He’s a disrupter. He’s an outsider. Donald J. Trump has a management style and world view startlingly different from any other president in American history, and according to Theodore Roosevelt Malloch and Felipe J. Cuello, authors of the explosive new book Trump’s World, that’s what has made Trump our most brilliant and innovative commander in chief . . . ever.

In Trump’s World, Malloch and Cuello transport you inside the White House for an exclusive look at Trump’s presidency and his populist outlook. They zero in on exactly what shapes his policy on both domestic and foreign affairs.

In this fascinating portrait of the maverick businessman and fledgling politician, the authors reveal why Trump is not a man to be underestimated. Our 45th president and leader of the free world is a formidable force with a worldwide following that is growing exponentially . . . and the pendulum of history is swinging in his direction.

In this vital and informative exposé, you will see clearly and precisely how Trump has brought new ideas and new hope to an ailing political system. In Trump’s World you will discover:

  • How Trump has reined in the excesses of European rule and finally forced European nations to pay their fair share in defense and security — and how this has made him hated by many top leaders. (Page 12)
  • Trump’s innovative plan to boost America’s capitalist might — fighting the radical liberals and socialists who are trying to tear it down. (Page 35)
  • Why Trump’s leadership echoes that of American icon Teddy Roosevelt — and how both men share a swagger and style that exemplifies our nation’s strength. (Page 86)
  • How Trump is working to restore America’s long-crumbling spiritual foundation by channeling into and promoting its religious heritage. (Page 133)
  • Trump’s bold plan to fix decades of bad policy in Iran and crush its role as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism. (Page 153)
  • The no-nonsense trade blueprint Trump has put into place around the world to boost prosperity for the United States. (Page 161)
  • How Trump is exposing the United Nations as a bloated, undemocratic, expensive, and fragmented organization mired in scandal and waste — and what he wants to do about it. (Page 176)
  • The political collision course being paved between Trump’s United States and Germany — and how he is forcing Deutschland’s hand. (Page 202)
  • Why Trump is rooting for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his extraordinary maneuvering to fix the Brexit mess. (Page 254)
  • How Trump is fighting to reverse the nation’s colleges and universities from continuing their damaging liberal ideologies — and make American education great again. (Page 268)

In addition, Malloch and Cuello predict how Trump will continue his bold leadership into a second term with an all-powerful rule over the nation and the world.

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