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For years now, on the first Friday of each month, a group of the smartest minds from the worlds of economics, politics, Wall Street, and national security have been meeting privately to share intelligence, and their findings from their investigations.

We've come to call this secret group the Braintrust, and you are cordially invited to join their ranks.

This Braintrust includes:

  • Christopher Ruddy: CEO and founder of Newsmax Media
  • Robert Wiedemer: Economist and New York Times best-selling author of Aftershock
  • James Rickards: Pentagon adviser and Wall Street insider for 35-plus years
  • Tom Luongo: International gold expert and editor of Resolute Wealth Letter
  • Tom Hutchinson: High-yield expert and editor of The High Income Factor
  • And More . . .

As an Braintrust Member you will receive:

  • Exclusive editorial insights from Braintrust members:  This insight cannot be seen anywhere else, and it could give you that edge to make a move before anyone else knows what's coming. Members contribute specific financial write-ups for your eyes only.
  • Members-only Braintrust Profit Report online show with Financial Braintrust editor Andrew Packer and other Braintrust members:  You will hear from the members themselves about what is really happening in the markets to fortify your financial future.
  • Members-only video tutorials from Braintrust experts:  These tutorials will teach you unique ways to extract additional income and profits in the market that few financial experts even know exist. They will additionally give you techniques to help you protect your wealth.
  • Three confidential investment portfolios available only to Braintrust members:  Our three portfolios are built for various investing goals. The flagship Braintrust Portfolio offers a value-based buy-and-hold approach, while the Options Trader uses calls and puts to play market trends and stock movements and the Technical Trader uses chart analysis to make buy and sell recommendations.
  • Unlimited bonus reports from all of the Newsmax financial newsletters:  As a member of the Braintrust, you will receive the bonus reports each member of the Braintrust writes. You will instantly be privy to over 25 intriguing reports that are valued between $19 to $49 each.
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