The Power Plan:
Trump's First 100 Days

Insiders Reveal Trump ‘Shock and Awe’ Plan
— It Will Change Washington Forever

The countdown to Election 2024 has begun.

But the battle lines are already being drawn for what happens when and if Donald J. Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2025.

Newsmax Magazine’s special report reveals that President Trump’s team has been planning, creating and even testing a war plan for their takeover of the U.S. government.

This time the battle-tested Donald Trump is ready.

He will waste no time.

He will not make the mistakes he made in the early days of his first administration.

His team is ready.

They have a plan.

And President Trump is ready to act on it!

What will his first 100 days look like?

Insiders say it will be a political war that will end Washington’s insider game once and for all.

Trump’s plan is revealed in Newsmax Magazine’s special edition “Trump’s First 100 Days.”

Like a general planning an invasion, Trump insiders tell Newsmax there will 3 major “thrusts” to remove, eradicate and destroy Biden’s cronies and their woke policies.

The first major thrust will be the “REMOVAL” phase.

Thousands of government employees will be fired from top jobs. These are Biden’s political friends and fellow travelers.

Trump’s team is already going through rosters . . . and taking names.

The second thrust will be the “PERSONNEL” phase.

Already Trump’s team has identified tens of thousands of loyal Americans who are extremely well qualified, willing to leave their private jobs and who are hungry to clean up Washington.

And then there is the third and most crucial “WAR” phase.

And this will be an all-out war.

President Trump will seek to eradicate Biden’s woke policies by executive order, legal initiatives and more.

Here are his major agenda items:

  • America-first economy — Back on track with business incentives that drive change.
  • The budget deficit — Trump knows Biden created a massive deficit nearing $2 trillion annually. He has plans for massive cuts to Biden’s boondoggles.
  • Secure southern border — Shutter the gates that terrorists want to exploit. But there’s more. Millions of illegals must be deported. Trump has a plan.
  • Energy independence — Tap America’s oil and natural gas reserves. Trump knows this is key to economic freedom and prosperity. He already has an energy czar ready to go.

These details of the policies — and much more — are just part of what the July Newsmax Magazine cover story “Trump’s First 100 Days” unveils.

In “Trump’s First 100 Days” we take you behind the scenes of Trump’s master plan to save America.

It’s a no-holds-barred campaign that promises to push the Democrats out of the White House.

But that’s not all — author David A. Patten takes readers to the halls of Congress as Trump and GOP leaders reveal their ambitious plan to retake both the House and the Senate.

That’s why the July issue of Newsmax Magazine is not to be missed.

How important is it? Just ask yourself: Can this great nation survive another four years of Biden?

Every month Newsmax brings you, the informed reader, news you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s what makes Newsmax stand apart.

Here’s what this month’s news-packed pages have in store:

  • Up for the Fight — Democrats have used “lawfare” to attack former President Donald Trump. But there are signs the move is seriously backfiring. (Page 10)
  • Freedom’s Worth Fighting for — The NRA’s new president, former Rep. Bob Barr, has hit the ground running and talks about the NRA’s comeback plan . . . for gun rights and Trump. (Page 14)
  • Black Families Flee Public Schools — Low standards and a “woke” ideology have forced families to seek better standards for their kids. (Page 18)
  • The ‘Gaffer’ in Chief — President Joe Biden’s stumbles and freezes have made the U.S. a laughingstock. But there’s danger, too. (Page 20)
  • Lower Crime Stats Don’t Add Up — Is the Biden administration fudging crime statistic numbers? Republicans are crying foul. (Page 24)
  • Schools in a Pickle Over Pronouns — Schools are tackling the pronoun problem head-on — and often against the wishes of parents. (Page 28)
  • Middle-Class Salary Defined by State — What is a middle-class salary? That depends on where you live. Each state is defined in this report. (Page 36)
  • U.S. Healthcare: High Costs, Low Results — The U.S. healthcare system is in a lot of pain. And the reasons behind the crisis might surprise you. (Page 38)
  • 3 Pivotal Races That Could Determine Control of the Senate — There are three key races that could peel back the Senate from the grasp of Democrats. (Page 40)
  • France Launches New Effort to Safeguard the Olympics — A dark cloud of terrorism threatens to overshadow the joy of the Olympics. France is taking action. (Page 46)
  • Religion Divides Voters’ Support for Biden, Trump — People of faith have made their choice. And they are flocking to Trump. Even the Jewish community, once a Democratic fixture, is moving to Trump! (Page 48)

The July issue of Newsmax Magazine also features all of your favorite columnists, including Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, John Gizzi, Nancy Brinker, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Dr. Chris Iliades, Deroy Murdock and more.

And you won’t want to miss these other great stories in the must-read issue of Newsmax Magazine:

  • Slash Your Car Insurance Premiums — Automobile insurance rates have skyrocketed. But there are ways to bring them down to earth. (Page 74)
  • Virtual Healthcare — Telehealth, telemedicine, and online care are exploding in the realm of healthcare. Get on board! (Page 80)
  • You Could Have This Deadly Condition and Not Know It — May-Thurner Syndrome is characterized by sudden swelling in the legs. Here’s what to look for. (Page 82)
  • How Healthy Is Your Weight? — You could be a walking time bomb. Find out if there are problems now, before it’s too late. (Page 84)
  • High-Functioning Depression — Depression comes in many forms, but many people go undiagnosed because they dismiss symptoms. (Page 86)
  • Clear as Day: The Key to Healthy Eyes — Keep your peepers healthy as you age with phytonutrients; here are the best. (Page 94)

Newsmax Magazine features the award-winning journalism and informative features America deserves.

You won’t want to miss this special report of Newsmax Magazine — one of the world’s fastest-growing publications straight from the heart of America.

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