How Bill Spetrino, a quiet, cautious man from America’s heartland,
tamed a vicious market and racked up one triple-digit gain after
another, all by destroying the conventional wisdom that insists . . .

Stock Options Are a Cesspool
of Treachery and Heartbreak!

A rigorous and exacting two‑year test that involved 1,031 real people, using their own money, has just concluded with a remarkable result.

Bill Spetrino

The test involved people with whom you may have a lot in common. They are conservative people who read Bill Spetrino’s Dividend Machine newsletter.

What they discovered during the test is that it’s possible to make extraordinary money trading options — yes options — but only as long as you are not totally desperate for money and, most importantly, you’re really careful.

Because of that, they no longer believe it’s a “radical” idea to easily trade options safely, with a 70% win rate or higher. And, when you accept this as a fact, you too could find that it’s much, much easier to make money in the stock market.

Safety-first options trading with Bill Spetrino has also exposed another “radical” idea — the idea that, unlike with the majority of the financial industry, there is no need to pay a massive annual fee to trade options successfully.

In other words Bill Spetrino is standing the options world on its ear!

An Unlikely Hero Emerges

Bill . . . I’m a church going guy and I could say that hooking up with you has been an incredible blessing. I am grateful for your insight and helping me steady my ship during the rough waters. I just went over $1 million on my Apple holding. I’m ecstatic.

As a Dividend Machine reader, you know from his podcasts and newsletter that Bill is a straight shooter.

And, you know Dividend Machine readers are anything but high-risk gunslingers.

Yet during the past two years, a test group of 1,031 Dividend Machine readers used their own money to trade options with superb success.

Their closed options positions have gains of 38.38% . . . 125.06% . . . 48.15% . . . 18.36% . . . 50.99% . . . 131.97% . . . 89.79% . . . 160.42%.

As for their open positions, today, one is at 135% and climbing.

Best of all, as you’ll see, their losses have been minimal.

Here’s the Big Secret That Turned Low‑Risk
Investors Into High‑Yield Options Traders

There’s a reason they’re having unheard of success with options.

It’s because Bill shares with them an essential investment truth the financial industry works overtime to hide.

Here’s the secret to Bill’s remarkably successful options trading guidance.

Judge for yourself!

Unlike Bill Spetrino, the Rest Of the
Investment World Is Just Guessing

Hi Bill . . . I have learned more in the one year that I have been a member than I learned in the last 15 years combined of trading. I love the options trades and have done very well with your coaching . . .THANK YOU!!!

I purchased the 2018 Apple Options for $15.59 and currently I am up 194%. I also purchased the 2019 Apple Options for $24.11 and I am currently at 53.27% on those.

When is the last time you heard the blunt truth — “only buy the best of the best companies.”

My three decades of experience as a financial publisher tells me that, except for Bill Spetrino, the vast majority of the investment world doesn’t even bother to ponder that powerful idea.

Need proof?

One notable financial publisher recently moaned that “the biggest names in the market are too crowded.”

The implication being that you should stay away from the very best of the good stocks, as if there’s some tipping point when one investor can make, say, Apple, too crowded to buy.

Worse, he seems to imply that your financial future rests on stocks and options from unloved, secret stocks with unproven technologies or businesses that are destined to be moonshots.

The idea of maximizing risk to chase fly-by-night returns is, of course, the logic of madmen.

Yet, it’s with a straight face that these pitchmen fill your mailbox with “moonshot-stock” advertising.

Amid an Industry of Boisterous Braggarts,
One Man Is the Options Whisperer

Bill . . . I have only one Apple position but that’s up 200%!!!! Thanks for getting things turned around for us this year . . . That’s why I upped to the 5 year subscription.

Best regards,

Thankfully, unlike the careless hucksters, great investors know the truth. But generally they don’t brag about it.

As a subscriber of The Dividend Machine you know that Bill Spetrino is one of America’s most cautious investors and investment gurus. His sole focus is on solid companies that both are undervalued and pay steady dividends.

Now, there’s something else people will know about Bill. After a two‑year rigorous test, 1,031 people know Bill is also quite possibly the world’s most careful options trader.

There is a reason for that.

Because unlike many options traders, Bill is not scurrying around in a panic. The options he’ll show you have one thing in common . . . they represent the foundation of all stock market success because they are only from the world’s best companies.

And, Bill built a large following of almost 30,000 Dividend Machine subscribers by focusing on only the very best of the really good companies. As a result, Bill’s core Dividend Machine portfolio — long‑term retirement money — has steadily delivered an annualized return of 14%.

