Controlled, Silenced
and CRUSHED  . . . 

Donald Trump,
Ron DeSantis
no Republican
will ever be president
if Big Tech is not stopped . . . 

A new book explains why . . . 


Think back to the past two presidential elections . . . 

Cover-ups. Lies. Deception. Misinformation. Censorship.

Freedom of speech was really burned at the stake.

The media has long been liberal . . . but they did not control everything.

But now – with the enormous and unchecked power of Big Tech — companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter control almost all of the information flow in America.

They really do.

Google alone controls more than 90% of our nation’s web search.

Search for a topic and they decide what you see . . . 

President Reagan said, “Information is the oxygen of the modern age.”

He was right and even more so today.

Congressman Ken Buck, R-Colo., has led the fight in Congress to hold Big Tech accountable. A former federal prosecutor, he serves on the House Freedom Caucus and has served as the Ranking Member on the House Subcommittee on Antitrust. He appears frequently in major media, including Newsmax and Fox News.

Consider this: Owning Facebook is bigger than owning every major newspaper in every city in the United States.

We know that Facebook has 175 million regular users — and they turn to it all the time for news and information.

Meanwhile, all newspapers in America combined have a circulation of about 25 million a day.

The power of Big Tech is enormous and crushing our culture, our traditions and our very freedoms.

That’s why Congressman Buck decided to blow the whistle in his new book, CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech.

It’s the first look at the shocking power Big Tech has amassed . . . 

And Ken Buck reveals Big Tech is on the verge of taking control of America — dictating what you can see and even how you think.

Because, as Ken Buck explains, that’s how they do it in Communist China today. (See page 116 of CRUSHED!)

Big Tech has amassed this power because they don’t act like normal businesses trying to succeed in highly competitive markets.

Instead they are political and financial oligarchs, controlling the most powerful corporations in the world . . . 

They have even turned America’s political parties — both Democrats and Republicans — into their personal fiefdoms.

Here’s how Ken Buck explains it: “They [Big Tech] are fully engaged in political patronage — hiring the family members of elected leaders; making targeted political donations to the campaigns of critical members of Congress; buying off various Washington, D.C., think tanks, academic centers, and advocacy groups.” (See page 11)

Big Tech owns Washington now.

At this moment, Google’s parent company has a stock market capitalization of $1.23 trillion.

Google is so enormous it is bigger than 180 countries in the world (compared by GDP), making it a top 15 country overall!

Add Apple with a market cap of $2.5 trillion (the 8th largest “country” in the world), Microsoft at $1.9 trillion, Amazon at $1 trillion, Meta (Facebook) at $486 billion — and the total market cap of these Big Tech monopolies alone is $7.1 trillion!

This figure makes their combined power the third largest “country” in the world ranked by wealth.

Only the total economies of the United States and China beat them — as they are even bigger than Japan!

Big Tech at War With America

In Congress, Ken Buck came face to face with these Big Tech giants.

Ted Cruz Says Read CRUSHED

user quote image

“ . . . we must unite to stop Big Tech billionaires from censoring speech, stopping the exchange of ideas, manipulating voters, filtering information, and quashing their political opponents.”

Senator Ted Cruz

As he explains in CRUSHED, these were not normal companies seeking to improve their products, make profits, and keep America strong.

Instead, these companies were highly political and weaponized against Republicans, conservatives, traditional Christians and Jews — and Donald Trump (and anything even related to him!).

In fact, if you were Trump or a Trump supporter, you were the devil as far as Big Tech was concerned . . . 

And the powers that be at Big Tech stopped at nothing to silence President Trump . . . you . . . your family . . . your business . . . your church . . .  anything connected to sharing information Big Tech deemed “dangerous” . . . “misinformation” . . . or “otherwise objectionable.”

The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, so hated Trump and so clearly wanted him stopped in the 2020 election, he did something unbelievable.

Zuckerberg actually spent over $450 million — yes, almost a half a billion dollars – to stop Trump from winning the election.

Incredibly, Zuckerberg even got a tax write-off for spending this money!

Here’s how he did it: Zuckerberg knew what most politicos did.

Trump’s only chance rested on him winning a handful of “swing” states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.

