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Our much-loved former president left an enduring legacy, remember him as a great leader by claiming this great gift package:

Gift #1: Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny. This groundbreaking, 90-minute film on DVD hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich documents the life, legacy, and accomplishments of Ronald Reagan, our 40th president of the United States. (A $19.95 value)

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  • Celebrate the former president's storied life with
    candid interviews and private anecdotes from
    Reagan's "inner circle" . . .
  • Discover why Reagan changed his affiliation from
    Democrat to Republican . . .
  • View how President Reagan's force of will brought
    about the collapse of the Soviet Union . . .
  • Discover how Reagan helped the United States
    emerge from a recession with unprecedented
    economic growth . . .
  • See the top moments that defined Reagan's
    presidency . . .
  • Plus much, much more . . .

Gift #2: Reagan's 100th: A Transformational President. This popular Newsmax Magazine commemorative issue (a limited edition) chronicles the life, legacy, and accomplishments of one of America's greatest presidents. (A $5 value)

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  • See what Reagan would say to the American people if he
    were alive today, courtesy of presidential historian
    Douglas Brinkley (best-selling author of The Reagan Diaries) . . .
  • Read an exclusive personal account from a former
    Reagan adversary, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev
    (and what he really thought of Reagan) . . .
  • Take a private tour of President Reagan's favorite place,
    Rancho del Cielo in Santa Barbara, with his son
    Michael as guide . . .
  • Enjoy a nostalgic photo spread depicting Reagan through
    the years, from a 1940s Life magazine ad to his
    1981 inauguration . . .
  • Discover Barack Obama's surprising views on Ronald Reagan . . .
  • And much more you'll have to see to believe . . .

Gift #3: A 3-Month Trial Subscription to Newsmax Magazine. Discover for
yourself why over a million people have already found it THE SOURCE for the "other side
of the news." (A $15 value — FREE!)

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  • One source that brings you in-depth cover stories, unvarnished truth you deserve, and hard-hitting investigative reports . . .
  • Powerful, insightful commentaries and articles by Bill O’Reilly, Ben Stein, Dr. Laura, Nancy Brinker, and mmany others . . .
  • An award-winning publication that’s been praised by President Trump, Ben Carson, Michael Reagan, and others.
  • Ben Stein says it gives you “the bare knuckles truth” to help make sense of this ever-changing landscape and how it affects you, your family and your future.
  • Mike Reagan, the elder son of the late President Ronald Reagan says: “I guarantee that you’ll love Newsmax Magazine.”

Health RadarGift #4: A 2-Month Trial Subscription to Health Radar. A popular monthly health advisory newsletter from Newsmax. (A $6.50 value)

Health Radar
  • Powerful strategies to help you fight back against
    cancer, weight gain, joint pain, memory loss, and
    many other health conditions . . .
  • Solutions to protect you from unnecessary treatments, dangerous pills, and sky-high medical costs . . .
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to help add many years of
    robust health and vitality to your life . . .
  • And more, much more . . .

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YES! Please send me my FREE copy of the DVD, Ronald Reagan: Rendezvous With Destiny and the commemorative issue, Reagan’s 100th: A Transformational President, for only $4.95 to cover shipping. I understand I will also receive a 3-month trial subscription to Newsmax Magazine and a 2-month trial subscription to Health Radar at no additional cost or obligation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax included where applicable. Your trial subscriptions come with convenient automatic renewal. At the end of each subscription, we'll notify you. If you want to keep the publications, do nothing and we'll renew your subscriptions using your credit/debit card on file. We'll charge you $42.95 for one year (12 issues) of Newsmax Magazine and $42.95 for one year (12 issues) of Health Radar and thereafter at the lowest rate then in effect. There is no risk, you can cancel within the first six months for a full refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

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