America’s borders are neither safe nor secure.

But now a former top leader at the U.S. Secret Service and Homeland Security is blowing the whistle on the dangerous situation we face.

In fact, this courageous man is warning America we face another 9/11 or even worse.

This man’s name is Charles Marino and he makes shocking revelations in his new blockbuster, Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

Marino says the evidence is clear: thousands of men and women linked to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas and other terror groups have been easily crossing into the United States.

The Biden administration knows it and they are doing next to nothing to stop it!

Thanks to Joe Biden every day our once secure border is being breached and overrun.

It’s estimated under Biden over 7 million illegals have entered our country.

As of October 2023, 10,000 illegal immigrants were being apprehended daily along the U.S. border — and most were simply released into the United States.

And remember those were the ones actually caught — many more are entering illegally.

Since President Biden and his administration took over from President Trump everything changed.

Author Charles Marino shows there’s been an invasion at our borders.

America is now on thin ice . . . in grave danger of being overrun by drug lords, gangs and — yes — terrorists.

Fentanyl overdoses have become the number one killer of young teens and adults with Mexico and China to blame.

Biden shredded Trump’s policies and immediately reversed them.

He then sent a clear message everyone and anyone could freely flow into America.

It’s so bad our government is inviting illegals to just come on chartered air flights and we actually pay for them to come here.

And now . . . 

Marino reveals that his sources in Border Patrol, Customs, the FBI, Secret Service believe a nightmare scenario is in the works . . . 

As millions of unidentified illegals swarmed into America with zero vetting . . . we face a monumental crime wave, the rise of powerful criminal gangs, and we may even terrorists plotting an attack on our homeland.

Who can we thank for this colossal disaster?

President Joe Biden and his administration.

You need to know what really happened and what’s really at stake.

This is not a border crisis.

Charles Marino says it’s a national emergency!

You need to get Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

For example, China is currently “invading” the U.S. at our border.

In 2023 alone 45,000 Chinese nationals were caught by Border Patrol at our border. Remember these were the ones we caught — many more actually slipped in!

In his new book, Charles Marino reveals:

About the Author:

Charles A. Marino is a former top executive with the United States Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Marino is a nationally recognized security expert and strategic advisor with deep knowledge of security methodologies, tactics, and technology. He appears regularly on Newsmax, Fox News and major networks.

  • The real reason the Biden administration is not only letting anyone in – but helping illegals to enter
  • The incredible surge in sex and human trafficking — and who is making money on this on both sides of the border
  • Obama’s role: Did you know many of Joe Biden’s policies were first started under President Barack Obama?
  • It’s not just Mexican cartels getting big influence in the U.S. but Chinese and Asian
  • Why past attempts to combat the cartels have failed, and what we can do now to combat these enemy forces
  • The China invasion: hundreds of thousands of Chinese, many of military age are entering the U.S.
  • The deadly fentanyl scourge across America
  • Mexico’s role in our border crisis

Charles Marino’s book is not just an analysis of the problems.

He shows how a Trump presidency will radically change Biden’s policies.

Marino reveals a step-by-step plan President Trump will implement to secure our borders and save America from being plunged into a dark abyss of violence and crime and from losing her sovereignty.

Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country is a survival guide for America and our future.

Make sure you read it and share it today!

Dangerous cartels present a clear and
present threat to our national security.

Dangerous cartels and gangs are trafficking humans and drugs over our borders. They’re killing our children and adults with fentanyl.

They’re taking innocent women and children, robbing and drugging them, committing violence against them, raping and selling them into prostitution — just like they did to Maria and tens of thousands of others just like her, as you’ll read in this eye-opening new book.

According to border security expert Charles Marino in Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country, it’s high time the U.S. starts calling these cartels what they really are: terrorists who are a clear and present threat to our national security.

Yet with policies under the Biden administration, these cartels are being enabled by the very people who should be protecting us from them.

What we must do now to stop these cartels and terrorists before they destroy us.

Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country clearly spells out what the U.S., Mexico, elected officials, and American citizens must do to be successful starting on page 129. PLUS, as you read through this gripping book you’ll discover:

  • How the U.S. military could play a significant role in taking out the cartels if the current leadership would grow a set of steel kahunas and force an ultimatum
  • A smart, powerful, multiphase plan called The Marino Approach — designed to halt terrorism and violent cartels and secure our borders before it’s too late
  • “Americans Before Aliens” plan that must be ushered in to put Americans first — unlike Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “America Last” plan in in California
  • Leaders we the people must elect — forget party lines. What to look for in a great leader who will stop terrorism, secure our borders, combat cartels, and stem the flow of human and drug trafficking and gang violence
  • How properly appropriating funding will help secure our borders and support national security
  • How the U.S. can place pressure on Mexico to help us defeat the cartels, including reforming their prisons and imposing strict penalties
  • Which government agencies must coordinate efforts for the plan to succeed

If you were not aware of the extent of the damage that’s already been done, you will be now, thanks to Charles Marino’s Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

Illegals, drug lords, gangs, and violent transnational crime organizations aren’t just impacting border towns. They’re infiltrating our cities and small towns with violent crime and narcotics. No one is safe.

New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are like scenes out of a horror movie. By insisting on sanctuary city status and demanding defunding of the police, these leftist cities are now reaping what they sow.

Illegal immigrants are estimated to cost
Americans $150.7 BILLION a year.

This is economic warfare by the left. But Marino, a seasoned vet, reveals what must happen if America is to continue into the next millennium.

According to Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country, instead of enforcing border security and our immigration laws, Border Patrol agents have been turned into humanitarian aid workers, giving illegals food, drinks, and cellphone chargers instead of turning them away.

No wonder Marino reports Border Patrol agents are quitting and committing suicide at a record rate. Both maddening and terrifying, this situation is happening all because when Biden took office:

What others are saying:

“Charles A. Marino methodically details the impact of the Biden administration’s decisions to dismantle effective policies and abandon their federal responsibility . . . ”

“In our time there has never been a threat graver to America’s security . . . Marino’s book details how it’s happening, why it’s happening, and what must be done to stop it. Before it’s too late.”

“The plan is simple: destroy America. If you don’t believe it, read Charles Marino’s book from cover to cover. NOW.”

  • He reversed major Trump border policies, which had absolutely devastating effects. Inside Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country, you’ll discover which immigration policies Biden reversed and why he did it. You won’t be surprised, but it’ll make your blood boil.
  • Remember the so-called “Muslim ban” by Trump? There was no such ban. Marino gives you the cold, hard truth and reveals why you didn’t hear this on the media. Page 62
  • You’ll also discover the shocking amount of fentanyl seized in 2023 alone because of our borders being wide open and the Biden administration allowing anyone to come in without real vetting. Just so you know, it only takes 2 kilos of fentanyl to kill 1 million people, which is why Marino believes anyone who is caught dealing fentanyl should be prosecuted for murder. Page 166
  • Three reasons crime is increasing right along with inflation. Page 89
  • Why there would have been endless versions of 9/11 if not for these people in America. Page 7
  • Two things we must absolutely have for America’s continued prosperity. Page 9
  • How prior administrations ranging from George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump have handled immigration and border policies, and how Biden changed everything. Pages 9-22
  • Which president was astute enough to increase the number of Border Patrol agents by 40%! Page 14
  • Trump was NOT the first president to call for, or even erect, a physical border barrier, yet leftists still condemn him. Page 15
  • Which president was dubbed “deporter in chief,” and how many illegals Clinton, Bush and Obama actually deported — the numbers will surprise you. Page 19
  • Mind-boggling number of border apprehensions of people on the terrorist watchlist that were made in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Page 26
  • Shocking number of border escapees or “gotaways” during Biden’s term in 2023 alone. Page 26
  • Despite one of Biden’s first executive orders being to shut down Trump’s border wall, Biden voted for George W. Bush’s 700 miles of border fence. What changed between 2006 and 2020 that caused him to alter his stance regarding erecting a physical barrier — especially since Biden spewed tough talk about cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin coming through corrupt Mexico. Page 52
  • How the Biden administration’s “digital disaster” lets violent gangs like MS-13 and terrorists into America with the simple download of an app — it’s like someone handing these deadly criminals a Willy Wonka golden ticket. Page 39

Mexico is key to America’s successfully
securing her borders.

Contrary to what many may believe, most of the immigrants pouring into the U.S. are not from Mexico.

They’re coming through Mexico from impoverished countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela — 170 countries in all.

But U.S. relations with Mexico are vital to stopping this deluge. To understand this, you must first know:

  • Why Mexico and the U.S. must work together beyond trade, and who is making it very difficult. Page 25
  • How both Mexico and the U.S. are contributing to the problem of drug cartel violence and illegal immigration. Page 25
  • Which policy Biden nixed that had the most consequences, significantly altering the way the U.S. handles asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border. Page 62
  • What happened when Biden killed Migrant Protection Protocols. Asylum seekers — regardless of their claim — crossed into the U.S. Once that happened, it encouraged this disastrous consequence. Page 63
  • How to stop the flow of fentanyl into our country. Page 48
  • Definitive proof the left destroyed Trump’s policies out of spite? Because the left had no time to do this one thing. If they had, they would have predicted the rush on our border just hours after they reversed this Trump policy. Page 53

If you read this book for even one
reason, do it for your children.