When Stocks Go Slow, Options Go High

One of those companies in his core portfolio is Micron Technologies.

In the middle of his two-year, real-world, real-money options trading test . . . Bill said his 1,031 conservative inventors should consider buying Micron options calls.

That happened on June 10, 2016.

Then, solid, boring Micron’s stock went on a tear . . . up 60% by December 9, 2016.

That’s the day the conservative, careful options traders, who followed advice, closed their Micron options position for a 160.42% gain.

The Financial World Is Embarrassed
by the Word CAREFUL

Again, think about the investment advertising aimed at your regular mailbox and your email inbox.

How many of them — if any — feature careful investing?

Most of them are usually make‑a‑bundle‑fast ads . . . they imply stock returns are so “modest” that a majority of investors need to tap into the options market and its torrent of fortune‑building wealth.

This is the world of the big score!

Options are a place to find those big scores.

So here is another radical truth I want to share with you . . . though, most of you already know this.

Bill . . . I’m up $77k profit thanks to Inner Circle, and that’s after taking it on the teeth with the Micron and Qualcomm trades!

Thank you for doing what you do!

Truly conservative investors know this — they blanch at the thought of taking on crazy risks!

Yet, as I will continue to show you, during the past two years, in a real‑world test, 1,031 ultra‑conservative investors dived headfirst into options trading . . .

They are not nuts.

And, they are definitely not careless!

They usually only invest in blue‑chip stocks that pay dividends, and plow the dividends back into the companies that paid them.

These super conservatives are devoted followers of the quiet former accountant who has become one of America’s most careful investors.

Because of that, in the two‑year test, the 1,031 had a revelatory experience and met with remarkable success!

A String of Sensational Options Successes
From Remarkable Caution

As I indicated a moment ago, what these cautious, safety‑first investors found in options is a river teeming with sensational gains that have run as high as 160.42%.

But they are also embracing the radical notion that, if investing is hard, options are harder . . .

So even with options, they are counting on the fortunes of outstanding companies . . . companies with stocks that are great investments.

Therefore: It is more than possible for cautious investors, who are led by a careful guide, with a narrow list of great investments, to beat the options market for remarkable gains.

These are people you may have a lot in common with, because you’re fellow Dividend Machine subscribers.

  • The cautious investors made a total 73% return on now‑closed‑out trades.
  • They tapped into the potential for a stream of constant, steady success.
  • And, it’s the former accountant turned cautious dividend investor — perhaps the last man in the world who people would think could possess the killer, radical secret — who is safely guiding risk‑averse, conservative investors through the tumultuous world of options trading, leading them to sensational gains, time and time again.

For Cautious People Like You Who Want to Experience Steady Success by Carefully Trading Options!

Hello, I am Charles Hamilton.

I am the financial newsletter and trading publisher at internationally renowned Newsmax Media.

Newsmax is one of the world’s fastest growing media companies, because it’s a huge favorite among politically and financially conservative investors.

In fact, it’s only by being faithful to our conservative readers that we came to be ranked as the one of the top three top political news and financial sites over such sites as The Huffington Post Politics, Fox News Politics, CNN Politics, NBC News Politics, and Politico.

Our Newsmax magazine has nearly 1 million subscribers, and our book publishing division is known for its top sellers, including one that reached #1 on the New York Times’ famous best seller list.

Bill . . . you have helped me improve my portfolio by $1 million in just 6 years. AAPL, MO are my biggest gains and I’m up 277%.

Best Regards,

We are threating the heavyweights of the media world because our consistency has generated an intense loyalty among readers.

It’s a faith we return by being ultra‑careful with our investment advice.

A Quiet Accountant Saw an Overlooked Truth in the Market and Made $10 Million

And this is why I wanted to introduce you to Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle — an options service from the most careful and consistent investor I have ever met.

Bill is a former accountant turned elite investor, who is showing conservative people how to harness the stock market for remarkable gains.

He’s broken investing down to its essence, “buy good companies,” and by never deviating from this discipline Bill has soared from the relative comfort of a middle class life as an accountant to the elevated status of a millionaire many times over.

And unlike many multimillionaires, Bill is liquid. He could put his hands on $10 million cash in as little as three days.

This former accountant from Ohio also wrote a top‑selling book about how to accomplish this liquid style of financial freedom.