And, in each of these states, there is one city or county that is heavily Democratic.

In a close election, if you get a high voter turnout in those heavily Democratic cities— places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit and others — you usually win these states.

And if you win all or most of these states . . . Trump would be stopped from returning to the White House.

So Zuckerberg had a plan: He funded voter drives, ballot harvesting and ballot collections through “drop boxes.”

Sounds rather innocuous and actually good.

But then you look deeper and you find out Zuckerberg’s ballot money didn’t go to increase votes throughout these swing states — but just in the highly Democratic cities and counties.

In CRUSHED, Ken Buck reveals one of Zuckerberg’s secret text messages sent to a friend: “You can be unethical and still be legal, that’s the way I live my life.”

Scary that comes from a man so powerful — who has more power than someone who owned every major newspaper in every city in America . . . 

Sure, Zuckerberg and Big Tech may not have broken the law . . . but they got what they wanted: Donald Trump was stopped from winning reelection and was no longer president.

A New Warning

Today Ken Buck is again sounding the alarm.

He says that these same vile forces that stopped Trump in 2020 threaten a free and fair election in 2024 and beyond.

Make no mistake: Big Tech and the left DESPISE both Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis . . . and anyone else who stands for conservative values.

This time, however, what takes place will be far worse than anything we’ve seen before.

Mike Huckabee: ‘Fight Back’

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“Big Tech’s war on American values
is real, and Ken Buck’s CRUSHED
shows us a pathway to fight back and beat them.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Now DeSantis — a potential 2024 presidential candidate and a threat to Big Tech and the left wing — is being targeted.

DeSantis has moved to protect our young children in schools with legislation that makes it illegal to teach children in kindergarten through third grade about gender identity and sexual orientation . . . 

He worked tirelessly to ensure the people of Florida were not oppressed during COVID and their freedoms were not stripped . . . 

And he fights back hard against woke culture and Critical Race Theory.

DeSantis is an upstanding conservative.

The far left knows, like Trump, DeSantis could win the election.

But Big Tech despises him for what he stands for . . . just like they spew venom at Trump for being pro-America and a supporter of our Constitution and freedoms.

This is critical to understand going into the 2024 elections because . . . 

Big Tech played a huge role in the last two elections.

Think for a moment just how bad it was . . . 

Free Speech No Longer Free . . . 

If you said something in support of Trump or conservatives, you were targeted with hate speech . . . immediately censored . . . canceled . . . and put in Facebook “jail” and Twitter “purgatory” and the YouTube “blacklist” . . . 

All for just sharing stories that shed a negative light on Joe Biden or showed your support of Trump.

Horowitz: CRUSHED exposes ‘Dangerous Agenda’

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“These Big Tech platforms have a dangerous agenda to kill American values. Ken Buck has been leading the fight in Congress to stop them. He is a courageous man as CRUSHED proves. Make sure you read it.”

David Horowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author

Just imagine . . . 

If they went to such lengths in 2016 then again in 2020 . . . 

 . . . what will they do in the 2024 elections to Trump or anyone else who runs whether it’s DeSantis, Haley, Pence, or anyone else?

This will be an all-out war.

In fact, it’s already started.

Send for your FREE COPY of CRUSHED and turn to page 65 where Congressman Buck tells all.

Get ready for your blood to boil.

Let’s not forget . . . 

When the New York Post ran the story about Hunter Biden and his now infamous laptop just weeks before the 2020 election . . . 

The newspaper and its online stories got blacklisted!

Facebook squelched distribution of the story . . . 

Twitter blocked users from posting links to the story — and then took a horrifying step in censorship.

They completely shut down the New York Post account for 2 weeks. (Page 13)

News stories about Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop were immediately cut off from Facebook and Twitter. (Page 13)

Why? Because come hell or high water, Big Tech wanted Biden elected and they would stop at nothing to get what they wanted.

Big Tech deliberately and systematically suppressed information to the public that could have changed the outcome of the 2020 election.

The War Continues . . . 

Big Tech is on a rampage to silence conservatives and change the face of our beloved democracy forever.

Big Tech and the demonic left have had another 4 years to plot what they’ll do to conservative candidates.

