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Lessons My Father Taught Me (a $25 Value — FREE!)

Michael Reagan’s newest best-seller Lessons My Father Taught Me is the most revealing book ever written about Ronald Reagan.

Find out the secrets that made Reagan not only a great president, but terrific father, husband and inspiration leader. You can make your life a success following his example!

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The USS Ronald Reagan Navy Cap (a $25 Value — FREE!)

USS Ronald Reagan Navy Cap USS Ronald Reagan Navy Cap

The USS Ronald Reagan is one of America’s most powerful aircraft carriers — and it celebrates one of America’s greatest presidents.

Celebrate the legacy of Ronald Reagan and a strong America with this great cap — perfect for golf, the beach, anywhere outdoors!

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3 Free Issues of the Franklin Prosperity Report (a $15 Value — FREE!)

Franklin Prosperity Report Franklin Prosperity Report

The Franklin Prosperity Report is a monthly financial newsletter that reveals how to make money, save money and become wealthy using the principles of founding father Benjamin Franklin with the best practical knowledge available today.

The type of financial advice you receive in The Franklin Prosperity Report typically costs thousands of dollars a year.

You would have to pay financial advisers, tax accountants, and attorneys a ton of money to hand over the secrets of the wealthy.

We don't believe it should cost you a fortune to make a fortune.

The Franklin Prosperity Report is the real gem that will allow you to hack into the Millionaire's Club behind the government's back . . . legally!

Instant Bonus Gift #4:
Reagan's 100th: A Transformational President (a $10 Value — FREE!)

With your copy of Lessons My Father Taught Me, we will send you this special report, Reagan's 100th: A Transformational President instantly (via email) with this special offer.

Reagan's 100th Reagan's 100th

Feb. 6, 2011, marked the 100th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's birth, and Newsmax Magazine celebrated the occasion with a commemorative issue chronicling the life and legacy of one of America's greatest presidents.

Newsmax Magazine's special section, Reagan's 100th: A Transformational President, pays tribute to "The Gipper," the former Hollywood star, union leader, and conservative reformer who went on to change America — and then changed the world.

Newsmax's main feature story on President Reagan is written by presidential historian and best-selling author Douglas Brinkley, editor of The Reagan Diaries. In this special tribute, Brinkley explores the secrets of Reagan's success and why he became one of the 20th century's most historic presidents.

Newsmax also includes reflections on Reagan and his place in history from major political figures, including Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and Haley Barbour.

Reagan's elder son Michael takes our readers on an exclusive pictorial tour of the Reagan ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif., and a nostalgic photo spread depicts Reagan through the years, from a 1940s Life magazine ad to his 1981 inauguration.

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