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Things That Matter

Charles Krauthammer's Things That Matter is now a #1 New York Times best-seller.

Krauthammer, the widely popular commentator on Fox News and one of America's preeminent columnists, has just published the long-awaited collection of his essential and timeless writings.

In Things That Matter you'll not only find Krauthammer's passionate defense of limited government, but also see his highly independent mind and discover that his views — on feminism, evolution and the death penalty, for example — often defy ideological convention.

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Things That Matter features several of Krauthammer's major path-breaking essays — on politics, Obama, bioethics, on his religious faith, and on America's role as the world's superpower — that have profoundly influenced the nation's thoughts and policies.

Things That Matter was just released and already it's a New York Times and Amazon best-seller.

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