Inside: David Horowitz Exposes
the Left’s Shocking Plan to
Destroy Democracy and Turn
America Into a Socialist Regime

One of America’s most famous authors and conservative thought leaders says:

  • America’s next presidential election could be the last.
  • There now exists an existential threat to American democracy greater than any our nation has ever faced.
  • Democracy as we know it is being obliterated at the hands of Democrats who pose a deadly threat to our freedom.
  • Their real goal is a one-party state — and they are willing to break even Constitutional provision, law, precedent and procedure — to see that it happens.

These claims are made by New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz, author of Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, who for the first time reveals the Left’s horrifying plan to turn America into a socialist nation.

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What he’s discovered will rock you to the core.

You need to listen to him even more so because he was once a respected Leftist, a supporter of radical groups and a noted “liberal” journalist.

But he defected. He became a conservative.

For doing so, the Left in America sought to destroy David Horowitz.

Now Horowitz warns the Left is on the verge of destroying the very America you know and love.

America, Horowitz warns, is on the precipice of another civil war.

And if you think you already know everything Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and their vile cronies have done to drive a stake into the heart of America . . . you don’t know the half of it.

In an attempt to save America from the Left’s diabolical and deadly clutches, Horowitz is revealing it all in his latest blockbuster release, Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last.

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In his explosive NEW book, Horowitz exposes the Left’s sinister strategies to achieve their heinous goals — from using racism, white supremacy, cancel culture, wokeism, critical race theory, the FBI, voting processes, our children’s schools, and more as their weapons of mass destruction.

Just When You Think You’ve Heard It All . . .
Rest Assured, You Haven’t.

Horowitz exposes the outrages already committed — and those yet to come.

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the shocking revelations in Final Battle:

President Trump Says:

“My great friend and author of ‘Dark Agenda,’ David Horowitz, is out with a new book, ‘Final Battle: The Next Election Could Be the Last.’ It is great! Get your copy!

  • How Democrats use the mere act of challenging a vote as treason. See why they’ve lost their minds. Page 13
  • The TRUTH about the “Stop the Steal” rally — shocking facts you haven’t seen anywhere else. Page 17
  • The REAL story of Jan. 6 — and why were the Capitol Police so unprepared when they were told about the event? Page 172-174
  • And the FACTS about the protesters — including the high number of government informants that were there that day . . . 
  • How Biden’s Department of Education bribed schools to continue to push an anti-American curriculum, CRT, racism and the 1619 Project. Page 52
  • Illegals and crime: numbers that’ll make you want to barricade your doors and shutter your windows. Page 69
  • How Biden and his band of operatives are using the military to change the electoral map in violation of our laws. Page 85

While some of the Left’s underhanded and notoriously sinister strategies have been exposed, what goes unreported are the motives behind their moves — and they’re downright terrifying.

Through his extreme diligence and dedication to democracy, David Horowitz has uncovered everything.

And his revelations are about to rock the world.

Excerpt From Final Battle

Barbarian terrorist forces are already at the gates, and inside them, American leaders — both military and civilian — are preoccupied with delusional threats that are said to be existential — climate change, white supremacy, patriotic extremism.

But the greatest existential threat to American democracy is the drive by the Democratic Party to create a one-party socialist state — a fascist state. This is manifest in their assault on the First Amendment through so-called “cancel culture” and their collusion in the deplatforming of a president of the United States and his 74 million supporters.

 . . . Their zealous advocacy of socialist economics and political fascism sets us on the path to a totalitarian future. All that awaits the sad conclusion to these efforts are the gulags and deprogramming camps, which they are not shy about promoting.


Final Battle will have Democrats seething, calling for a book ban, and conspiring to see to it this shocking expose stays off the bestseller lists and out of the view of millions of Americans set to vote in the 2024 elections.

Final Battle shows how the Far Left have used “Trump Hysteria” to create a false narrative about conservatives and Republicans — in a bold bid to steal American democracy.

Horowitz takes off the gloves to see to it Final Battle answers the burning question on worried minds everywhere . . . 

  • Did the U.S. government really fund Chinese virus research? Page 123
  • Did Fauci really spew the “big lie” about COVID-19? If you’re on the fence you’d better read the email Fauci received from the company who subcontracted the research in the Wuhan lab, thanking him — it’s a doozy. Page 126
  • Is the Green New Deal about clean energy? Nope! See why it’s really about abolishing the oil and gas industry and 5 million jobs, closing our clean energy nuclear power plants!
  • It’s also about ending ALL air travel and even start regulating cow flatulence! Frankly, you can’t make this stuff up — but it’s all there in the Green New Deal. Page 142
  • Child tax credit reform: Is it really a tax cut? Nope. Page 149
  • Is progressivism really Marxism in disguise? You bet it is and here’s why . . .  Page 152
  • Why would Biden partner with the Taliban during the Afghanistan withdrawal? Page 186
  • What is the greatest existential threat to American democracy? Page 211

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You’ll get answers to the burning questions on your mind — and make sense of what hasn’t made sense under this White House . . . 