They’re in grave danger.

With untold number of terrorists, illegal immigrants, cartels, and gang members flowing over our borders and infiltrating our country, and our government having no idea where they are right now . . .

We must protect our children from becoming victims of gang violence; accidental fentanyl overdoses; being injured or killed in a terror attack; or kidnapped and sold into a life of sex slavery — like the 15-year-old girl attending an NBA game in Dallas, Texas, you’ll read about in your FREE BOOK.

Know that what’s taking place isn’t just happening in border towns or big cities anymore — it’s everywhere, even in our quaint small towns.

As a parent, grandparent, family member, or concerned citizen, you need to know the disastrous effects Biden’s open border policies are having on America.

They’re more far-reaching, reckless, and devastating than anyone realizes.

Currently, it’s estimated the violent MS-13 gang has upward of 10,000 members in the U.S., and more coming in each day.

  • Our children can no longer go to the park and be safe — gangs like MS-13 are taking over. See what’s happening in one small Virginia town. Page 30
  • Cartels are hiring kids to do their dirty work. MS-13 gang members recruit members under 18. And yet, the U.S. is letting in this age group under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — with no mandatory background checks. They’re encouraging human and drug trafficking! Page 31
  • Why are our kids going to the dark side to work for gangs, and how they are being recruited. Page 115
  • What is China flooding our children’s social media pages with deadly trends — like “Blackout,” the “Tide Pod Challenge,” “Benadryl Challenge,” and others — but forbidding children in China to watch. Page 48
  • Fentanyl overdoses have become the No. 1 cause of death among U.S. adults ages 18-45 — it’s been called a national emergency. Even toddlers are dying from it. Why the buck stops with Mexico and China. Pages 48, 105, and 118
  • See the number of deadly doses of fentanyl already removed from America’s communities through Operation Last Mile — and more than 1,100 cases involved the use of social media to reach our kids. Why the number of fentanyl seizures should scare the living daylights out of any parent. Page 117

What can you do to protect your children, and what must America do? The solution, according to expert Charles Marino in his book, Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

Time to turn the tables on illegals
and criminal and gang violence
and regain control.

There’s one issue both the left and right agree on — no one wants cartels, terrorists, drug and human traffickers who would do harm to take the space of immigrants who just want a better life here in America. But . . .

There’s only ONE WAY to do this: Secure our borders and get rid of the dangerous NGOs who corrupt and blackmail our own government. By using NGOs, we’re paying for criminal aliens to stay in America. There is hope in this fight for sovereignty and safety.

Discover how America (and you) can make these organizations disappear with the help of Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

“We could secure our borders in ONE
WEEK” if our leaders really wanted to.

Border expert and homeland security authority Charles Marino fully believes we can. But the floodgates are now open, and the gloves must come off. There are seven highly disturbing dangers in not doing so, and you’ll find them on page 172 of Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

What will happen if we continue with this Wild West, lawless immigration? America’s citizens will be forced to take back their communities from criminals not being held accountable. What will our fight look like? See on page 173.

Now the good news . . .

We can avoid the warfare with the steps outlined in Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country.

Inside this shocking, eye-opening book — packed with insights, information, and “combat” plans — you’ll discover Marino’s four-step plan to “save America,” which includes calling mass illegal immigration what it really is; bringing back a critical program Biden eliminated when he took office in 2021; putting up specific types of barriers; and letting these key officers do their job.

There’s even a strategy for how the U.S. can pay for this plan.

Author and Homeland Security expert Charles Marino wrote Terrorists on the Border and in Our Country to warn all Americans about what’s really taking place with the current administration, immigration, and border security — and why it’s happening.

Marino spells out the mistakes the Biden administration has made so you can see where everything went wrong, and who is responsible. Most important, you’ll know which steps we must take as American citizens, and what we must demand of our government and elected officials to fix this monstrous crisis.

If we don’t take the proper steps now, we’re inviting large-scale terrorism into our cities and small towns the likes of which we have never seen. It will be inevitable, and moving forward, you may not recognize America. Find out what steps we must force our government to take, and why Marino’s plan WILL work.

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