The inspiring subtitle of Bill’s The Great American Dividend Machine is this: How an Outsider Became the Undisputed Champ of Wall Street.

This Chef Eats His Own Cooking

But there is one more important fact about the Spetrino Inner Circle — it’s something you likely know because you are a Dividend Machine subscriber . . .

When Bill Spetrino recommends a stock or option to you, he is in there with his own money — not before you, but alongside you.

You never risk anything that this careful, conservative investor won’t risk himself.

This all leads me to one of the most important questions any reader should ask his or her financial newsletter editor.

It’s another of the big secrets financial publishing interests don’t want you to know.

I think you know the answer.

I have done quite well with the options and I have you to thank for that. One such option is Micron (MU). In the Inner Circle portfolio we bought the Jan 2017 -$8.00call options for $4.80 and sold them for $12.50; a 160% profit.

I also bought the Jan 2018-$10.00 call options for $3.40 and they are currently trading at $19.00; a 442% profit!

You also knocked it out of the park on the Apple ‘no-brainer’ options trade where I am up 172%.

Thanks again for all you do and I look forward to learning more from such an incredible man with great insight!

Bill Spetrino is a member of a very small club . . . newsletter editors who became multimillionaires by eating their own cooking. In other words, he became wealthy by investing, not by selling newsletter subscriptions.

He uses the exact techniques and makes the very same trades he offers you.

That’s why . . .

  • Bill has almost 30,000 readers just like you who trust him.
  • You trust him, and his other readers trust him, because though he’s careful, his performance is so outstanding his basic newsletter was once ranked #1 by MarketWatch’s Hulbert Financial Digest, which rates financial newsletters.
  • More than 1,000 readers of his safety-first, dividend-focused newsletter readers proved the power of only buying options in great companies.
  • Because, these 1,031 dividend investors were the real‑world subjects of Bill’s two‑year test to prove conservative people could achieve success by trading options carefully . . . carefully being the key word.
  • Among Spetrino Inner Circle’s closed positions are these stellar gains: 38.38% . . .125.06% . . . 48.15% . . . 18.36% . . . 50.99% . . . 131.97% . . . 89.79% . . . 160.42%.

Following Bill’s Careful Research,
Super Conservative People Are Amply

Now, with two years of testing behind him, Bill is ready to take his options service to the public.

And, he only has one huge demand: Bill only wants smart, careful investors to join his Inner Circle.

Because of that, he insists on making the following point.

Even doing it super carefully will find you occasionally losing on an options play.

It is the nature of the beast . . . usually because the option’s underlying stock doesn’t rise quickly enough.

So, carefully examine the following chart.

It indicates that a 70% win rate is not unusual when you’re guided by Bill Spetrino’s careful method of only picking great companies.

In fact, had you put an average $500 on each of these (now closed) options, your $6,500 would have become $11,254.

Being careful has its rewards . . . as these numbers will testify.

As you can see, you’ve missed this string of steady successes.

But the remarkable fact is that simply by being careful, today Inner Circle’s current open positions include two Apple calls that are already up 135.56% and 64.82%, a Chesapeake Energy call that’s up 38.5%, and an Herbalife call that is already up 22%.

And, that leads me to share one final radical idea with you.

Pleasure Is the Only Reason to Trade Options

Hi Bill . . . Most dramatic is the AAPL 2018 "no brainers" up 250% at this moment. Amazing recommendation!

Though they’re experiencing significant successes on carefully thought‑out trades, there’s one trait that I believe separates the Inner Circle’s cautious traders from the majority of options traders.

And this is key . . . a vital concept if you want to try options.

Here it is:

Because they think safety first, Inner Circle options trading is not primarily about the money for its conservative investors . . .

They key word is “primarily.”

In fact, because they are so conservative, the money they make on their options gains is completely secondary in their lives.

They are using no money from what is the foundation of their wealth or retirement investments.

To gamble with their future like that would be  . . . well, foolhardy, to put it kindly.

Instead, the conservative investors use their options gains to enhance the pleasure in their lives . . . vacations, boats, cars, and club memberships.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Earning a
Little More Pleasure in Your Life

In fact, in this crazy mixed‑up world, a bit of additional pleasure is a worthy goal.

That’s why . . .

  • If you’ve got both feet solidly on the ground . . .
  • If you understand that money can be a powerful tool . . .
  • If you accept that low‑risk does not mean no‑risk . . .
  • If you just want to be the best options trader on your block or in your building . . .

