Biden’s Policies In Chaos!

Record inflation, Ukraine, COVID mandates, immigration, taxes, and many more . . . 

The Democrats are in a panic over poll predictions of a massive GOP victory in the 2022 midterms.

President Joe Biden is floundering in his efforts to stop America’s roughshod economy from sliding into a recession. And all the while, the nation’s status as a world power continues to sink.

What the heck is going on?

In Newsmax Magazine’s cover story, “Joe Biden’s Incredible Shrinking Presidency,” renowned political journalist and bestselling author John Fund delves into the nation’s frightening leadership void.

And he explores whether it will force America’s 46th president to abandon plans to run for a second term in 2024.

“Biden resembles the second coming of Jimmy Carter — the failed president of the 1970s who was steamrollered out of office by Ronald Reagan,” Fund writes. “Biden could face a historic repudiation at the polls.”

In addition, top pollsters John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin reveal how things are going to get worse before they get better in our country — with Biden’s ongoing blunders giving Donald Trump and the GOP huge advantages in recapturing the White House and Capitol Hill.

And veteran political strategist Dick Morris looks at Biden’s out-of-touch advisers.

It’s a Newsmax Magazine deep dive into Biden’s future in Washington that every American should read, and it’s only in the must-read issue of Newsmax Magazine. (Page 54)

Your issue of Newsmax Magazine also features a heart-wrenching look at Vladimir Putin’s horrific war on Ukraine and the dramatic, danger-filled efforts by rescue teams to get food to starving Ukrainians.

It’s an enthralling, first-person account by humanitarian leader Dave Donaldson as he works in a race against time to save multitudes of Putin’s victims amid continuing bloodshed. (Page 8)

And look for these explosive articles you can only find in Newsmax Magazine:

  • Power Purge — How America’s aging power grid is increasingly unreliable — and open to attack by our enemies. (Page 20)
  • COVID’s Cash Catastrophe — How the U.S. wasted trillions of dollars on COVID relief schemes that never happened. (Page 22)
  • Clearing the Classroom of Critical Race — The massive effort to end the teaching of critical race theory in our nation’s classrooms and get back to giving our kids the unbiased true story of America’s history. (Page 24)
  • Alien Invasion — A powerful expose of the secret flights that have ferried some 71,000 illegal immigrants to our cities. (Page 26)
  • ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Paradox — Activists are livid over the passage of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law. There’s just one problem: the legislation doesn’t even mention gays. (Page 28)
  • Hot Dog! — We reveal Americans’ favorite pooches. Will your top dog be on the list? (Page 29)
  • Arizona’s GOP Free-For-All — Republican races are up for grabs in the Grand Canyon State. Find out who’s throwing their hat in the ring. (Page 38)
  • Muddled Maps — How new congressional maps are bringing polarization to American politics. (Page 40)
  • More Savage Than Ever — Michael Savage has turned 80 and America’s beloved conservative is busier than ever. (Page 48)

The issue of Newsmax Magazine also includes all of your favorite columnists including: Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, John Gizzi, Nancy Brinker, Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Dr. Erika Schwartz.

And you won’t want to miss these great stories:

  • Terror Alert — ISIS has made a comeback, raising Homeland Security’s terror watch across the U.S. (Page 46)
  • Branded Evil — Many of your favorite products are controlled by huge companies with long-buried Nazi ties. A new book blows the lid off the scandal. (Page 50)
  • Great Memorial Day Getaways — After two years of strict travel restrictions, vacation travel is back! Newsmax travel experts reveal four surefire getaways perfect for you and your family. (Page 76)
  • Not So Swell — Alarming news that chronic inflammation is killing us slowly. (Page 78)
  • Morning Habits of the Super-Healthy — We give you the wake-up tricks you need to dramatically boost your health. (Page 80)
  • The Eyes Have It in Stopping Dementia — New research shows cataract surgery may reduce the risk of dementia. (Page 84)
  • Hear! Hear! — The effective ways to manage tinnitus. (Page 85)
  • Putting the Best Face on Age — We share ways to fix your age spots. (Page 86)
  • Doing Your Down Dog at Home — Effective tips on how to safely practice yoga in your house. (Page 88)
  • The Hidden Prostate Cancer Concern — How early prostate cancers can hide aggressive cells. (Page 90)
  • What You Don’t Know About CoQ10 — It’s a miracle supplement taken daily by millions — but here are some of the surprising benefits of CoQ10 you don’t know. (Page 92)
  • High Times for COVID Relief? — We look at evidence that hemp compounds may help prevent COVID-19 infection. Are they legit? (Page 94)

The exciting issue of Newsmax Magazine features the award-winning journalism and informative features America loves.

You won’t want to miss this issue of Newsmax Magazine — one of the world’s fastest-growing publications straight from the heart of America.

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