The Rise and Fall of Kamala Harris

Americans were ready for the first female, Black vice president. And when Kamala Harris entered the White House on Jan. 20, 2021, with an approval rating of 50% — in an era of intense divisiveness, no less — she appeared ready to tackle the nation’s problems.

So much hope, so much promise.

No one was ready for what came next: In just 10 months her approval rating plummeted to 28.9%.

How could someone who held such potential crash so fast with the worst rating of any vice president in modern history?

Newsmax Magazine set out to demystify the tumult surrounding the vice presidency unfolding behind the scenes and revealed a White House flush with dysfunction and chaos.

Almost immediately, Harris and President Joe Biden seemed out of sync, far from the storied unified mission that past administrations have presented to the nation — so necessary for the leaders of the free world.

In fact, a former aide told Newsmax that if Harris felt she was being tasked with a mission unworthy of her time she would simply refuse, sending staff scrambling for a replacement. The scene has been described as surreal.

And when she did show up for an event she deemed worthy, she was often unprepared. The result? An exodus: Eight high-ranking members of her staff resigned by the second year.

Plucked from her one-party state of California where the political elite are treated as royalty, she faced a daunting reality — she would be held accountable.

Perhaps her greatest failing has been with America’s broken immigration system. Biden tapped her to slow the flood of immigrants at the southern border, but Harris soon proved to be extraordinarily unqualified for the task. When she refused to even show up, Republicans jokingly pasted her photo on a milk carton announcing she was missing — cringe-worthy.

Go behind the scenes with Newsmax to uncover a White House in turmoil, scrambling to influence perceptions, change rules and laws to meet its agenda, and steer media coverage to control the flow of information.

But American voters deserve to know. That’s why you can’t miss this issue of Newsmax Magazine.

Newsmax reports on what the mainstream media simply refuses to cover. Here’s what you’ll find in the issue on all the news that’s important to you:

  • Glide Path to November — Former President Donald Trump has dominated the primaries, won big with the Supreme Court, and now his lead grows in polls. (Page 6)
  • Biden’s Cognitive Decline Continues — President Biden’s gaffes, stumbles, and fumbles shocked the nation. Now, even Democrats are worried. (Page 10)
  • Violent Venezuelan Gangs Terrorize Blue Cities — Open borders have unleashed gangs from Venezuela, and blue cities are paying the price. (Page 12)
  • Red States Vow Border Crackdown — Republican border states are taking matters into their own hands — and instituting new laws to do it. (Page 14)
  • Federal Workforce Soars Under Biden — It’s not just armed IRS employees — IT professionals, statisticians, and medical personnel are making big bucks under Biden. (Page 16)
  • Small Farms Fight to Survive ‘Agro Giants’ — Big Business and fed regulators are teaming up to put small farms out of business. (Page 20)
  • Biden Takes Aim at Christian Foster Parents — New rules that champion the LGBTQ agenda threaten Christian foster parents who espouse traditional values. (Page 22)
  • Shopping App Draws Fire Over China Links — It’s not just TikTok — China is harvesting data from unsuspecting shoppers too. (Page 29)
  • U.S. Senate Showdown — The fight over which party controls the Senate is just heating up — and Republicans have the edge. (Page 48)
  • Russia Threatens War With the U.S. — Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened that anyone who interferes with its dominance risks war — including the United States. (Page 54)
  • Why Reagan Was So Popular — This special book selection dives deep into what made former President Ronald Reagan so popular across party lines. (Page 58)

This issue of Newsmax Magazine also features all of your favorite columnists, including Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, John Gizzi, Nancy Brinker, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Dr. Chris Iliades.

And you won’t want to miss these other great stories in the must-read issue of Newsmax Magazine:

  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your IRA or 401(k)? — From the latest and greatest tax breaks to withdrawal schedules and other tools, this guide is all you need. (Page 75)
  • NFL Legend Scores With His Own Brand of Coffee — NFL great Bernie Kosar has come up with the perfect score — a potent blend of Arabica beans infused with antioxidants. (Page 78)
  • Weight-Loss Drugs Are a Game Changer — The latest weight-loss drugs are all the rage — and with good reasons to celebrate. (Page 90)
  • Should You Get Screened for Lung Cancer? — The American Cancer Society has just upped the ante on screenings — and 5 million more people qualify. (Page 94)
  • Doctors Tell How to Find the Best Physician — Finding the perfect doctor can be hard. But not if you go to the source. (Page 97)
  • Tai Chi Eases Parkinson’s Symptoms — This Chinese martial art, which relies on slow, controlled movements, can ease Parkinson’s symptoms. (Page 100)

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