First to announce Trump’s plan to run
again . . . Dick Morris now reveals
Trump’s ‘Secret Plan’ to win . . . 
and the coming big surprise!

Dick Morris’ new #1 bestseller reveals
Trump’s strategy to RETURN to the White House,
shock the left-wing establishment . . . and
win over millions of new Trump voters . . . 

President Trump Says:

“The Return is a fantastic political analysis . . . Dick Morris is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, who is also a true political pro. Great book, get it now!”

Donald Trump was angry . . . it was April 2020 and President Trump was behind more than 11 points in the polls — and these were Republican polls!

The left-wing media’s years of attacks, manipulation, COVID — and, well, outright lies about Trump — were paying off big time for the Democrats.

They were on the verge of taking the White House.

Then President Trump sent out an urgent message: “Call Dick Morris!”

Soon, Dick Morris became one of Trump’s secret advisers — part of his innermost “kitchen cabinet” — with almost daily phone calls with the president and a flurry of memos and reports.

Trump knew what he was getting with Dick Morris.

He is one of the top political strategists in the world.

He single-handedly nursed Bill Clinton from political oblivion to make an incredible political comeback in 1996.

For that, Time magazine dubbed Dick Morris “the most influential man in America.”

For decades now Dick has been at the forefront of advising presidents, prime ministers, world leaders, and now Donald Trump.

In 2016, Dick Morris joined the Trump bandwagon for president early.

He was so sure Trump would win, when all the pollsters said he’d lose, Dick wrote a book during the campaign. It was called “Armageddon: How Trump Beats Hillary.”

The big media laughed at Dick and the book. “Fiction,” they called his book.

Well, “Armageddon” was the only major pro-Trump book written in 2016.

And it was a runaway bestseller — sitting 13 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list!

Dick gave Trump a plan to win in 2016: Attack, confront, ridicule, and destroy Hillary Clinton!

The plan worked. Donald Trump became the president of the United States.

In his blockbuster NEW book, The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback, Dick Morris once again reveals how Donald Trump can soon become the 47th president of the United States.

But in The Return, Dick reveals 3 Principles for patriotic Americans who want to win in 2024:

  • First, make sure the upcoming elections are free and fair — we can’t let it happen again!
  • Second, our candidate must be Donald J. Trump — no exceptions
  • Third, we must win back the country by reframing the Trump agenda to create the New Majority

Since he left office, Donald Trump and Dick Morris speak all the time.

Donald Trump has endorsed The Return.

Unlike most politicians who like to keep their plans secret, Trump wants to “open source” his plan and have millions of his supporters join him in his crusade.

Dick Morris has his plan.

For the first time, Dick goes public with what really happened in 2020 . . . and what he and Trump know must happen now for “The Return” to happen in 2024.

BIG IDEA #1: Conservatives must realize
that there are new rules.

President Trump Says:

“Dick Morris and I conferred regularly throughout the 2016 and 2020 campaigns. He helped me hone my message and aim it at the right audience. His father was my attorney, and he is my counselor.”

Unless the right figures out how to beat the Democrats and the radical left under these new rules, freedom-loving Americans will lose again.

You’ve seen the massive repercussions of a 2020 election where the bad guys won by making their own rules.

As a result we face crushing inflation, unfathomable gas prices, a devalued dollar, wide-open borders, raging crime, and major wars breaking out — just for starters.

President Biden?

No one could have predicted the depths of destruction that have taken place under his leadership (or as Dick calls it, “non-leadership”).

The Return takes you on a journey through what happened in the 2020 elections . . . why Trump was so successful during his presidency . . . and why the left hated him so much (and still does) and why they’ll stop at nothing to end his political power, including indicting him!

At the same time, the far left has taken control of our federal government: They are using racism, gender “equality,” and the brute power of the Washington establishment to enforce their will and to destroy traditional America.

Get your FREE COPY of Dick Morris’ The Return now — a $27.99 value. Click here.

Inside this explosive new book, you’ll also discover:

