The Great american wipeout

The Biden Economy Dashed the Hopes of Many Nearing Retirement.
Now, an Even Bigger Surprise Might Be Awaiting People Just Entering Their Golden Years!



Unless you’re among the uber-wealthy . . .

It’s a treacherous time to retire.

Inflation is through the roof.

Sure. It might be trending down, but it’s still at the highest level in over a decade!

The dollars in your pocket no longer go as far as they used to.

You can probably feel it at the grocery store checkout . . .

At the pump . . .

At the car dealership . . .

And at the doctor’s office.

Insurance premiums along with out-of-pocket costs were described as “crippling to the middle class” in USA Today.

It’s no wonder that 47% of Americans feel that the rising cost of living is the #1 threat to financial security.

And the slumping stock market isn’t helping to grow your wealth.
We’re in the longest bear market in over 50 years.

Not to mention, we just saw the failures of First Republic Bank . . .  Silicon Valley Bank . . . and Signature Bank.

Those are the second-, third-, and fourth-largest bank failures in U.S. history!

And experts believe many more are on the way.

Warren Buffett said, “We’re not over bank failures yet.”

Former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said the current banking crisis “is in the second or third inning, not the seventh.”

And other experts warn this will plunge the country into full-blown recession.

It’s become clear . . .

The Biden Economy Has Led to
the Great Retirement Wipeout

And it gets worse . . .

Biden and his cronies quietly passed a law that punishes responsible investors and savers like you.

If you’re not careful, your retirement savings could get hit with an aggressive 50% tax.

It’s all thanks to recent legislation.

Barron’s called it was “the most sweeping retirement legislation in more than a decade.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board dubbed it as a “bait and switch.”

And Forbes called it “the ticking time bomb.”

When you started working, maybe it was 20... 30... or 40 years ago, you made a deal with the government.

You would work, pay taxes, and overall, be a productive citizen.

In exchange, you could stash away money for your golden years tax-free and pay small incremental taxes later when you retire.

Your heirs would even get access to this money with the same tax benefits long after you’re gone.

After all, you didn’t just work for yourself. You worked for your family and their well-being, too.

But now, Congress has changed the rules on you mid-game.

These were rules that you planned your entire retirement strategy around decades ago...

Now, it’s being exposed as a classic bait-and-switch move. And millions of Americans are about to get blindsided.

As you’ll read later on in this letter...

One Incorrect Move Could Trigger an
Aggressive Tax Bill From the IRS...
You Could Owe as Much as 50%

Yes, HALF of your life savings might have to be forked over to the IRS.

Just imagine that for a moment...

Maybe you have $1 million in a retirement account.

And one day, out of the blue, you get a tax bill for $500,000.

Then you have to figure out how to live on whatever you have left over in the face of soaring living costs.

It’s a devastating situation that anyone with a retirement account could find themselves in very soon.

It’s all part of Congress’ never-ending raid on your money.

They expected you to be responsible and to work and save.

But at the same time their own spending was out of control.

The government debt to GDP ratio is now 129%.

That’s the highest level in history.

For every $100 the economy generates from goods and services, the government is spending $129.

And the things they spend money on will leave you speechless.

  • Fauci’s NIAID spent $478,188 to turn monkeys transgender
  • $6.9 million was spent on smart toilets analyzing people’s butt prints
  • $300,000 for a virtual reality penguin study
  • The State Department gave $25,000 in grants to Chinese surfers
  • Harvard University received $75,000 in federal grants to blow lizards off trees with leaf blowers.

Does any of this sound reasonable? Or for good cause?

Especially when the country is in debt to the tune of $90,371.71 per living American.

In fact, the U.S. spent $564.4 billion in 2021 on interest payments alone.

That money is not reducing the cost of over $30 trillion in debt obligations. It just covers the cost of borrowing.
So, Congress has been looking for ways to fill their coffers.

And of course,
the low-hanging fruit is your
retirement account.

Americans have an estimated $15 trillion in wealth stashed away for retirement.

The vast majority of these funds are tax-deferred — meaning Uncle Sam hasn’t taken his cut yet.