For Bill Spetrino, Careful Options Gains Means Precise Moments When an Option Is Ripe for Success . . . NO GUESSING!

Most everyone else charges $1,000 to $5,000 for options advice . . . but, to justify that high price they turn around and churn through 50 to 100 or more trades a year.

Certainly, those high‑frequency traders have a number of winners each year . . . but they are for people who understand the additional risks that come with so many trades.

This big difference with Bill is that, simply by being careful, you could maximize the money you make.

That’s why with Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle you’ll receive a carefully chosen LEAPS options trade at a rate of around one per month, sometimes two a month.

Being careful does not mean a shotgun blast.

Being careful means a precision strike at the perfect moment.

That’s why I want to make a subscription to Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle an easy decision for you.

Bill’s is a different style of options service, so I am going to make you a one‑of‑a‑kind offer.

Because you are a Dividend Machine subscriber I want to make sure you are in before we roll out our national advertising.

We are set to charge $997 for a year of Inner Circle for people who aren’t affiliated with Bill.

But that’s not you!

That’s why Bill has asked me to offer you a very special opportunity.

Bill Spetrino Could Be the Least Greedy
Multimillionaire Ever!

I believe that $397 is an absurdly low price for such a time‑tested service.

But Bill is adamant that because he’s already doing the research anyway, he has virtually no overhead . . . you are essentially compensating for the time he takes each month to keep you up to date on Inner Circle’s action.

Because a subscription to Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle is so affordable, I expect a deluge of new subscribers.

Then many more when national advertising begins.

If you are acquainted with options you know that too many traders can artificially inflate an option’s price.

That’s a bad deal for everyone but the market makers.

Bill primarily trades LEAPS options.

LEAPS are long‑term options that typically extend two years out.

Your Secret to a Smooth Ride
Around the Options Track

Bill . . . I hope you get this message. I cannot thank enough for your service and what you have done for me and my family financial future. There are no words to describe but to simply say "thank you."

I wanted to share with you and our audience of Inner Circle my most successful trade. I've listen to you and layer in which is why I was able to gain so much. As of May 9, option calls AAPL Jan 2018 $90 = 263% HLF Jan 2018 $47.50 = 146%


All LEAPS expire in January, so a 2017 Micron LEAPs option will expire this January, a 2018 LEAPS option will expire next January, and so forth.

The length of the LEAPS makes them a lower‑risk trade. Bill carefully lowers risk further by only suggesting LEAPS from the best of the best companies.

It is possible for more traders to jump into a LEAPS option because it has a more distant expiration than a short‑term option.

LEAPS traders are calmer, not so antsy.

Still, too many traders could eventually create an artificial market, even with the best companies . . .

So, at some point I will have to stop accepting new Inner Circle subscribers.

But, honestly, that’s probably not going to happen for a month or so . . .

And, I don’t want to even think about the names you might call me if you supposed I was introducing you to a careful options trading service, yet trying to rush your decision.

The Powerful Zen of Careful

Look, the 21st century feels a bit unstable. It seems as if the whole idea of life today is to keep us agitated . . . wondering when our beliefs will come under fire . . . looking over our shoulders.

But it doesn’t have to be that way with your money!

You don’t have to take a lot of risks.

It’s more than possible to get ahead . . . to get way ahead . . . and not get punished for being careful.

That’s why joining Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle should be a part of your monthly investment plan.

Inner Circle is not like driving a high‑performance car.

It’s like driving a Volvo . . . a comfortable ride with a ton of safety features so you get to your destination in one piece. And it’s not quite as boring as you’d think once you get behind the wheel.

A Careful Man in a Reckless
Time Is a Rare Thing . . .
Bill Spetrino Is That Rare Man

So, it comes down to this.

Great companies make for great investments, and the best of the best make for better investments, whether as stocks or as options.

A tweet can’t hurt a great company.

A blog can’t hurt a great company.

A rocket launch in Asia can’t hurt a great company.

A slick, blow‑dried TV bloviator cannot hurt a great company.

Investing is hard, but it’s a heck of a lot easier when you’re in stocks and options from great companies . . . companies with foundations so strong they can withstand anything the 21st century throws at them.

Bill Spetrino is a cautious man, yet he became a multimillionaire by carefully buying the stocks and options of a limited number of great, great companies.

These Are the Greatest Benefits
the Spetrino Inner Circle Can Offer You

Yet, when you subscribe to the Spetrino Inner Circle today, you will also receive these other important benefits:

Hi . . . I am up in HLF by 110%; AAPL - 215%; and QCOM - 4%. Fantastic and thank you Bill and everyone else at Newsmax.

