In a world filled with uncertainty and rapid change, there's one voice that has consistently raised the alarm against the forces of radicalism and division.

David Horowitz, a New York Times bestselling author and renowned cultural commentator, has penned a masterpiece that is both a stark warning and a call to arms for every concerned American: The Radical Mind.

Are you concerned about the direction our nation is headed? Do you worry about the erosion of our cherished values, the decay of our institutions, and the divisive ideologies tearing our society apart?

If so, The Radical Mind is a book you simply cannot afford to miss.

Unveiling the Hidden Agendas

In this gripping exposé, Horowitz pulls back the curtain on the secrecy and lies that shroud the dangerous methods and agendas of the radical left.

DAVID HOROWITZ is an American conservative writer and activist. A former long-time member of the New Left movement in the 1960s, he is founder and president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He has gone on to pen numerous books, including Dark Agenda, Final Battle, and Radical Son, his autobiography. Since 1988 he has served as president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, a vehicle group for his campaigns and his online newsmagazine

With unflinching honesty and unwavering dedication to truth, he identifies the existential crisis facing our nation as a crisis of faith — faith in the core principles that have defined the American way of life for centuries.

At the heart of this crisis is our faith in the Constitution, individual freedom, accountability, and the principle of equality before the law.

These values have been the bedrock of our society, guiding us through countless challenges and triumphs. Yet, they are under attack like never before.

In The Radical Mind, Horowitz covers topics that must be discussed, such as:

  • Why the left describes itself as “progressive,” but it is inspired by views that are hundreds of years old and have been discredited wherever they have been put into practice. Page 3
  • The double standard in the justice system that treats violent leftists as “peaceful protesters” and public school parents concerned about the abuse of their children as “domestic terrorists.” Page 25
  • Why anti-white rhetoric from the 1960s has quietly pervaded the left’s viewpoint, and more than 50 years has permeated its label of the Republican Party as systemically racist. Page 56
  • How the withdrawal from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 was the worst, most incompetent, most costly, most humiliating defeat in the history of the American military. Page 73
  • The rift in our nation widening since the 2016 election campaign, when Hillary Clinton and a cabal of intelligence officials decided that Donald Trump must not be president under any circumstances. Page 97

The Urgent Call to Action

The Radical Mind is not just a book; it’s a powerful call to action.

It’s a call to defend our families against the intrusion of outside forces that seek to manipulate the hearts and minds of our children for destructive agendas.

It’s a call to stand up against the debasement of Judeo-Christian values and the silencing of Christian communities and voices, all in the name of political control.

This book challenges the progressive narrative that falsely labels America as a racist country and reveals the existential threat to American democracy posed by a Democratic Party that has abandoned dialogue, compromise, and bipartisanship.

Praise for The Radical Mind Is Pouring In

“David Horowitz is a modern legend. This book is critical to understanding the left and how we defeat them.”

Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point USA, and
New York Times bestselling author of The MAGA Doctrine

“David Horowitz has written an insightful, compelling, and ultimately troubling book about the leftist mindset. An important read.”

Peter Schweizer, No. 1 New York Times bestselling author of Red-Handed

“Three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we are witnessing in this country an astonishing revival of the Marxist totalitarian mindset, and it is taking over our institutions. Raised by Communists, David Horowitz understands this tyrannical worldview better than anyone, and his new book, The Radical Mind, is a harrowing journey through the corridors of the 21st-century totalitarianism that goes by the name of progressivism. Must reading!”

Dinesh D’Souza, New York Times bestselling author and filmmaker

Renewal and Redemption

But The Radical Mind doesn’t just expose the problems; it offers solutions.

It beckons us to renew our faith in the Constitution and in individual freedom.

It invites us to engage in a constructive dialogue about the future of our great nation, free from the constant stream of hate and division.

As Horowitz writes, “The hour is late, and the forces of darkness are upon us. To save our freedoms, Americans must renew their faith in their country, relearn its history, reacquaint themselves with the wisdom of the founders, and reject the siren songs of the envious, the resentful, and the haters of human diversity who have malice in their hearts.”

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