Son Reveals Ronald Reagan
As Never Before

Michael Reagan says his father’s lessons changed his life,
and can help you, your relationships, your leadership skills,
and even change America!

Michael Reagan realized something.

All his life people have been asking him the same question: “What was your dad really like?”

So much had been written about his dad’s life, his politics, his Hollywood career . . . but little was ever revealed about Ronald Reagan the man — the private man, home with his wife, kids, and friends.

And nobody alive knows more about who Reagan really was than Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, Michael himself.

For the first time, his new book Lessons My Father Taught Me reveals Michael’s personal insights into the qualities that defined his dad — and can help any of us succeed in our relationships and life.

Michael says of his father he was “the greatest man he ever knew.”

He argues that people in all walks of life can tap into the same power of faith and love that motivated his dad.

But their relationship — and his father’s relationship with his other children — had been very rocky at times.

The family had weathered a bitter divorce, when Michael’s mother, Jane Wyman, the famous Hollywood actress, decided she no longer wanted to remain with her husband.

Michael wanted to show how his father successfully dealt with the personal defeat of that divorce, and remained a great father to him and his sister.

He also uses this book to share the true secrets of his dad’s greatness — overcoming tremendous obstacles to become a famous actor, governor of California and president.

If you learn from the life and wisdom of Ronald Reagan, Michael says, you will have better relationships with your family and friends — even find greater success in life and business.

In Lessons My Father Taught Me, Michael reveals several very surprising stories about his father — some even quite shocking — and many that have never been disclosed to the public before.

Michael says he did this not to shine a negative light on his dad but to show that he was a human being, who learned from his mistakes and grew to be a better person because of them.

Here are just some things you will find in
Lessons My Father Taught Me about Ronald Reagan:

  • Michael’s years as a “Beverly Hills brat” — and how his dad treated him differently than the kids of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and other Hollywood stars
  • The big mistake he made with son Ron Jr. and his failure to “show up”
  • How he discovered a man could express affection without embarrassment
  • The shocking fact that neither Ron nor Patti ever voted for their own father and the surprising reason why!
  • Why Ronald Reagan believed “attitude is everything”
  • Reagan’s obsession with keeping his charity secret — even from his own family
  • How the Great Depression and his father's job formed his view that government programs hurt more than helped
  • Reagan's advice always to not only work hard but “work smart”
  • The deep, personal advice he gave Michael about marriage and infidelity
  • Reagan's obsession with “truth” and why even as an actor he couldn’t play an evil character well
  • The important lesson about revealing your “inner truth” to your friends and family to bond and grow
  • His dad’s belief that people should be open to “re-creating” their life if facts demanded
  • Time and again, Michael explains how his father used “failure as a launching pad” for his next big success
  • Ronald Reagan had only one reason he wanted to be president, and he revealed it one night to his son
  • How Reagan took what was supposed to be a smear on him, and made it into his famous “cowboy” campaign poster
  • A secret promise to his daughter Maureen made Sandra Day O’Connor the first Supreme Court justice (it had nothing to do with politics)
  • How Reagan surprisingly wasn’t bothered by rumors his son might be gay
  • Michael's encounter with actor Alec Baldwin and what he had to say about the former president
  • How optimism can be nurtured and cultivated, it’s not always genetic
  • From his earliest days he believed that to live is to “influence others”
  • His father’s obsession with reading and why “readers are leaders”
  • The most important leadership quality his father had
  • How Reagan’s “credit” principle became the foundation of his success
  • The Christian ideals and values shared by his mother that shaped his life and worldview
  • Why Reagan wanted to personally meet his would-be assassin John Hinckley and the reason the meeting never took place
  • Days at the ranch: how Reagan used horses to teach valuable lessons to his son
  • Ethics lessons: his dad revealed scandalous information about JFK to his family and explained why people of “good character” would never make an issue of that publicly
  • Ronald Reagan became the “master of forgiveness” — which saved his family and his presidency
  • And much, much more.

Michael Reagan concludes in Lessons My Father Taught Me that his father’s ultimate lesson was the “power of one” — that each and every individual had an incredible ability to make themselves a better person while influencing and changing the world.

Newt Gingrich says Lessons My Father Taught Me reveals Reagan as more than just a great leader, but as a good father with a great soul, a role model for all of us.

“No one has done more to apply Reagan’s principles than Michael — and this book is just one more example of that.”

Own this amazing book and share the important values that Ronald Reagan shared with his family!

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