  • How Democrats were able to achieve such massive voter turnout using a phony narrative — it was their one great equalizer . . . page 3
  • The Big COVID Lie: The Democrats used the virus to change the election rules . . . changing the playing field for the first time in presidential elections . . . page 4
  • The Honest Truth: what really happened in the election (we can’t say it because of Big Tech censorship, but it’s in the book! Don’t let this happen in ‘22 and ‘24!) . . . page 5
  • 8 shocking reasons Democrats won (and you’ll be shocked!) . . . page 8
  • Why Trump and the GOP no longer can rely on the Electoral College to win in ‘24 . . . page 14
  • Why we have to use the new rules to WIN — it’s do or die . . . page 9
  • How Democrats (and George Soros funding) controlled the election by making sure they had this one key thing happen in key swing states in 2018 . . . page 16
  • The fight over the “Mask and the President” (should he wear one or not) and why it played a major role in the election . . . page 68
  • The left’s harebrained idea to pay off the national debt —it’s costing Americans dearly and widening the gap between America’s rich and poor . . . page 147
  • Why Biden’s policy of devaluing the currency is going to end in massive disaster . . . page 148
  • The radical PRO Act Biden and Pelosi are pushing (and are still trying to slip into law), which effectively ends sole proprietorships and small business with forced unionization of workers . . . page 79
  • The truth about critical race theory: It’s not about race, it’s about destroying “white power” and changing the political landscape of America forever . . . page 128
  • The Inflation Nightmare: Ever wonder why Biden and Pelosi keep pumping trillions into the economy and wrecking the economy and destroying your wealth? Dick reveals their (sick) agenda . . . page 143
  • Why the left’s claim during the 2020 campaign that Trump’s comments were inaccurate, even dangerous . . . is completely FAKE — see the truth on page 154
  • The reason why Big Tech gets away with censorship, and why a legal exemption called “230” is giving Big Tech a shield to hide behind (and it must be abolished in the future) . . . page 160

Far more than just a playbook of what occurred in the 2020 elections, Dick Morris reveals why Trump — and no one else — must be the presidential candidate.

“There can be no substitutes!” he warns, or else the GOP will most assuredly lose!

The Democrats are setting to light the final match on our social, cultural, economic, and political freedoms.

“The evidence is overwhelming Joe Biden covered up for China and sold out America’s interests . . . it’s all in Hunter’s laptop,” Dick Morris argues.

Morris also warns that China’s power tool is now “mind control” — using state power to control the information flow to manipulate the public.

Mike Huckabee Says:

“Nobody knows — and wins — politics better than Dick Morris. If you want Pres. Trump back in ‘24 and America great again, then get ‘The Return.’”

He says the Democrats are employing similar techniques in the U.S.!

In The Return, Morris shows how Trump can expose Biden’s China Game once and for all . . . 

In The Return Dick also explains why Democrats are pushing a new definition of gender without regard to science . . . and how this can help Trump and the GOP.

As 2024 approaches, the stakes have never been higher.

With elections drawing closer, The Return is the MUST-READ political book of the year!

Inside this shocking NEW “tell it like it is” book from one of Washington’s most respected campaign insiders, you’ll discover:

  • The secret to conservatives grabbing legitimate votes and more of them . . . page 6
  • Why dumping Trump for DeSantis will ensure the GOP loses the White House (Dick says you must read this) . . . page 15
  • What Trump told Morris about running again in ‘24 (Dick is 100% convinced Trump will run again and WIN) . . . page 51
  • Trump’s secret coalition partner that helped in 2020 and will give him a New Majority in ‘24 . . . page 53
  • Trump’s closely guarded secret to defend against ruthless attacks — and who taught him this skill . . . page 56
  • A secret GOP poll found that the “Frank Perdue” strategy would resonate with voters and flip massive votes to Trump (it did!) . . . page 65
  • Shocker: AOC is actually prepping to run in 2024 to become the party’s new Bernie Sanders (Dick says she should not be dismissed!) . . . page 90
  • The terrifying prospect of our elections becoming nationalized . . . page 106
  • A new platform Morris firmly believes we should run on to snag the 2024 election win . . . page 130
  • One track star’s heart-wrenching story of how Democrats’ transgender agenda is destroying female athletes . . . page 134
  • A horrific Democrat plan to go after assets you’ve already paid taxes on . . . page 194

There’s even a plan to change how you’re taxed on capital gains — and it’s far more devious, dirty, and diabolical than just having you fork over money to the federal government.

We must put Trump back in the White House or you’ll be paying taxes on a home you haven’t even sold yet. All the mind-numbing details are on page 188.

And those assets you already paid taxes on that are sitting in the bank or in your portfolio?

President Biden has a plan to tax you again on that money every year.

Plus: Why breaking up big tech companies like Google would curb their vile intentions and foster competition, which is why we need to push that legislation.

Claim your FREE book, The Return, today so you don’t lose your home, farm, business, pensions, stocks, and bonds in a government confiscation.

You’ll know exactly why Trump is our last best hope when you read Morris’ The Return.

Filled with personal stories, anecdotes,
and eye-opening facts,
The Return is a political bombshell.

Wait until you discover the left’s true agenda and their reason for pushing the HR1 and S1 bills so hard.

Truth is . . .

These bills will entrench the left in power forever! It’s all there in black and white on page 33 — including stripping state control over elections . . . eradicating voter registration and ID checks . . . and stacking the Federal Election Commission.

