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Insider Hotline has one simple goal: to find the best investment opportunities available by following the moves of corporate insiders.

Look no further. There’s a safe, legal way to increase your returns by making a few dozen trades (or less) every year. All you have to do is invest when corporate insiders do.

These insiders include corporate officers like CEOs and CFOs. They include members of the board of directors. They also include major shareholders who have a 10 percent or greater stake in a company. What do all these folks have in common? They know more about what’s going on at a company than you do.

And by following insiders and buying shares when they do, you can earn higher returns than you would by just investing in a stock market index — by an additional 6 to 8 percent per year.

That’s why Andrew Packer has created Insider Hotline specifically to deliver these investment opportunities when they appear. Andrew combs through the daily reporting requirements of corporate insiders to find out who’s buying what, and how much of their own money they’re putting to work in their own company.

Insider Hotline may include companies you’re familiar with. But thanks to the disclosures of all publicly traded companies, you may also find some undiscovered small-cap gem right on the cusp of a major growth spurt. Andrew also utilizes a money multiplication method using stock options — akin to the stock options insiders themselves use to boost their wealth by millions of dollars every year.

Renew your subscription to Insider Hotline and start putting these high-return, low-risk plays to work for you today!

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