Ronald Reagan: His Winning Wit (DVD)

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From actor to governor of California to our 40th president, Ronald “Dutch” Reagan used his wit and charisma to win the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. His skill as an orator earned him the title of “the great communicator.”

In this Newsmax TV exclusive narrated by his son Michael Reagan, you’ll revisit some of the beloved former president’s funniest and greatest moments.

See how he advanced conservative policies designed to stimulate growth, curb inflation, strengthen national defense, and end the cold war — all while remaining calm under pressure. President for just 69 days, he faced his first crisis — being shot. Despite nearly dying, he joked with his wife “Honey, I forgot to duck.”

Sit back and enjoy watching President Reagan share laughs with Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and others. Also included is commentary from Bill O’Reilly and other Reagan biographers, who detail his ability to work skillfully with both sides of the aisle and the press corps.

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