An exciting police thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik

The most extraordinary thriller to hit book stores in years has arrived and it’s flying off the shelves.

Critics are raving about Bernard Kerik’s gripping new page-turner, The Grave Above the Grave, which not only delivers a pulse-pounding tale of terrorism and heroism in the world’s greatest city, but also describes in vivid detail how law enforcement can stop the next 9/11-style attack.

Kerik, a former New York City Police commissioner who served with Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the fateful day the Twin Towers were struck, says America is again vulnerable.

“After eight years under Obama, our guard is down. It will take years to rebuild our security systems,” Kerik says, explaining that he wrote The Grave Above the Grave to wake Americans up.

It’s a nonstop thrill ride only an insider like Kerik could write.

Kerik understands the psyche of terrorists. Not only was he there on 9/11, but President George W. Bush dispatched him to the Middle East to serve as interim interior minister of Iraq.

“I believe we could suffer another 9/11 attack and The Grave Above the Grave gave me the opportunity to educate people in a fictional way about what rolls around in my head every day,’’ Kerik tells Newsmax. “9/11 taught me what happens when the wrong people are allowed in this country.”

His book has struck a chord from Main Street to Hollywood with glowing reviews ricocheting through the literary world.

Actor and movie producer Sylvester Stallone is so impressed with Kerik’s novel, the award-winning “Rocky” and “Rambo” star gushed: "No one is better in taking us into the real world threats of international terrorism than Bernie Kerik, a man who has lived it. This page-turning novel makes you appreciate the challenges and threats we face today, and the men and women in our law enforcement communities who stand between good and evil.”

And Brad Thor, the New York Times bestselling author of 18 thrillers including “Spymaster” and “Use of Force,” gave his imprimatur to The Grave Above the Grave.

Thor writes that Kerik’s book is a “gritty, intense, and powerfully written thriller! . . . The perfect mix of cops, corruption, and calculating terrorists. Bernie Kerik has scored an absolute home run!"

And the prestigious Midwest Book Review trumpets, “[It’s] a deftly crafted and simply riveting thriller of a read from first page to last.” Kerik’s breezy but realistic writing style pulls no punches as it grips the reader from Page One with the story of NYPD Commissioner Rick Raymond, who uncovers a plot to launch another devastating attack on the city while battling a cop killer with Islamic terror ties.

As Raymond races against the clock, he also must juggle the pressures of a grandstanding mayor, a disreputable reporter, and a secret love — who just happens to be the district attorney.

Kerik admits that with The Grave Above the Grave he can “finally write the real police true-life stories I could never do in nonfiction.”

His first fiction work is packed with gritty inside details of the NYPD’s day-to-day policing and the city’s cutthroat political power system, not to mention the sizzling sexual tensions that envelope it.

The Grave Above the Grave is a must-read for fans of thrillers and those who want to understand the true dangers facing America and President Trump at this decisive moment.

The Grave Above the Grave is available in bookstores, and through Amazon.

You already love the thrills, chills, and adrenaline rush of such beloved authors as James Patterson, Lee Child, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham,

Karin Slaughter, Jason Starr, Dan Brown, and David Baldacci.

Now welcome Bernard Kerik as the new master of sizzling suspense as The Grave Above the Grave takes the world by storm!

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