If You Need Proof Our Great Nation Will Crumble
Under the Weight of Socialist Suffocation . . .
Final Battle Gives You All the Proof You Need.

This is what the Democrats have been trying to hide by fooling and manipulating unsuspecting Americans and by subverting the truth . . . 

They are even taking away freedom of speech to get what they want.

Inside your FREE BOOK, Final Battle, you’ll discover:

  • How Nancy Pelosi took control of the message and the media to fool the American people about “misinformation.” Page 120
  • The truth behind “tax cuts for American workers and families” — no such thing. Page 149
  • How Zoom meetings exposed the critical race theory horrors taking place in American schools today. Page 193
  • The secret memorandum that could have innocent parents arrested for federal crimes, including “making annoying phone calls.” Page 197
  • Proof the Democratic Party is on a mission to dismantle America’s political system. Page 203

Critics Call Final Battle ‘Devastating’
to the Democratic Party

user quote image

“David Horowitz exposes the outrages perpetrated by the Biden administration and the Democratic left.”

New York Times Bestselling Author and Filmmaker

user quote image

“The most devastating indictment of the Democratic Party that has yet appeared, and an ominous warning about what the future may hold.”

New York Times Bestselling Author

user quote image

Final Battle may be the most devastating book-length indictment of the Democratic Party yet written. This is nothing less than a handbook for the salvation of the United States of America.”

Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host


A Gripping Read to the Very End,
Final Battle ‘Exposes the Devious TRUTH
About What the Left Really Wants . . . 

One thing for sure?

Final Battle is not a “vendetta” against the Left but rather a dire warning for Americans to open their eyes . . . to see Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Schiff’s, and AOC’s agenda for what it really is . . . and to discover the truth once and for all.

David Horowitz believes with every ounce of his soul that if you and every American were aware of the real threat the far Left poses, you would act . . . you could save America!

If you’ve ever wondered “what are they thinking,” your answers are here in the pages of your FREE BOOK, Final Battle.

For example, inside Final Battle discover . . . 

  • Why the left turns a blind eye on BLM and antifa but tosses Trump supporters in jail . . . 
  • How the dirty Dems plan to rig the elections . . . 
  • Why demonizing police officers is so critical to the Democrat agenda . . . 
  • How Jimmy Carter (yes, that Jimmy) and James Baker made recommendations for strengthening the election process, INCLUDING requiring voter IDs, limiting mail-in ballots (they said this was at the very heart of vote fraud), stopping ballot harvesting and drop boxes and more — these PRINCIPLES for honest elections that have literally been torched by the Left to make election fraud easier and to justify their actions by pulling the race card . . . 
  • Shocking revelations by the FBI about Jan. 6 the media doesn’t want you to know — it exonerates Trump and the innocents who attended the rally . . . 
  • Why the Oath Keepers leader — the man who orchestrated the break-in at the Capitol — was never arrested, investigated, or charged with a crime. There’s only one explanation . . . 
  • Plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: Did the FBI foil the plan or encourage it? You decide . . . 
  • Pathetic excuse Attorney General Merrick Garland gave when asked why it was okay for antifa and BLM to attack our courthouses but not okay for the Jan. 6 protestors . . . 
  • The real “BIG LIE” didn’t come from Trump but rather from . . . 
  • Two Biden campaigns were used to hoodwink Americans . . .
  • Why the Democrats suddenly stopped supporting and funding the wall when they had been all for it . . . 
  • How the falsification of America’s history was created to fuel the racist narrative by the Left and why the 1619 Project is so flawed . . . 
  • Proof that claims of “systemic racism” are a myth and nothing more, designed purely to advance the left’s radical agenda . . . 

Too much has been changed — even destroyed — in America since the left took control.

Read all about it in Final Battle — claim your FREE COPY here.

The American people must know what they’re really up to before it’s too late. If we sit back and do nothing, America as a democracy and free society will perish at the hand of progressives.

America As We Know It May Soon Not Exist . . . 
Time Is Very Short

DAVID HOROWITZ is a noted conservative commentator and prolific author of critically acclaimed books including the New York Times bestseller Blitz and Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.

