They control almost everything you see, read and discuss online . . . 

They have enormous control over our elections . . . 

They have acted to censor conservatives, and even blacklisted voices that they don’t like . . . 

Now Ken Buck’s new book CRUSHED exposes their real danger  . . . 


Shhh . . .

They’re listening to you!

That “confidential” medical questionnaire you filled out . . . they know.

That quick look at your bank statement . . . they saw.

That addicting electronic tablet your grandkids “need” for school . . . they monitor it.

That private, late-night conversation with your spouse . . . they heard it.

The truth is . . .

They’ve listened to every word you’ve said since the early days of the internet.

They’ve been using it to watch your every move . . .

Which means—they know everything about you . . . all the way down to the color of your eyes.

Which means . . .

They control you . . . whether you realize it or not.

And as long as they can control you and tens of millions of others, they will control America.

In their America, your religion could become illegal.

You realize the Bible has things that are “offensive” and “violate community standards.”

That’s their code language so they can CENSOR you and even your religious beliefs . . . 

Imagine your business gets shut down and confiscated.

Imagine your vote becomes irrelevant.

And there’s seemingly nothing you can do to stop them.

They can and will do it all . . . 

All because of the internet . . . 

The internet that Thomas Jefferson couldn’t predict . . . 

The internet that Stalin would have blushed over . . . 

The internet that Bill Clinton said could never be censored.

The internet that we all depend on to survive . . . 

 . . . is about to take control of everything you see, discover, learn, think and believe — thanks to Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple.

It’s these 5 companies that form a new-age 21st-century monopoly that Congressman Ken Buck calls “The Big 5.”

And as a member of the Congressional Freedom Caucus, Congressman Ken Buck knows from the inside what “The Big 5” are really up to . . . 

He’s been leading the fight against Big Tech in Congress.

NEWSMAX says “Ken Buck is the #1 champion for free speech on the internet in Congress.”

Make no mistake about it: Big Tech is on a mission to take everything from you: your grandchildren’s minds, your right to speak freely, vote, pray, read the Bible . . . everything.

So, if Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop infuriated you . . . 

Or if the massive COVID-19 hysteria made your blood boil . . . 

Then get ready — because they’re just getting started . . . 

Because if Big Tech gets its way, Republicans will NEVER win a big election again.

That’s why Congressman Buck wrote the new book CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech . . .

In the book, he reveals Big Tech’s most shocking plans that will shake you to the core.

For example:

  • Apple’s “Tech Supreme Court” apparatus that unilaterally determines when user content “crosses the line.” What line you ask? Apple says you’ll know it when you cross it, and when you do . . . they will promptly deplatform you. Text carefully. Pg. 96.
  • The inside scoop on how Big Tech colluded to remove Parler (an alternative social media app) from the internet. It took only two days, but Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Tim Cook (Apple), and Sundar Pichai (Google) went right to work for the far-left in the waning days of the Trump administration to censor you permanently. Pg. 98.
  • A top-secret conversation with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s former CFO David Ebersman that lets the cat out of the bag on Big Tech’s REAL plans. Their diabolical plot to neutralize any competitors or “integrate” them into their system will stifle free commerce for generations. Pg. 106.

Put it all together and Big Tech tyranny is the single greatest threat to freedom in our country.

Congressman Ken Buck, R-Colo., has served Colorado’s 4th District since 2015. A former federal prosecutor, he serves on the House Freedom Caucus and has served as the Ranking Member on the House Subcommittee on Anti-trust. Congressman Buck believes our lawmakers should protect religious liberty, our right to free speech and stop left-wing Big Tech oligarchs from controlling the marketplace of ideas. Congressman Buck voted against President Biden’s inflation-inducing bill “The American Rescue Plan” and has been a strong supporter of President Trump. Ken Buck has personally boycotted Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

But with the book in your hands, you’ll know how to unite with your fellow Americans to end Big Tech tyranny once and for all . . .

See, the same Big Tech that we depend on just to survive . . .

Is the same Big Tech that believes YOU are too dangerous for their far-left version of America . . .

The same Big Tech that believes your religion, patriotism, traditional family, and the SUV in your driveway threaten their very existence.

And because you are such a threat to them . . .

They won’t let you see, read, discuss or share information online about COVID questions, vaccine concerns, climate change hysteria, fears over the “trans” agenda . . . or any word about the 2020 election!

Ken Buck shows in CRUSHED how Big Tech systematically closed down President Trump.

Imagine a President of the United States being censored . . . 

What does that mean to you as an average citizen?

In CRUSHED Ken Buck exposes how Big Tech conspired to suppress any online information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In fact, Big Tech took every step they could to help Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump.

Google, using GMAIL, actually blocked all of Pres. Trump’s fundraising emails and sent them to SPAM folders.

Then GMAIL allowed all of Biden’s emails to go to the INBOXs of users.

