Bad Decisions: The Joe Biden Story (DVD)
In his nearly five decades at the very top of American politics, Joe Biden has often been an embarrassment to the nation — flip-flopping on issues like war, immigration, and taxes, spouting disturbing racial comments, and helping broker unsavory deals
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The Healing Powers of Honey
Rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, honey may not only lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and liver troubles, quell a cough, or boost your energy — it may also slow the aging process. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


Socialists Don’t Sleep
Cheryl K. Crumley’s new book details the sneaky and underhanded ways the secular left has pressed socialism into American politics and life — and why Christians are the only ones who can ride to the rescue. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


The Capitalist Code
Ben Stein shows you the #1 simple thing you can start doing today to grow your wealth —thanks to this “rigged” system known as capitalism. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


Fight Back: Beat the Coronavirus
This book, gives you both a practical and medical guide on how you and your family can not only survive this pandemic but how you can resume many of your normal activities — just by using the many tips offered by Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall.
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Bob Hope: Thanks for the Laughs (DVD)
You’ll remember why Bob Hope was such a genuine American patriot. You’ll view historic footage of him entertaining thousands of GIs overseas with his unique blend of comedy and optimism. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


Desert Camouflage Hat
We found that one of the hottest souvenirs among our troops coming home was their camo hat. They continue to wear them with pride and in honor of troops defending our country. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


The CBD Oil Solution
Dr. Rachna Patel, medical cannabis authority, has seen CBD work wonders on her patients’ chronic medical conditions — many have eliminated their prescription meds and are only using CBD to manage their symptoms. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


Newsmax TV Travel Mug
Drink from a tumbler that represents America’s fastest growing cable news channel, Newsmax TV. Unbiased and unafraid to investigate and report the topics that big media just won’t cover. FREE OfferGo Here Now.


2 Weeks to a Younger Brain
See how easy it is to boost your cognitive abilities and stave off or reverse brain aging. You can sharpen your memory again. Think faster and better. Improve your mood and relieve anxiety. FREE OfferGo Here Now.