Mark our words, it’s going to be ugly.

This is just another reason we urge everyone in America to read CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech.

In fact, CRUSHED is so vital to saving free speech and democracy . . . 

Your friends at Newsmax are giving you this book — written by Congressman Ken Buck — for FREE (a $29.99 value). Click here now!

Or keep reading to see more shocking revelations you’ll discover in this NEW book. What you learn will send chills through your spine.

Remember the “Russian collusion” story — it was all over the news and social media platforms.

This misinformation campaign was dangerous and costly to Trump.

It claimed he and his campaign secretly worked with the Russians to win the 2016 election — and defeat Hillary Clinton.

And who was spreading this conspiracy theory — all made from a web of lies and deceit?

Big Tech, of course.

All it took were the algorithms Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple used to control what social media users were seeing . . . 

If you read and liked an anti-Trump story that was like manna from heaven for Big Tech.

That was a signal for them to fill your feed with anti-Trump stories like the Russian dossier.

But it’s what you didn’t see that was even more disturbing . . . 

Stories debunking the Steele dossier were suppressed — even though there were plenty of red flags about the Russian spy hired to write the dossier. (Page 42)

It wasn’t right — it was wrong. But guess what?

Big Tech and their social media sites don’t give a rip about right or wrong.

They only cared about smearing Trump, muddying him up, and making voters very hesitant about backing a “traitor” for president. (Page 42)

Search about Trump and Russian collusion today and you won’t find the truth — but it’s not possible.

That’s because while Google claims no political bias in its search results . . . 

As you’ll see revealed in your FREE BOOK, CRUSHED . . .  this couldn’t be further from the truth!

A 2018 report showed news searches on Trump returned an overwhelming number of articles from left-of-center outlets like CNN, CBS, Atlantic, CNBC, New Yorker and Politico.

There were NO right-leaning sources listed. (Page 14)

Trump isn’t the only one booted, locked out or censored on social media sites . . . 

  • Sen. Rand Paul was regularly locked out of his Facebook page — and suspended from Twitter for questioning the effectiveness of masks. His videos were removed from YouTube, which is owned by Google. (Page 14)
  • Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin was temporarily blocked from YouTube for comments he made about COVID treatments. (Page 14)
  • Rep. Jim Banks from Indiana, was suspended for two weeks after he mocked TIME magazine for giving the “Woman of the Year” award . . . to a biological male. (Page 14)
  • And President Trump was suspended from all of them out of their sheer hatred for him and for all conservatives. If you go against what liberal Big Tech thinks . . . well then, they believe you must be silenced.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all cut off the 45th president of the United States . . . silenced him . . . gagged his supporters so they couldn’t get the truth out or even question what was taking place.

Trump received 47% of the vote — over 74 million ballots — yet he was suspended from America’s most popular internet platforms.

Think about that for a moment.

In fact . . . 

When Trump moved over to free speech app Parler . . . 

Again he was cut off from communication.

This time, Parler was simply shut down.

Apple banned Parler from its app store.

Google also banned it  . . . 

And Amazon refused to host the site.

All of this happened in a span of just 4 days. (Pages 97-99)

This wasn’t just about Trump . . . 

As Ken Buck explains over and over in CRUSHED, this is not about just Trump . . . but a power grab by Big Tech to control and dominate America’s political, economic and social life.

Trump was just a figure who stood in the way.

Big Tech has used censorship as well as a coordinated effort to kill competition in the marketplace.

Think we’re kidding?

Read CRUSHED and you’ll discover how Google has even compromised the patent office to stifle competition.

Guaranteed you’ve not heard this before but Congressman Buck spills all in his NEW BOOK, CRUSHED.

He knows because he’s inside Washington.

CRUSHED spells out Big Tech’s power-hungry agenda in black and white.

CRUSHED could be the biggest political shock to rock America in the past few years.

Be forewarned: What you discover in CRUSHED will shake you to your core.

Big Tech is stomping out free speech at every turn.

So much so, as you’ll see inside CRUSHED, Big Tech overwhelmingly censores Republican members of Congress, 53 to 1, compared to congressional Democrats.