So, this money is the perfect remedy to cover their reckless spending and historic amount of debt.

Savers are being penalized, and that’s a crime.

The language is right in the bill.

Just take a look...

There’s an entire section devoted to “Revenue Provisions”...

Followed by increase after increase for you.

Increased penalties...

Increased rules...

Increased taxes...

More reasons for the tax man to say, “I gotcha! Now pay up!”

Make no mistake. In the coming years there will be an explosion of excess taxation reaching epic proportions.

Millions of unsuspecting retirees will get the financial shock of their lives as they go to live off their retirement funds.

I can go on for pages and pages about all the bombshell traps that Congress has laid out for you.

The letter would be as long as the 124-page bill itself.

But today, I’m going to give you something the mainstream media won’t:

A solution.

A solution that legally shelters as much of your hard-earned money from the government as possible.

So you can live your golden years away from the prying hands of the government and enjoy everything you’ve worked so hard for your entire life.

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Then you’ll get the full, unbiased story of the great retirement heist.

With the SECURE Act in place, the government has countless ways it can “get you.”

THE NEW HIDDEN LAND MINES SET TO BLOW UP YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS breaks down every trick, trap, and cheap shot you could face as you enter your golden years.

For example:

  • “Uh, oh... we owe the IRS now...” Your beneficiaries might be saying this, if you don’t read the fine print on your retirement account. But you can protect them from headache and hassle by including this one word... on this one form. Page 27.

  • The 20% tax trap. One in two Americans make a simple money-transfer move every year. But now, this same move could give you a surprise tax bill. But you can avoid this altogether with the simple “triple t” strategy. It’s easy to do and it won’t sound alarms at the IRS. Page 22.

  • WARNING: What never to do with your IRA. This honest mistake among family members can make every dime taxable and become the kiss of death for your retirement account. See how you can avoid it. Page 27.

  • The sneaky IRS move that could cost you dearly. Did you know that proposed IRS rules — years away from becoming official — could impact your taxes THIS YEAR? It’s true. But you can navigate this gray area easily and avoid big surprises. Page 15.

  • The simple dispute that can cost you $5,000 to $10,000 or more... plus a year of your valuable time! Read this warning before you decide to dispute anything with the IRS. Or even ask them for clarification on issues. Page 30.

  • Plus, many more sneaky ways the IRS can confiscate your wealth!

These sneaky traps are set for you.

The more retirement accounts you have... the more times you’ve changed jobs... the more money you have... means you’re more at risk of being hit with aggressive taxes.

That’s why...

Unless you’re an expert who sifts through the thousands of pages of IRS regulations and keeps track of every update and change, you don’t stand a chance!

That’s why we tapped some of the top IRA and retirement experts in the country to put together this new special report.

And Newsmax Finance is sending out FREE copies of this report while supplies last.

So request yours before it’s too late.

Like you, many Americans have worked hard their whole life and followed the rules.

They didn’t spend extravagantly, avoided debt, and saved diligently in tax-deferred accounts.

So, when we first got word of the most-recent retirement rule changes and the ramifications it would have on Americans, we were furious!

Especially since we’re facing a retirement wipeout as it is in the Biden economy!

But once we got over the initial outrage, we started hunting for solutions.

We tapped into a team of experts in personal finance, investing, and wealth creation and created the new special report, THE NEW HIDDEN LAND MINES SET TO BLOW UP YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS.

It may be the most important report that you will read in your lifetime.

Because if you’re like most people, your most valuable asset is your retirement savings.

I don’t need to tell you how devastating it would be to get hit with a 20%... 30%... or even 50% tax on this money.


And, we’re giving each and every one of them away for FREE.

You just pay $4.95 for processing.

This report will help you to protect and grow your wealth — even as the SECURE Act becomes the biggest modern day retirement heist in history.

When the IRS tax code becomes more complicated, it creates legal loopholes.

You can use these loopholes to skirt even the most aggressive taxes.

We’ve investigated this entire new tax law for you from top to bottom.