His work has been featured in national media including Newsmax, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and National Review. He is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles, California.

Our future as a democracy hangs in the balance as the Left pushes its one-party state agenda.

Look what happened to once great cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo and others that became One-Party operations controlled by corrupt Democrats . . .

And now we see cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles are following this same pattern and on the verge of suicide . . .

Many say this is a crisis on par with the Civil War.

David Horowitz says they are not wrong.

Our Founding Fathers’ system of checks and balances is about to crumble unless Americans wake up and rally back.

As Final Battle clearly shows . . . If the Left gets their way, you can kiss the Supreme Court, the electoral college, and the integrity of our voting system, our Constitution, freedom of speech, and religion as we know them . . . goodbye.

Final Battle also shows why Donald Trump has become Public Enemy #1 for the Left — and why they are using everything in their arsenal — character assassination, false accusations, smears, legal attacks . . . and even a pending indictment and criminal conviction . . . to destroy this former President of the United States.

“The Left believes Trump must be destroyed as a message to America’s patriotic resistance that they too will be destroyed if they stand in their way,” Horowitz explains.

Claim your FREE COPY of Final Battle right here.

There is so much more Horowitz explains, including:

  • Did you know BLM helped raise $60 million for Biden’s campaign . . . and produced no evidence for its claims of systemic racism or white supremacy?
  • The sneaky move by Democrats to hide $4 billion in a bill disguised as help for black farmers — its real motive is to avoid a vote on a topic wildly unpopular with Americans . . . 
  • Did you know that Biden spent over $15 trillion on post-COVID stimulus — spending that has sparked massive inflation . . . 
  • How the “Equity” program is nothing more than a socialist program to redistribute wealth based on race and gender. See who is conveniently left out!
  • How Barack Obama openly admitted he broke the law and his own oath to the Constitution to open the floodgates to illegals in a clear attempt to tip the balance of political power . . . 
  • Discover the staggering numbers of illegal aliens with criminal records the Biden administration doesn’t want you to know about — Including numbers from the Government Accountability Office!
  • How Biden’s policies allow drug cartels to flourish . . . giving them an estimated $500 billion in annual revenue!
  • What’s really behind Biden’s pathetic border policies that put our country in danger . . . 
  • The true dangers of Fentanyl and the fact Biden has turned a blind to the lethal substance that has flowed into the U.S. — enough to kill over 1 billion people . . . 
  • Shocking email reveals the extent of the plan to secretly transport unvetted illegal immigrants who were not tested for COVID-19 to various locations around the country — and how the military was used not for defense but to change the electoral map . . . 
  • The real reason the Democrats invited young people in Mexico and Central America to come on in while slamming the door on would-be Cuban refugees . . . 
  • Black commentator and former gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder’s powerful response to the outrageous lie that Black lives don’t matter.
  • How the left’s pro-criminal agenda is a direct result of the Democrat’s crusade against so-called “systemic racism.”
  • Looting by Blacks is now “reparations for slavery,” according to this group. Are they out of their minds? Yes . . . 
  • Get an up close and personal look at the carnage created by the Defund the Police movement and witness the hypocrisy of it all . . . and it’s all because of the left’s commitment to an ideology that fuels race wars.
  • A secret strategy that killed the booming Trump economy and did nothing for the pandemic . . . 
  • Horrifying books are being used in schools that show disgusting, immoral acts justified by the left as “inclusion.”
  • How General Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff set Trump up. Six words that said it all . . . 

You need to read Final Battle without delay!

The Dry Run of State Control
— the COVID Experiment

All of the world, left-wing governments from communist China to even so-called Western democracies, the COVID virus was used to usher in a new template for state control.

In Final Battle Horowitz proves:

  • Fauci and the U.S. government lied — and even hid evidence COVID was manufactured in a Chinese lab
  • Top officials and the media ignored evidence — including from “The New England Medical Journal” — that masks and lockdowns don’t work or are almost completely ineffective
  • And the empirical data that shows liberal states like New York and California with draconian lockdowns fared far worse than free states like Ron DeSantis’ Florida — which had less COVID and less deaths
  • How a deadly disease was used to impose a new censorship regime citing “misinformation” and efforts to silence critics of vaccines
  • And discover the Democrat’s strategy in blaming Trump. (It was a test of power and control!)

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Horowitz has gone to what may be his greatest lengths yet to uncover the truth.

Americans must know the facts about the Democrat’s Far Left agenda before our country falls to socialism.

It won’t be long now if we do nothing.

We guarantee you won’t be able to put Final Battle down.

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