Former teacher who never made more than $45,000 a year reveals:

How I Turned
Just $9,000 Into

And how experienced investors could follow my steps
and go from being financially ‘comfortable’
to exceptionally WEALTHY starting this year.


Dear Friend,

My name is Bill Spetrino.

If you’re one of my tens of thousands of Dividend Machine readers, then you already know plenty about me.

If this is the first time you’ve come across me and my work, then you’re in for a treat.

Because this detailed letter is about making money — lots of money — from the stock market.

Up markets, down markets, sideways markets, chaos markets — like the one we’re in right now! — I’ve seen and made great money during them all.

Unlike 99% of the financial editors and “experts” who write about the markets and recommend what investments to buy, I’ve actually made millions in the markets.

You want to go for millions too? Follow along, and I’ll show you what I’ve done.

Those who’ve been following me have had the chance to make fortunes as well, simply by buying these little-known investments I’ve recommended over the past eight-plus years.

For example, inside of a single year, a small group of readers and I were able to pocket:

  • 326% profits on an American clothing company
  • 491% profits on a multinational technology company
  • 620% profits on an electronics equipment company
  • 723% profits on a semiconductor and telecom company
  • And 1,034% profits on a computer hardware and media company

Now, had you put a modest $1,000 into each of those five investments, you could have turned your original $5,000 into $36,940. Not a bad payoff!

If you were like some of my readers with the financial means to dedicate $10,000 to carefully selected investments like these, you could have made over $319,000 in pure profits within 12 months from just those five investments alone.

And if you factor in all our investments with double-digit gains, you could have added even more to your portfolio.

Now, those five big winners above are just a handful of the most highly profitable investments I have recommended.

In a moment, I’ll show you other big winners and share how this select group of investments — ones that most investors have absolutely no idea exist — could change your entire financial outlook in a matter of months.

In some cases, you could be pocketing substantial profits in mere days.

When investors learn more about them, here’s what impresses them the most.

These Select Investments Allowed
Us to Bank Average Profits of 38%
for Over 8 Years Running

Since inception in May of 2015, this small group of readers and I have been able to pocket an average of 38% PROFITS per trade using these select investments (based on all trades, both wins and losses).

I’d challenge anyone to try and find a better track record over that many years.

I sure couldn’t find one!

Below, I’ll share the secret to my success with these investments and why they’ve proven to be so easy, so predictable, and so profitable.

But in order not to waste your valuable time, here’s what you need to know upfront:

*** The investments I’m discussing here are NOT for amateur investors.

They’re best suited for individuals who have already built a six-figure portfolio.

I’m not one to tell people what to do — or not to do, but if you haven’t built the foundation of your retirement portfolio yet, then you may be better served by other investments.

Simply put, this is for investors who are already doing well but would like to “kick it up a notch” without putting a lot of their hard-earned capital into risky investments.

So, if you’re an investor who is financially “comfortable” right now, but would like the opportunity to safely grow your investment portfolio by an extra $30,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more over the coming year . . . 

And have the potential to multiply those numbers year after year until you hit your “enough” number, whether it’s $2 million, $5 million — whatever it may be  . . . 

Then read the rest of this letter very carefully.

Because I would like to share how I was able to retire from working at only 42 years old and ultimately turn just $9,000 in savings into $27 million.

Not $2.7 million.

$27 million!

This kind of life-changing wealth has allowed me to spend time with my family and never miss important events, actively manage my retirement portfolio, write about winning investment strategies for my readers — and quite frankly, do pretty much anything I could possibly want to do without ever worrying about money.

So, how did I do it?

That’s what I’m about to share with you. It’s something I’ve never shared before.

And I’m not just going to tell you about the little-known investments I’ve used to massively multiply my wealth.

I’ll invite you to essentially look over my shoulder so you can go from being financially comfortable to exceptionally wealthy.

And if you choose to use these investments like a select group of my readers and I have, then you could make a fortune this year, and continue multiplying it over the years to come.

Why I Agreed to Write This Letter, and
How What You’re Reading Right Now
Could Radically Change Your Life

My publisher asked me to tell my story about how I’ve been able to achieve such great success in the stock market.

I told him I would do it.

But only on the condition that I could “let my hair down,” so to speak — I say that in jest because I don’t have much left on top anymore! — and tell readers the real deal about investing in today’s markets.

NO scripted videos full of fancy charts.

NO unprovable claims.

NO hypotheticals.

Just straight talk about what I did to make my fortune in the stock market and how others can do the same.

You see, I’ve lived my life saying things others won’t dare say, and doing things others don’t have the good sense (or guts) to do.

And it’s allowed me to achieve the kind of results you won’t see anywhere else.

So, if you’re tired of all the BIG but often empty promises of making a fortune in the stock market from so-called experts that never personally invest in the markets themselves . . . 

Or from people that don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of . . . 

If you’re ready to start generating real money — I’m talking about change-your-life kind of money, year after year, like clockwork . . . 

And you’re willing to learn from someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but actually walks the walk when it comes to investing successfully and making millions . . . 

Then you’ll be excited by what I’m about to show you.

Why You Must Be Very Careful About
Where You Get Advice — About Anything!

Today, it’s more important than ever to be careful about where you get any advice.

Let’s face it:

Are you going to take health advice from a doctor who is obese and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day? Of course not!

Are you going to ask relationship advice from someone who has been divorced three times? Hopefully not!

Are you going to take financial advice from someone who has filed for bankruptcy more than once, had their house foreclosed on, or is on welfare? I surely wouldn’t!

Look, if you’re going to listen to anyone’s advice — about anything, then you’d better be sure they actually know what they are talking about.