This was a diabolical effort — and in kind donation of BILLIONS to Joe Biden.

How do they get away with this stuff in a democracy? In America today . . . ?

Think about what happened to conservative social media websites like Parler . . . 

Google banned them from search engines, and so did Facebook and Twitter . . . 

Their advertising networks were cut off.

Amazon even shut down their cloud servers.

Just shut them down!

Your kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are their next victims . . . 

See, because you have to use the internet just to survive . . . 

And because their technology gives them the ability to control and predict exactly what you will see, say and do for the rest of your life . . . 

This is not a business battle or a fight against legal monopolies.

It’s a war for the soul of America.

Which brings us back to Congressman Ken Buck’s new book CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech.

If you’re unfamiliar with the congressman, he serves Colorado’s 4th District and sits on the Congressional Freedom Caucus . . .

He’s the hero we need inside the halls of Congress to stop Big Tech tyranny and save our nation and generations to come for all time.

But he needs your help.

All he asks: Read his new book, CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech.

Because inside CRUSHED, Congressman Buck gives you the tools that you need to unite with your fellow patriots and save America . . .

Plus, he reveals shocking revelations that the mainstream media will NEVER tell you, including:

  • Facebook, Google, and Apple’s plan to brainwash all of American civilization by “deciding” what information you see. This rabbit hole goes much deeper than the censorship and deplatforming of conservatives that you’re already familiar with. In fact, the government is already working full-time to put its citizens “in line” to serve the globalist/elitist class. Pg. 42-49.
  • Shocking plans from Big Tech to make the Bible illegal. This plan has already been tested overseas — where it worked flawlessly. Woke politicians that hate your religion will smile as they force this catastrophe into the next pork-filled spending package. Pg. 163.
  • Why Elon Musk can’t save your freedom . . . even if his takeover of Twitter exposes Washington/Big-Tech collusion. Washington swamp creatures will crawl through the dirtiest waters for absolute control of everyone . . . even Elon Musk. That’s why he needs you to stand with him against Big Tech. Get the tools to fight back on Pg. 190-196.
  • Warning signs that Amazon is the 21st century’s East India Company, the British Empire’s spice trade monopoly that triggered the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Colonists loved the low price of tea . . . until East India Company doomed all competition, then got in bed with the British king to extort and impoverish the colonists. Find out why your Amazon account is headed for the same fate on Pg. 21-27.
  • The modern day “digital” pirates silently waging war on American entrepreneurs. American innovation and patents mean nothing to Amazon and China . . . who work hand-in-glove to steal American intellectual property, produce knockoffs of American products with slave labor . . . then sell them to you without you even realizing it. Pg. 51-55.
  • Why the death of your 200-year-old local newspaper spells doom for American communities and traditional families. We didn’t think twice when we swapped out our local newspapers for mobile apps and Facebook groups . . . but this “convenience” could cost us our very freedom as we know it. Pg. 80.
  • Plus: A foreword from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, shows you why Big Tech is the single greatest threat to free speech and democracy. William Randolph Hearst and John D. Rockefeller would marvel at Big Tech’s complete and total domination of public discourse.

Endorsements for CRUSHED

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“Makes the unassailable case that we must unite to stop Big Tech billionaires from censoring speech, stopping the exchange of ideas, manipulating voters, filtering information, and quashing their political opponents.”

From the Foreword by Sen. Ted Cruz

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“These Big Tech platforms have a dangerous agenda to kill American values. Ken Buck has been leading the fight in Congress to stop them. He is a courageous man as CRUSHED proves. Make sure you read it.”

David Horowitz, New York Times Bestselling Author

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“Big Tech’s war on American values is real, and Ken Buck’s CRUSHED shows us a pathway to fight back and beat them.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee


Now, to get your FREE copy of CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech . . . you need to take one more step in the fight against Big Tech tyranny . . .

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The next time they try to shut down your business, you’ll know.

The next time they try to keep your grandkids masked and out of school seemingly forever, you’ll know.

Because it’s not a question of if there’ll be a next time . . . 

But rather when . . . 

That includes far-left policies like climate lockdowns (U.K. politicians have already outlined intra-city travel restrictions).

That includes forced rationing of meat because the “experts” at outlets like Scientific American deemed it to emit too much carbon due to cow flatulence (incredible, but true!).

That includes de-banking, de-platforming, and purging ANY business that does not comply with their ever-changing standards.

That includes blacklisting ANY job applicant that has EVER spoken against the woke mob on the internet . . . 

That includes you.

Which means you have no choice but to join the fight against Big Tech.

Because if not you . . . then who?

And if not now . . . when?

So in honor of Congressman Ken Buck’s new book CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech . . .

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Freedom for the generations to come . . . 

Freedom to pray to God and read the Bible without fear . . . 

Freedom to say what is moral and just without hesitation . . . 

And committed to joining the fight against Big Tech for the long haul . . . 

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