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Gift #1 — Bob Hope: Thanks for the Laughs

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From vaudeville to the Oscars, from radio to Broadway, from TV and movies to the battlefields of war, Bob Hope was there. With a brilliant career spanning 8 decades, he was easily the most popular and prolific entertainer of the 20th century.

In this exclusive narrated by singer and actor Pat Boone, you’ll remember why Bob Hope was such a genuine American patriot. You will also enjoy memorable clips of Bob Hope sharing his rapid-fire punchlines, ad-libbing, and masterful improvisation with Bing Crosby, Angie Dickinson, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, and many other celebrities.

Gift #2 — Ronald Reagan: His Winning Wit

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From actor to governor of California to our 40th president, Ronald “Dutch” Reagan used his wit and charisma to win the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. His skill as an orator earned him the title of “the great communicator.”

In this exclusive narrated by his son Michael Reagan, you’ll revisit some of the beloved former president’s funniest and greatest moments.

Sit back and enjoy watching President Reagan share laughs with Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and others. Also included is commentary from Bill O’Reilly and other Reagan biographers, who detail his ability to work skillfully with both sides of the aisle and the press corps.

Gift #3 — Don Rickles: The Prince of Putdowns

(A $24.99 Value — Yours FREE!)

Don Rickles is one of the true legends of comedy, celebrated as the ultimate insult comic. For almost 60 years, he entertained TV viewers, presidents, moviegoers, Las Vegas audiences and, well, all of America.

Don was a beloved performer of any generation, whose “in your face” humor became classic and timeless. For most, it was a badge of honor to have been put down by the legendary “merchant of venom.”

From late-night studios to the stages of New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, cartoons, commercials, and packed theaters, Don Rickles was a true showbiz original.

BONUS Gift #4 — Lessons My Father Taught Me

(A $24.99 Value — Yours FREE!)

Michael Reagan realized something.

All his life people have been asking him the same question: “What was your dad really like?”

So much had been written about his dad’s life, his politics, his Hollywood career  . . .  but little was ever revealed about Ronald Reagan the man — the private man, home with his wife, kids, and friends.

And nobody alive knows more about who Reagan really was than Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, Michael himself.

For the first time, his bestselling book Lessons My Father Taught Me reveals Michael’s personal insights into the qualities that defined his dad — and can help any of us succeed in our relationships and life.

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