And in THE NEW HIDDEN LAND MINES SET TO BLOW UP YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS, we take you through a simple way to legally keep as much of your money as possible starting with...

Sidestep the Sneaky 50% “Punishment Tax” by Marking One Date on Your Calendar

There’s a day of reckoning assigned to your IRA.

It’s a specific date. And, of course, the government wants to make it confusing, so they made this date different for everyone.

So, if you’re married, and you and your spouse both have retirement accounts, you have not one... but two different dates to remember!

Quite frankly, the pencil pushers on the beltway can’t wait for this day...

Because if you miss it, they get to slap you with a 50% tax.

Yes, you read that correctly. Fifty percent.

That is not a typo or misprint.

It means you’ll be forced to fork over half of your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam.

Every $100,000 in your account will shrink down to just $50,000.

$1 million would be cut down to $500,000.

That’s insane by any standards!

Would you be able to live the retirement you planned if you had to give away this much money?

Listen, this is money that’s rightfully yours. You worked all those years to earn this money — not the government.

You saved responsibly... and you planned responsibly so you wouldn’t have to live on hand outs.

But now, your life savings could vanish in the blink of an eye.

There’s no need for this!

Because all it takes is remembering one date... and taking one specific action.

You’ll see exactly how to calculate this on page 19 of THE NEW HIDDEN LAND MINES SET TO BLOW UP YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS.

And if you do get slapped with the 50% punishment tax... there’s only one way to get out of it. It’s explained in great detail in the report as well.

Plus, You’ll Also Discover:

  • The $612 tax deferment you didn’t know about. This applies to every one in two Americans. If you take advantage, it could equal huge tax savings down the road. Page 23.
  • The “sweet spot” tax rule. There’s a specific date range where you can take a lump sum from your retirement account and only pay a one-time tax. Is this worth it for you? Page 20.
  • The weird situation that can put you in a higher tax bracket unexpectedly. The IRS won’t care that you’re retired and you have no other income. You’ll be forced to pay this higher amount. But luckily, you can sidestep their cunning scheme with one simple move. Page 19.
  • Four ways to reduce your taxes during your golden years. Hint: One of these involves something you might already be doing. So, you might as well take the tax break for it! Page 19.

After you get done reading this report, you’ll wonder how you could ever have accessed your money without paying unnecessary taxes.

With the passage of the SECURE Act, the IRS has created a minefield. All it takes is one step in the wrong direction... one incorrect move... and everything you worked so hard for could get blown to oblivion!

That’s why you need to get your hands on THE NEW HIDDEN LAND MINES SET TO BLOW UP YOUR RETIRMENT SAVINGS. Just one or two of the tips you’ll get in it makes it worth the price alone.

You can claim a FREE copy now.

Just pay a $4.95 processing fee — that’s all!

And I’m still just scratching the surface of the tips, tricks, and strategies to get the most out of your retirement money.

You don’t have to pay more than you should to the IRS.

This is your right as a citizen. You worked hard. You saved diligently for years. And you planned around Congress’ rules. Now, they’ve changed them on you.

That’s not fair.

Which is why you need to fight back, for you and your loved ones.

Get your free copy of The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings.

Protect Your Legacy

Why did you get up to go to work every day?

Why did you buy a house?

Why did you sacrifice your time, and maybe your health, over the years?

If you’re like most Americans, you did this all for your family.

You wanted to provide the best life for them as possible. You wanted your kids grow up with advantages that you never had.

And my guess is that you’ll want them to get first dibs on your retirement account after you’re gone.

Well, Congress doesn’t think it should be that way.

They think it should go “back into the pop” so they can redistribute it to “the community!”

The SECURE Act is an acronym for:

Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement

We don’t know about you, but that sounds a little fishy to us.

Anything with the word “community” in it reeks of socialism.

President Obama was a community organizer.

And now his former running mate, Joe Biden, is in the driver’s seat as he takes America through the Great Retirement Wipeout.

So, when the government comes up with the “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” Act, you should be afraid. Be very afraid.

It sounds like they’re going to redistribute wealth to the “community.”

And how are they doing this?

The easiest way possible. When you’re gone, you can’t put up a fight.