  1. A Weekly Podcast Posted to a Secure, Members‑Only Inner Circle Website — For my part, I would pay $397 just to listen to these. It’s like Bill is just talking to you . . . as if he’s sitting in your living room. That means Bill’s podcast is not a slick production. You can hear the wheels grinding as one of the world’s top investors digs into his inner thoughts. That means Bill gives you his thoughts on the state of open options positions in the portfolio . . . Bill’s unique insights on investing, wealth building, and what the greatest minds on Wall Street are doing.
  2. Investment Secrets Revealed — Bill cannot directly answer in a personal response any specific questions you might have. But, it’s completely OK for Bill to answer your questions in a podcast that is available to all subscribers.
  3. You Never Have to Sweat the Tyranny of Missed Trade Alerts — As Bill identifies LEAPS option opportunities, he will send out trade alerts to notify you it’s time to take a position. But the great thing about LEAPS is that a bunch of people buying one on a given day doesn’t necessarily spike the price that much . . . so if you’re a day late taking action, even a couple of days, chances are you could still buy in at a very fair price.
  4. Clear Instructions When to Sell — When it comes time to exit a LEAPS position, you will receive a comprehensive update with the logic behind the sell order . . . and, occasionally, a reason you might want to hang on a bit longer, even if Bill is taking profits.
  5. Prompt, Friendly Customer Service — Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Newsmax Media’s financial publishing subscriber customer service is the gold standard in our industry. Our huge staff of knowledgeable professionals are at their desks daily between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  6. The Complete Bill Spetrino Archive — Feel free to explore every trade Bill has ever made (there’s good stuff there) with your 24/7 access to the private, secure, members‑only Spetrino Inner Circle website. That’s where you also gain immediate access to the entire library of wealth‑building reports, the weekly updates, podcasts, special reports, and tutorials. In other words, if you ever miss something, or want to look back at the archives, everything Bill has written or recorded is in here.
  7. You’re in a Multimillionaire’s Inner Circle — The trades you make are the exact same ones Bill makes, only he gets in well after you. Despite that disadvantage, Bill’s wealth continues to expand. He made his millions by investing, and not by selling subscriptions. He’s working on his next $10 million right now . . . it’s easy for you to go along for the ride.
  8. A Beautiful Mind — Bill Spetrino could be the world’s most successful “careful” options trader. It is a rare trait in the 21st century to publicly admit you’re cautious. That’s why when you subscribe to the Spetrino Inner Circle today you’ll gain immediate access to Bill Spetrino and his millionaire’s mind . . . and the road map he has for you to join him as one of the comfortably invested.

Inner Circle Is a Place Where People Might Be a Bit Quietly Smug About How Well They’re Doing

Frankly, when you glance over it, think about it for a moment, a $397 subscription to Spetrino Inner Circle is an insanely good deal.

There’s not much I can do to make it better . . . other than to remind you that your one‑year, $397 subscription to Spetrino Inner Circle comes with my sworn oath to you.

Your subscription to Spetrino Inner Circle is backed by an ironclad, no‑risk, 60‑day, money‑back, full guarantee.

You could likely earn more than 10 times your subscription fee during those 60 days, but if for any reason, any reason at all, you find Spetrino Circle isn’t for you . . . I will return your full fee to you, no questions asked.

When you think about it, that no‑fuss guarantee might draw in more than a few tire kickers.

That could mean Inner Circle could hit its subscriber limit sooner than I thought.

Thank you for your time today.

If you agree that Bill Spetrino sounds like a careful man in a careless time, please don’t delay . . .

Use this button to subscribe to his Inner Circle now.

My heartiest best wishes to you!


Charles Hamilton
Finance Publisher

P.S. I sent this to Bill for his comments and he had just one. “What about a two‑year subscription for $599?”

That seemed a bit outrageous to me, but Bill’s point is that a good strong customer should get a better deal. My point to him was that anyone who spends a year with him could likely afford to pay a whole lot more and still be way, way ahead.

Ultimately, Bill wore me down. So . . .

It is my pleasure to offer you my ironclad guarantee on a two‑year subscription to the Spetrino Inner Circle . . .

And that makes this perhaps the best darn deal in the history of financial publishing.

I am shaking my head in wonder as I write this . . .

Two years of Bill Spetrino’s Inner Circle for $599.


Use this button to do that.