are wrong?”

You won’t need a stopwatch to clock how fast you’ll hear a dial tone . . . but that is exactly what you are being offered today with Your Million Dollar Secret Code.

But There’s One Last “But” . . .

I'm closing membership applications promptly at Noon (Eastern Time) on May 22nd.

The portfolio went live on May 21st, and only those who have the initiative and foresight to take action today will have the opportunity to profit from these million dollar plays.

On Thursday, May 21st, David Frazier sent his first recommendations that he believes have an opportunity to double in profits in the next year.

But it's not too late for you to get in. Because I'm waiting 48 hours before I act on his recommendations, you still have plenty of time to take advantage before I do.

If you are ready to get serious about making money in the next year, make sure to reserve your spot in Your Million Dollar Secret Code. Together we’ll start a mission to recover every penny you’ve lost while reviving and supercharging your investment portfolio.

Your financial freedom will now be in your hands again!

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To Your Success,


Christopher Ruddy
CEO & Editor
Newsmax.com and Moneynews.com

P.S. — Remember by signing up today, you are saving $700 off the price I’ll charge if I ever decide to open up slots in Your Million Dollar Secret Code again. Plus, you are guaranteed to be locked into this low rate forever. Sign Up Today . . . Go Here


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