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In addition to our in-depth cover stories and hard-hitting investigative reports, we entertain a constant stream of notable guest commentators including financial analysts, media moguls, political insiders, and more.

Past issues have included incisive commentary from such experts as George Will, Michael Reagan, Dr. Laura, Ben Stein and David Limbaugh — just to name a few.

And with exclusive interviews with political heavyweights including House Speaker John Boehner, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush, it's no wonder Newsmax has been described by the New York Times as "a potent force" in American politics.

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Our special cover story for the February issue of Newsmax magazine.

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Power Grab (Book and DVD) —  a $50 value FREE!

No modern president has so blatantly violated the Constitution and Bill of Rights as Barack Obama . . . and the consequences for your income and freedom are devastating.

As the national best-seller Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation makes clear, Obama’s new gun grab is just the latest link in a chain of outrages designed to obliterate your constitutional rights, tax and regulate you to death, and give the Democratic Party a total lock on power nationwide.

It’s a real threat, Dick Morris warns, and we are close to a “tipping point” in which these radical Democrats will have a stranglehold on the White House and even Congress for decades to come.

When Dick Morris first warned of Obama’s power-grab plan, he was scoffed at.

But almost every move Obama has made moves the ball down the field for his ultimate plan: to put the Republican Party and its conservative wing out of business, making the Democratic Party — controlled by radical leftists — the country’s single dominating party.

Republicans just don’t get what Obama’s real strategic plan is, Morris explains.

“They need to because our whole way of life is at stake,” he says.

Again and again, in defiance of the separation of power and constitutional government, Obama has . . .

  • Created or rewritten dozens of laws — including Obamacare and No Child Left Behind — to impose a far-left political agenda on America and seize power from Congress.
  • Pushed the Supreme Court to overturn marriage laws in all 50 states, and mandate same-sex marriage, setting the precedent that he and the court can unilaterally create a new law that never existed before, overruling more than 200 years of legislative and state control over marriage laws.
  • Unilaterally authorized by executive action a $150 billion-plus giveaway to Iran — which sponsors terrorism throughout the world — putting that country on the path to acquiring nuclear weapons. The Constitution requires the Senate to pass such a “treaty” by a two-thirds vote — which never took place here.
  • And now he has instituted his step-by-step plan to criminalize legal gun ownership in total defiance of the Second Amendment and the will of Congress.

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Newsmax magazine covers
Newsmax magazine covers

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