Dark Winter:
How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

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Dark WinterClimate change has been a perplexing problem for years. In Dark Winter, author John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy adviser, NASA headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer, tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun.

Dark Winter

Casey's research into the Sun's activity, which began almost a decade ago, resulted in the discovery of a solar cycle that is now reversing from its global warming phase to that of dangerous global cooling for the next 30 years or more. This new cold climate will dramatically impact life on the planet.

In Dark Winter, Casey provides evidence of the following:

  • The end of global warming
  • The beginning of a "solar hibernation," a historic reduction in the energy output of the Sun
  • A long-term drop in the Earth's temperatures
  • The start of the next climate change to decades of dangerously cold weather
  • The high probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

A sobering look at the Earth's future, Dark Winter predicts worldwide, crop-destroying cold; food shortages and riots in the United States and abroad; significant global loss of life; and social, political, and economic upheaval.

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The Great Cool-downAs Newsmax reports, a growing body of new scientific evidence casts serious doubt on the claim that the world is facing a catastrophic rise in temperature — as Al Gore and many climatologists have claimed.

The Great Cool-down

And critics of global warming can no longer be likened to Holocaust deniers. Still, Al Gore and other global-warming alarmists insist the threat is real.

They say that warming is caused by human activity, and steps must be taken if we're to sustain life on the planet as we know it.

But a significant number of highly regarded climate experts are skeptical, with some even stating that there is a greater chance of prolonged global cooling than of imminent global warming. Republican Sen. James Inhofe has called global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."

Newsmax Magazine's "Great Cool-Down" report takes an honest and in-depth look at the climate change debate, which will have a serious impact on carbon emissions legislation, the U.S. economy, and ultimately, the American way of life. Finding out the truth is a must for every citizen.

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