The Real Dangers of
Critical Race Theory

The fight for America’s children is on as radical left-wingers try to brainwash the minds of our kids — and change the very foundation of how history is taught in our nation’s public schools!

And Newsmax Magazine explores this vital topic in this issue with our absorbing Special Report, “The Fight to Stop Critical Race Theory.”

Award-winning journalist John Fund has an exclusive inside look at Critical Race Theory, also known as CRT.

Fund takes you inside America’s schools to hear what educators, parents and students have to say about this cataclysmic curriculum change that could reshape how future generations view the very fabric of America’s heart and soul.

And Fund discovers that CRT is not about race or even education — but an effort to re-shape American politics and our culture to the far left.

PLUS: Bill O’Reilly discusses why CRT is so harmful to our schoolchildren and how the country “will pay a high price for it.”

You owe it to yourself and your family to read this Special Report and get the scoop on CRT. (Page 54)

The exciting issue of Newsmax Magazine also features:

  • The Day That Changed the World — an absorbing look at 9/11 on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that changed the world forever. Newsmax reporter Bill Hoffmann interviews the people who were there as packed commercial jetliners were flown into the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. And he tells some of the little-known stories of the American heroes who raced into action to save as many lives as they could. (Page 47)
  • Larry Elder May Shock Calif. — And the nation. The recall is real and there’s a mutiny underway in California to oust governor lockdown himself.
  • Iconic Brands Get WOKED — How America’s most recognizable brands like Aunt Jemina, Uncle Ben’s, and the Cleveland Indians are banned as others like Coca-Cola have to go left to avoid offending “woke” shoppers. (Page 44)
  • The U.S. Cover-Up That Helps China Avoid COVID-19 Culpability — Our security expert Fred Fleitz reports on this exclusive story you won’t find elsewhere! (Page 14)
  • Moon Wobble to Trigger Record Flooding — How a rare lunar event could swamp America’s coastal communities and cause billions of dollars in damage. This is bigger than climate change. (Page 20)
  • Furor Over FDA Approval of Costly Alzheimer’s Drug — The inside story of how a $56,000 treatment for Alzheimer’s got the green light  . . .  with little evidence it works! (Page 22)
  • The Five Liberals Eyed to Succeed Justice Breyer — Meet the jurists most likely to be the next SCOTUS pick. (Page 28)
  • Kamala Faces Ax From 2024 Ticket — How voters have no confidence in the vice president, and which Dems could replace her as Joe Biden’s second-term running mate. (Page 34)
  • Woke Is a Joke for This Cowboy Philosopher — Meet Chad Prather, whose Texas-style humor about our world will have you roaring with laughter. (Page 40)
  • The Breathing Cure — Everything from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, even cancer may have a secret link to . . . your lungs! Learn the simple respiratory techniques for breathing that can give you a healthier mind and body. (Page 80)
  • The Other Pandemic: Fatty Liver Disease — Find out about the global health menace that rivals the obesity pandemic. Do you have hidden symptoms? (Page 84)
  • Fix Your Vaccine Vulnerabilities — How vaccines work, the side effects, and the best ways to prepare for getting your jabs. (Page 90)
  • Ben Stein — The famed actor and economist reveals how anyone can have a strong and financially secure retirement!
  • How to Beat Insomnia Without Drugs — Your guide to a good night’s sleep. (Page 94)

And Newsmax Magazine brings you your favorite award-winning columnists — Bill O’Reilly, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura, Doug Schoen, Nancy Brinker, and John Gizzi — all of them here to take the nation’s pulse and deliver the sparkling, stimulating conversation that helps you make sense of our increasingly topsy-turvy world.

And there’s much, much more in this issue of Newsmax Magazine — the fast-growing publication straight from the heart of America. More than 750,000 Americans read Newsmax Magazine each month, you should too.

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