So, they’re going to slap your family with a big tax bill.

A large chunk of money that should’ve stayed within the family under the old rules is now earmarked to be handed over to the government.

This is one of the biggest “Revenue Provisions” in the SECURE Act.

The government could confiscate up to half your estate away from your kids and grandkids.

However, you can protect your legacy by taking steps now to make sure your family won’t be hit with a big tax bill.

It’s all about finding the right loopholes. Which is exactly what you'll find in our new special report.

The IRS created new lingo to confuse people. There’s beneficiaries, designated beneficiaries, primary beneficiaries, and contingent beneficiaries.

It’s crazy to think that one word could mean the difference between keeping money in in the family...

Or handing it over to the IRS.

But that’s the way Uncle Sam set it up.

You’ll see how to avoid the biggest estate taxes starting on page 16 of The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings.

And, you’ll be certain that your kids and even grandkids are taken care of for a very long time.

Don’t you think you owe it to them to at least check this out?

Especially since Newsmax Finance has made it very easy to do so...

And protecting your legacy is just the beginning.

There are many more simple steps you can take right now to safeguard your wealth and avoid the heavy-handed reach of the IRS, including...

Use This Special Account to Free Yourself From the Tax Man... Forever!

Believe it or not, tax rates are at all-time lows right now.

During World War II, and for nearly two decades following, top tax rates were over 90%.

The government had to come up with revenue to pay for the war. So, they taxed people out the wazoo.

Now, we’ve built up record debts. Remember, the debt to GDP ratio is at 129% — the highest level in history.

Which means we’re going to see an astronomical tax hike in the coming years.

It’s virtually guaranteed.

As Mark Twain famously said, “History never repeats itself, but it rhymes.”

Your paycheck... your retirement funds... and everything you buy... could be subject to massive taxation — just like they were back in the World War II era.

But there is one solution to shield your retirement money from the tax man forever.

Which means you’ll never have to pay a dime to the IRS.

You could move your money into this account right now, and it’ll grow tax-free. Forever.

If you end up with a million in the bank, that money is all yours to use as you please.

And if you invest in the next hot stock that happens to soar 1,000% or more in the coming years...

Those profits are all yours to keep.

The IRS can’t touch it.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about the Roth IRA.

This account is nothing new. But here’s a quick rundown of how they work.

Unlike traditional tax-deferred accounts where you kick the can down the road, with this account, you pay some tax up front in exchange for a tax-free fortune later on.

And starting on page 20 of The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings, you’ll see exactly why this is Congress’ single best gift to Americans.

Even if you’re over the income limit to contribute to this amazing account, you can do a backdoor conversion.

The special report gives you the exact steps... pitfalls to avoid... and some tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible. So that it doesn’t trigger any alarms over at the IRS.

A surprising number of people think that doing a backdoor conversion is a bad move because of the taxes you have to pay now.

But the Roth IRA is the single best way to beat the tax man.

So you can have your money working for you every day knowing it’ll be all yours when you decide to hang ’em up for good.

Remember: It doesn’t matter how well your retirement account performed over the years...

And it doesn’t matter how much money is in there right now.

All of this is just “phantom money.”

It’s what you keep in the end that matters.

And the Roth IRA is the absolute best way to ensure you get to keep and spend everything you’ve worked for.

Move your money into this tax-free sanctuary.

Then, after your money is free from the grips of the IRS, you can move on to...

Avoiding the No. 1 Mistake That
Could Wreck Your Financial Future

Have you heard the name Bill Buckner?

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’s one of the most infamous names in baseball history.

He was the first baseman for the Red Sox. And during Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, the Red Sox were one out away from winning it all.

A routine ground ball was hit his way. But somehow Bill Buckner flubbed it and the ball rolled through his legs.

This extended the game, and the Mets were able to come back and win. Then, they also came back to win Game 7 and were crowned World Series Champs.

The Red Sox were so close to winning it all, but they had a failure in the last mile.

Nothing they did in the regular season mattered. Nothing they did in the previous innings of Game 6 matter. And nothing they did in the first five games of the World Series mattered.