In fact . . . it wasn’t just Trump who got blackballed . . . 

Twitter suspended numerous accounts of conservatives who were running for office, including the press account of this U.S. Senate candidate. (See page 32)

How does Big Tech do it?

It’s quite simple — they have several ways to cut people off. When you get your FREE BOOK you’ll discover their sneaky and sinister tactics on page 32.

For example, discover . . . 

  • How Apple became an accomplice to the CCP for Chinese censorship and oppression. (Page 161)
  • Google’s secret plan to launch a censored version of its search engine in China called Operation Dragonfly. (Page 165)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce shocker: This once-respected entity is on Big Tech’s payroll. They’re now merely a tool of Google, Facebook and Amazon. (Page 178)

Why should you be afraid?

Because the Big 5 — Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon — own the platforms that control our communications:

  • They own the operating system in your phones and computers. (Pages 187-188)
  • They control algorithms that analyze and rank your search results so they can control what you see. (Pages 187-188)
  • They control the dissemination of information and infringe on the free flow of ideas. (Pages 187-188)

When control over information in a democracy rests in the hands of a few individuals . . . 

Elections can be impacted, shifted and changed . . . 

Trump, DeSantis, Haley, Pence — it doesn’t matter who runs or is nominated, the candidate is doomed from the start if we don’t do something now.

If there’s one thing every freedom-loving American should fear . . . 

Tech giants like Google can censor speech and information at any time. They can alter the outcome of our presidential elections.

Think about this . . . 

They can decide which candidate’s claims they don’t like and pull the campaign off the web. (Page 123)

Now, the 2024 election is drawing closer.

And if you’re not concerned about election integrity . . . free speech . . . freedom of press . . . censorship . . . liberty . . . or the outcome of the upcoming election . . . 

Or if you’re not concerned about Big Tech and their unbridled power to control the message . . . 

You absolutely should be.

CRUSHED reveals the one thing no one is thinking about when it comes to Big Tech . . . 

Why every American MUST read CRUSHED now . . . 

CRUSHED sounds a 5-alarm warning every American must heed about the predatory, bullying and biased behavior of Big Tech.

No wonder author Congressman Ken Buck calls Big Tech the “Robber Barons of the 21st Century.”

These demons of democracy are working to control what you see, hear and say as well as squash any company that gets in their way or threatens their kingdoms.

Take, for example, the case of Dennis Prager and his Prager U.

Prager U is an online academy offering short videos and lectures educating Americans about traditional values and the importance of our freedoms.

As Ken Buck details in CRUSHED, Prager U has become a major target of Big Tech, including Facebook, Google and YouTube.

When Prager U posted a video explaining the “Ten Commandments,” Youtube moved to censor the program by marking it with “Restricted Access.”

As Prager himself notes: “No document in world history so changed the world for the better as did the Ten Commandments.”

But Big Tech disagrees with that and they have the power to destroy dissent. And they did.

CRUSHED exposes Big Tech’s most egregious abuses of power. Inside your FREE BOOK you’ll also discover shocking revelations the mainstream media will NEVER tell you, including:

  • Facebook, Google, and Apple’s plan to brainwash Americans by “dictating” what you see — and it goes much deeper than “censor and deplatform” conservatives. Shocker: The government is already working full-time to put its citizens “in line” to serve the globalist/elitist class. Page 42
  • Horrifying move by Big Tech to make the Bible illegal. See, they already tested this overseas — and it worked. God-hating woke politicians are delighted to stuff this heinous plan into the next pork-filled spending package. Page 163
  • Why Elon Musk can’t save your freedom even with his takeover of Twitter. But you can get the tools to fight back starting on page 190.
  • Your local newspaper in trouble of extinction? Not surprising when you discover what Big Tech did to them to put them out of business. Page 80.

The bottom line is this . . . 

With the power and control over information, news and views . . . and with Democrat politicians in their pocket . . . 

There is no way Republicans can win another election — unless We the People FIGHT BACK.

And you can.

Congressman Buck reveals exactly what you can do to take the power out of the hands of Big Tech and restore it to the people.

The result will be safe, fair elections you can count on to be legitimate starting with 2024.

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