Wait until you discover what’s behind the hard push by Biden when it comes to electric cars, solar power, and wind turbines.

Newsmax is going to give you a sneak peek right now . . .

Here’s what the left is hiding behind their so-called “altruistic” attempt to go green that no one — and certainly not the media — is talking about . . .

Excerpt from The Return

See why China is a colossal threat when it comes to 5G information systems.

We must secure a Trump WIN . . . or get ready to have China eavesdrop on what you write, say, and think.

Even our most confidential conversations won’t be sacred.

When you see how many American companies the Chinese already own, it’ll blow your mind.

Trump could always be counted on to battle China and protect America. Another win in the White House for him would seal the deal.

But in Biden’s America, China is the good guy. The Return spells out everything — including Biden’s cozy financial ties to China — Morris pulls no punches. You’ll see exactly why it’s clear Biden is China’s best friend.

Trump can be our only candidate
— but can he win?

Washington insider and close Trump confidant Dick Morris says YES.

The Return reveals why Morris is 100% convinced Trump WILL run again and WIN! Why is Morris so sure?

Because Morris understands what made Trump so adored by conservatives and so successful as president of the United States. For example . . .

About Dick Morris

Famed presidential strategist Dick Morris was dubbed by Time as the most “influential man in America.” A former adviser to both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, Morris has won campaigns for presidents, prime ministers, senators, and officials all over the world. He is a Newsmax analyst and host of the show Dick Morris Democracy. He is also the author of 10 New York Times bestsellers.

  • Trump understood something about China no one else did — it’s shocking and yet brilliant! Anti-Trumpers in Washington had it all wrong . . . page 46
  • Trump’s tax cut brought massive relief to working people and dramatically reduced the income disparity between rich and poor in the United States. (Finally — the first tax cut to mean something to the working class!) . . . page 53
  • Trump vastly reduced the number of closing factories or exported jobs in China . . . page 53

And those lower wages plaguing American workers? Trump’s effective bans on illegal immigration materially raised wages of the American working class.

Think you’ll ever hear about that on CNN, MSNBC, the mainstream media, or even Fox News?

No . . . but it’s all spelled out in The Return.

Plus, you’ll be privy to many more never-before-revealed reasons why Trump WILL win the presidential election if conservatives play it right.

Everything you need to know is in your FREE book, The Return, by famed political campaign strategist Dick Morris. Claim it here.

Morris takes you inside Trump’s personal life
to see what made him who he is today.

Read fascinating stories you never hear in the news about the most powerful forces in Trump’s life — those like famous political fixer Roy Cohn, Trump’s father Fred, and Morris’ father, Eugene. Plus . . .

  • Hear what tipped Dick Morris over the top to join the Trump campaign . . .
  • Why it was kept top-secret Morris was working closely with Trump . . .
  • The real reason Morris refused to be paid for his role . . .
  • Why telling President Trump about polls was a political hot potato . . .
  • How dropping the F-bomb persuaded Trump to wear a mask in public . . .
  • What it’s really like to golf with Trump . . .
  • Why those who say “Trump is his own worst enemy” just don’t get it . . .
  • How “45” was able to control renegades in his party and foreign leaders . . .
  • Trump’s brilliant strategy to discredit the media . . .
  • Why the left has no plan to be tough on crime but rather be soft on criminals by decriminalizing crime. Morris reveals how we can use the crime issue for a Trump WIN in 2024!

Morris also looks at the three biggest issues facing America today: scorching inflation, unfettered immigration, and an unending crime wave.

If conservatives play their cards right, these are also the issues that will skewer the Democrats.

The Return gives you an up-close look at what the left has inflicted on our country so far, and how they will make America unrecognizable — from partisanship becoming a blood sport to new election rules giving the Dems permanent control!

If you only read one political book
this year . . . read The Return.

If you don’t want to be held prisoner by woke envy . . . held hostage for slaves you never owned . . . have your children taught to hate one another . . . see heroes be debased and defiled . . . watch our democracy to be destroyed by fake ballots, phony signatures, and ghost voters . . . be owned and spied on by China . . . drown in a sea of illegals and walk in crime-filled streets where criminals are celebrated and encouraged . . . lose your house or portfolio assets . . . then do this one thing . . .

It’s the HOTTEST political book of the year! Claim your FREE COPY today!

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Look, we don’t know if we’ll be able to get more copies, given current supply issues. But . . .

Rest assured Newsmax is committed to getting this book into the hands of every American who wants to restore America to greatness.

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YES! Rush my FREE copy of Dick Morris’ The Return (a $28 value) with free shipping and handling. And start my one year (12 issues) subscription to Newsmax Magazine — all for only $12.95! PLUS: If you order today, we’ll include a FREE Newsmax Cap (a $24.95 value) — for a total value of $90!

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