Not to mention, that play was devastating to Buckner. He got death threats and was booed by fans. So much so that he had to move his family to Idaho.

He became known as the “man who dropped the ball.”

But guess what?

He was one of the greatest players who ever lived.

He played for 22 seasons and had more hits than 70% of players currently in the Hall of Fame. That includes greats like Mickey Mantle, Ernie Banks, Reggie Jackson, Johnny Bench, and Ted Williams.

But his career is defined by that ONE mistake. It cost him the World Series and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

I’m telling you this story because it’s the perfect analogy for retirement. You could save for years and years using tax-advantaged accounts.

You could follow the advice of your accountant and financial planner.

You could even beat the market every year by 3 to 1.

In other words, you could be a complete superstar for your entire career.

But one wrong move can unravel everything.

What good does it do to beat the market when your heirs have to pay 50% to the IRS?

You don’t want a failure of the last mile to undo all your years of hard work.

That’s exactly what can happen if you don’t follow one very important step.

Your family will have the money to pay combined estate and income taxes on your entire retirement savings.

You could have maybe weathered the blow in previous years, but it’s a treacherous time to retire right now.

The Biden economy has paved the way for the Great Retirement Wipeout where everyday life is becoming more and more unaffordable.

Luckily, there’s a way to protect your family from this kind of tragedy.

It’s covered starting on page 27 of The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings.

If you really want to leave the best legacy for your family, if you want them to live comfortably, you don’t want to miss this bombshell secret.

Skirt the Biggest Tax You Didn’t
Even Know You Owe

As early as 2010, this one tax didn’t even exist.

Nobody was required to pay it... ever.

Then, Congress changed the rules in 2017.

And then again in 2018.

They revised everything in their favor. Much like they’re doing with the SECURE Act right now.

And there’s a big tax surprise waiting for you if you don’t take action now.

A surprising number of Americans go into shock when they find out they have to pay this tax.

It’s laid out in detail starting on page 30 in The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings.

You’ll even see a little-known “portability” concept that can help you skirt this tax.

We show you how to plan for more rule changes in the future, too. Because believe me, there will be more.

The tax code is written in pencil. New laws come into effect. And you could be hit with an aggressive slew of taxes without warning.

That’s why this new special report is so important.

You’ll discover the best steps you can take... right now... to ensure you don’t have to hand over anymore of your hard-earned money to the IRS than you need to.

I think you’re starting to see the picture now.

The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings is an invaluable resource for your retirement.

I mean, just think about not having to pay 50% of your life saving to the IRS just because you missed a simple date on the calendar.

How angry would you be if you received a letter from the IRS... demanding that you pay this money?

I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty ticked off.

Especially since you were warned about it right here on this page. And especially since you have the solution right at your fingertips.

You really have no excuses not to take action.

Your financial future... your legacy... and your family’s well-being depends on it.

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Read about all the sneaky traps that the government has set for you.

Then, take all the recommended action steps to avoid their overreach.

And you’ll be comforted knowing you’re doing the most in your power to protect your finances from the heavy reach of the government.

You can head into your golden years with complete peace of mind.

You can enjoy life.

That’s our mission at Newsmax Finance: to help the everyday, average person attain financial security and peace of mind.

That’s exactly what The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings will help you do.

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Right now, you have two options...

The first option is to do nothing.

This is the most dangerous option of all. You might think you’ve done all the right things.

So you think you’ll cruise into retirement with ease. But the truth is, millions of Americans are like a herd of sheep right now.

They think they’re heading out to the pasture to roam around. But the reality is, they’re about to wander right into a slaughterhouse.

The IRS is going to come in with their heavy hands and grab your hard-earned money. Make no mistake. Retirement accounts could be obliterated

But it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

That brings me to the next option...

You can keep Uncle Sam off your back with what you'll learn in The New Hidden Land Mines Set to Blow Up Your Retirement Savings.

This will ensure that you get to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

It ensures that your legacy will be passed down to your kids and grandkids. And they won’t have to deal with red tape to access that money.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and your family to do the right thing?

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