The Fight of Our Time

Greg Abbott’s Will of Steel

On a chilly day last December, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott led a bill-signing ceremony that would forever solidify his standing as a staunch defender of the southern border.

The new law would authorize police to arrest people they suspect crossed the Rio Grande between ports of entry — illegals. Abbott also signed a bill earmarking more than $1 billion for more border barriers.

Fittingly, the backdrop was a section of the border wall (funded by the state of Texas, no less).

A defiant Abbott was crystal clear in his shot across the government’s bow: If the feds, led by a cowering president, were bent on handing the country over to illegal immigrants, they would have to go through Texas to do it.

With a stroke of his pen, Abbott set in motion a true modern-day David versus Goliath tale — Abbott was daring the federal government with a high stakes challenge for the heart of America to protect its borders.

That’s just who he is — a real American fighting for the land he loves.

But this is nothing new for the venerable Abbott. In true Texas fashion he’s been taking on a long-broken government machine to make things right for the nation he says is second to none.

Abbott is a born and bred Texan. His long-rooted Texas bona fides reflect the straight shooter he is. He was elected to the Texas Supreme Court and then rose through the vaunted halls of government as attorney general of Texas, and in 2014, as governor of the Lone Star State.

There’s even been talk of Abbott as a major national figure in the fight to secure the southern border in a Cabinet position — or even as a running mate for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

His star is rising fast.

He’s been called America’s last hope against the untenable chaos at the border.

A hero to red-state voters.

And that’s why he’s featured as the cover story for this edition of Newsmax Magazine. Go behind the scenes in this exclusive Newsmax exposé to find out what drives his American vision. Hear his captivating story in his own words.

Noted author Chuck DeVore reveals a Greg Abbott few know, but one whose story must be told.

His vision is all God and country.

Such in-depth reporting comes to you only through Newsmax — news that’s important to you. Real stories and the unvarnished truth.

But there’s so much more in the pages of this important issue:

  • Trump Surges in Swing States — Former President Donald Trump has taken the lead in six out of seven key states. That’s just the beginning. (Page 8)
  • Government Fraud Out of Control — Fueling the national debt, improper payments have jumped nearly seven times faster than the gross domestic product. (Page 12)
  • Make America Build Again! — The Baltimore bridge disaster highlights the crucial need for infrastructure repairs nationwide. (Page 14)
  • Marijuana and Medical Health — Medical researchers find an alarming link between the drug and psychotic episodes. (Page 16)
  • House Impeachment Evidence Will Haunt Joe Biden — A Trump administration Justice Department could use committee findings to prosecute President Biden. (Page 18)
  • Fani Willis Case Against Trump Began With Illegal Phone Tap — A new book claims that the district attorney for Georgia’s Fulton County obtained evidence without lawful consent. (Page 22)
  • Crime Crisis Plagues Public Transportation — Workers and commuters in blue cities no longer feel safe with soaring crime rates. (Page 24)
  • Kentucky Governor Can’t Stop Red Agenda — Republican supermajority overrides Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of conservative efforts. (Page 42)
  • Key Races to Decide Who Runs the Senate — As it stands, these pivotal races could overturn the Democratic Party’s control of the Senate. (Page 44)
  • Israel’s Secret Weapon: Resilience — Correspondent Judith Miller says Israel has forged one-nation unity since the terrible attacks on Oct. 7. (Page 48)

This issue of Newsmax Magazine also features all of your favorite columnists, including Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, John Gizzi, Nancy Brinker, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Dr. Chris Iliades.

And you won’t want to miss these other great stories in the must-read issue of Newsmax Magazine:

  • Widows With Wanderlust — Two 70-somethings embark on a global adventure that reveals as much about them as the iconic places they visit. (Page 68)
  • America Needs More Families — Families and fertility rates have fallen dramatically. Here’s why that’s a bad thing for America. (Page 70)
  • Give Your Kids the Boot, Financially — Are your adult kids still living high off your kindness? You’re doing more harm than good. Here’s what to do. (Page 74)
  • Marooned on Moorea — Get lost in paradise on this beautiful South Pacific island in French Polynesia. You’ll want to stay forever. (Page 76)
  • 7 Secrets of ‘Superagers’ — Sharp cognitive skills, lightning-fast reflexes, agility, laser-focused memory, and the best health. A guide to becoming a superager. (Page 80)
  • Music Can Make You Healthier — New studies show it can relieve stress, improve mood, and increase motivation. (Page 82)

Newsmax Magazine features the award-winning journalism and informative features America deserves.

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