New Biography


By Chadwick Moore


He was the most powerful conservative voice in America.

And then, in a moment, he was gone.

At least from his perch at Fox News.

Now bestselling author Chadwick Moore reveals what really happened to Tucker Carlson in his new book, TUCKER.

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For millions of Americans, Tucker Carlson was long the only major media voice providing a strong counternarrative to establishment Washington and the mainstream press.

He spoke out on the issues few would dare talk about: COVID-19 vaccines, Jan. 6, critical race theory, the new trans agenda, the Ukraine war, even UFOs, among many more.

His ratings — the highest in cable news history — spoke for themselves.

Tucker Carlson granted author Chadwick Moore unprecedented access to his professional and personal life.

Now Moore reveals the shocking details of Carlson’s departure from Fox — as Fox continues to refuse to explain why their No. 1 host was sacked.

Based on hundreds of interviews with Carlson, his family, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies, TUCKER offers an inside look into one of the most beloved — and polarizing — media figures of our time.

Who is Tucker Carlson off camera?

How did his upbringing contribute to who he is today?

What motivates the man who has been (and will surely reemerge as) the most influential and, in the establishment’s eyes, the most dangerous voice in America?

And what is his next big move?

Some say he will be back on TV . . . others say his podcast on Twitter will grow into a media empire.

There has even been buzz Tucker may run for president.

Find out the big answers about one of the most influential and controversial people of our day — Tucker Carlson!

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