Marxism Will Destroy America

“Is that really what we want in the
greatest nation on the face of the earth?”

When Mark Levin talks about what it means to be a conservative in America, people listen — and that’s why, with the passing of Rush Limbaugh, Levin has become one of the nation’s top talk radio personalities.

Now, the big November issue of Newsmax Magazine takes a compelling, in-depth look at Levin and reveals the secrets behind his success.

In our cover story, “Mark Levin: His Fight to Save America,” bestselling author and Newsmax contributor John Fund shares how Levin — a then 40-something lawyer and one-time chief of staff to Attorney General Ed Meese during the Reagan administration — saw disturbing signs that America’s freedoms were eroding and decided to take the plunge into talk radio to try and make a difference.

Free speech “will soon only be for those who espouse a certain viewpoint. Other people are banned, attacked, their careers destroyed,” Levin tells Fund, acknowledging that he’s under constant pressure from liberals.

“I have declared that Joe Biden is the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator in this country, and I think he is far worse than even Obama was.”

You’ll also get the inside story of Levin’s upbringing with two brothers in a conservative Jewish household near Philadelphia, and how he managed to skip a grade in school.

It’s a fascinating story about one of America’s great conservative personalities and patriots. (Page 54)

And that’s only one of the many great features you’ll read in your exciting November issue of Newsmax Magazine. Here’s just a sampling:

  • An explosive interview with Newsmax personality Sean Spicer — former White House press secretary and author of the new book “Radical Nation” — who warns that America is barreling toward economic collapse. (Page 52)
  • Newsmax’s Washington correspondent John Gizzi shows why President Joe Biden may be headed for a bruising in the midterms. (Page 36)
  • Where’s Kamala? We put Vice President Harris’ photo on the side of a milk carton and reveal why she’s been labeled the “Vanishing Veep.” (Page 10)
  • The incredible story behind the maverick Hollywood studio that is thriving with family-friendly fare. (Page 49)
  • How an innocent selfie led to a Kentucky preacher getting 1,500 death threats. (Page 46)
  • The rudderless government of the U.K.’s Boris Johnson and how it’s drifting to the left. (Page 42)
  • The fake news the left was desperate to believe. (Page 20)
  • Stephen Moore on the big payday Joe Biden is handing big labor. (Page 18)
  • How President Joe Biden’s “Big Brother” policies are intruding on American lives. (Page 14)
  • The “United States of Acrimony”: Why voters are more polarized than ever ahead of next year’s midterms. (Page 12)
  • Meet the divorced mother of four who reveals how her highly unusual hobby — cleaning ancient gravestones — keeps her healthy and happy. (Page 70)
  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger on why you should be grateful — even when your loved one is annoying. (Page 72)
  • Ben Stein talks investing — and that little accident he had at the airport. (Page 30)
  • Nancy Brinker’s heartfelt salute to 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth. (Page 28)
  • Bill O’Reilly’s tongue-in-cheek guide to the rules of being woke. (Page 26)
  • The practical guide on what you need to know about getting remarried. (Page 74)
  • Geothermal energy: How it can take the heat off exorbitant energy costs. (Page 76)
  • How to spend an action-packed weekend in Reno. (Page 78)
  • We debunk the 11 most stubborn health myths — you won’t believe some of these old wives’ tales! (Page 80)
  • The powerful antioxidant that helps fight aging — and you can start taking it today! (Page 82)
  • How to protect yourself from deadly medical errors. (Page 84)
  • The new high-tech way to check prostate health. (Page 86)
  • How to treat and prevent debilitating gout. (Page 88)
  • Cannabidiol (CDB) and how it’s helping fibromyalgia patients. (Page 92)
  • Dr. Erika Schwartz on how you can avoid the flu by boosting your immune system. (Page 96)
  • And there’s so much more!

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