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Dr. Chauncey Crandall’s Heart Health Report

Heart Health Report gives you expert strategies and lifesaving information to prevent and fight back against cardiovascular disease, our leading killer.

Top cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall has performed over 40,000 heart procedures — and experienced heart disease personally. At age 48, he recovered from a massive heart attack using the same methods he recommends to his patients, and now details for you in his newsletter.

Dr. David Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health

David Brownstein, M.D., is one of America’s top holistic medical physicians. His Natural Way to Health newsletter focuses on the most crucial health issues affecting you and your loved ones.

This monthly health advisory is packed with proven current natural therapies — and the best of safe, conventional medical care.

You’ll find Dr. Brownstein’s newsletter to be an outstanding source of useful suggestions to help you enjoy a more active and energetic life.

The Blaylock Wellness Report

Russell Blaylock, M.D., dares to challenge traditional medical establishment thinking. He retired from a successful neurosurgery practice to focus on natural treatments, nutrition, and health advocacy.

His many thousands of readers depend on The Blaylock Wellness Report as a top source for advice on preventing and reversing both chronic and acute health problems.

The Mind Health Report

Let’s face it  . . . Without a decent mind and optimally functioning brain, you have no quality of life. With The Mind Health Report, you’ll gain greater health, happiness, and fulfillment in your relationships, personal life, work-life or retirement, and more.

Every issue of The Mind Health Report is filled with the latest advancements in brain research from the frontiers of neuroscience. You’ll hear about breakthrough techniques for strengthening your memory and brain health.

Health Radar

In Health Radar, you’ll discover new breakthroughs from the worlds of both conventional and alternative medicine. Leading medical experts answer critical questions about health-related issues that may trouble you and your family.

Health Radar is jam-packed with simple, proven tips and strategies to protect you from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills and procedures, and sky-high medical costs.

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