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Christians everywhere prepare to celebrate one of the holiest days of the year.

In these deeply troubled times, the question arises to the fore: Is Jesus Christ about to come back?

Is the Second Coming real or myth?

As intriguing as it is controversial, this special issue explains the Biblical predictions about the Second Coming, explores the different beliefs among Christian denominations, and reveals the two fundamental end-times issues confronting Christians.

And we also ask: What does this mean for America?

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Newsmax’s compelling ‘The Jesus Question’ report explores:

  • What the Bible predicts about the Second Coming
  • Are there signs of Jesus’ return?
  • The surprising number of Americans who expect Christ’s return
  • Why many believe the Second Coming is imminent
  • The world’s most likely flashpoint for Armageddon
  • Mike Huckabee’s exclusive Newsmax interview about Christ’s return
  • Why end-times beliefs can profoundly influence people
  • “The Most Apocalyptic Thing That Has Ever Happened”
  • How secular progressives are “fear-mongering” about Christians
  • Where different denominations stand on the Second Coming
  • The two central end-time issues confronting Christianity
  • The ominous parallels between today’s times and Christ’s message
  • Why date-setting Christ’s return is “horribly irresponsible”
  • The “Tribulation” that will precede the Second Coming
  • Apocalypse later — earlier predictions about the world’s end
  • What Columbus, Newton, and Nostradamus predicted about Christ’s return
  • Prognosticator William Miller and "The Great Disappointment"
  • Russia, the Arabs, Iran, and the Book of Ezekiel
  • And more . . . 

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