Better yet, you should listen to people who actually practice what they preach!

Now, if you saw me on the street, you probably wouldn’t find anything remarkable about me. I don’t dress flashy or drive a neon-colored Ferrari.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I wasn’t the beneficiary of a trust fund — or any fund, for that matter.

I’m not some genius. I didn’t go to Harvard, and I’ve never worked on Wall Street.

I don’t live in a mansion, despite easily being able to do so.

However, I have an innate gift I discovered in a most peculiar way.

You see, one of my grandfathers was a gambler.

In fact, he would take me to the racetrack near his home.

Watching the horses race each other as the people betting on them went wild sure was exciting! And it wasn’t long before I started pestering my grandfather to show me the racing sheets and explain how they worked.

I even persuaded him to give me a few bucks so I could follow along and feel like I was doing what he was doing.

It soon became apparent that I had an unbelievable aptitude for math and logic.

Some people have an innate gift when it comes to music or art.

For others, it’s being mechanically inclined and able to fix anything. And some are natural athletes.

For Me, My Gift Was — and Still Is — Numbers.
It’s Helped Make Me and Others MILLIONS,
and It Could Do the Same for You!

At the racetrack, I saw patterns in how horses and jockeys performed and how other people bet.

I took in all the possible variables, was able to calculate the odds on the fly, and figured out how to make optimum bets.

One time, I was able to turn $500 into more than $5,000 — but that’s a story for another day.

Before long, the racetracks began to close as the government started cracking down on all types of sports betting.

And quite frankly, if I was going to have a family and be a good provider for them, it wasn’t going to be through the feast-or-famine life of a gambler.

So, while I had a fun and exciting childhood and teenage years, eventually I — like everyone else — had to grow up.

My penchant for math led me to a degree in accounting.

I hated it.

That led me to becoming a teacher.

It was an enjoyable profession, and I liked having the summers off because that gave me some time to make extra money for my family.

But the fact of the matter was that, even at my highest salary of $45,000 a year and making money on the side, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to retire in comfort — much less retire early — or have financial independence while I was still young enough to truly enjoy it!

That led me back to what I knew best — NUMBERS — and making calculated bets for profit.

And where better to legally do it than in the stock market.

It started with buying the best dividend stocks in the world.

The returns started out small; a hundred dollars here, a few hundred dollars there.

Then they began to grow, and I started receiving dividend checks of $3,000 . . . $6,000 . . . $8,000 each month.

And because of the power of compounding, I began receiving dividend deposits right into my accounts of $25,000 or more monthly!

This was right around the time I found the little-known investments that catapulted my wealth to a level where I never had to worry about money again.

Combining the Triple- and Quadruple-Digit Gains
of Options With the Lowered Risks of Investing
in the World’s Greatest Dividend Stocks

Here’s something else you should know about me.

I absolutely hate losing money. It’s why I started building my fortune with dividend stocks — I wanted to be paid by companies for investing in them!

And it literally makes me sick to my stomach if I make an investment recommendation to my readers that goes down in value.

Fortunately, it doesn’t happen too often.

Take, for example, my flagship financial newsletter, The Dividend Machine.

Over 14 years, from 2009 through 2023, I’ve had an incredible 83% WIN RATE for both my Conservative and Aggressive portfolios.

More than 50 of these stocks had double-digit profits, and another 17 had triple-digit profits with up to 475%, 519%, even 810% returns.

It’s easy to see how my readers and I have been able to generate a FORTUNE for ourselves.

Now, you may be thinking:

“If you’re so good at picking stocks, why don’t you run a hedge fund?”

The fact of the matter is, at several times in my life, that idea did cross my mind.

And other investors were on board and ready to throw their money at me — lots of money.

But I quickly realized it would come with a LOT of work that would take me away from my family.

Not to mention the added stress of having to hire and manage employees, file countless documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies, and answer to my investors.

Needless to say, whenever I thought about starting a hedge fund, I snapped back to reality and focused on becoming 100% completely, financially independent.

So, back to that newsletter.

There was one “problem” I had after the first few years of writing it.

While everyone who read it loved how much money they were able to make with the top-performing, dividend-generating companies I recommended, the one “downside” to dividend stocks was they could often take up to three to five years or more to potentially double, triple, or quadruple our money.

Now, for most of us, that is not a bad problem to have!

Especially if you have a lot of time until retirement, or you don’t have an immediate need for income.

But this prompted me to investigate different strategies and investment vehicles to make returns similar to those my readers and I were already seeing — only faster.

It was then that I discovered this little-known type of investments, and it’s been a game-changer ever since.

At first, I kept my discovery to myself.

But once I experienced their massive profit potential first-hand, I began sharing my research and recommendations with a small group of readers I call my Inner Circle.

Soon, it gave them the opportunity to generate triple-digit returns, over and over again.

So, What Are These Investments, and
How Can They Make You a Fortune?

As an investor, you already know you can make a boatload of money using simple call or put options.

However, these little-known investments revolve around a specific type of option that was created back in 1990.

This type of security is one few investors have even heard of, and even fewer know how to use successfully.

At first, they were only used by supersized funds and ultra-wealthy individuals for multiplied profit potential with reduced risk exposure.

Now, of course, there is always the possibility you could lose money on some trades. That’s just common sense.

But these investments allow you to really ratchet down the risk while maximizing upside potential.

And once you see how they work, along with how my Inner Circle and I use them, you’ll quickly come to realize . . . 

They essentially allow you to combine the triple- and quadruple-digit gains profitability of options with the lowered risks of investing in the world’s greatest dividend stocks!

As with any type of investment, smart investors want to see how they perform.

In other words, how’s the track record?

Here, check out ours.

Since inception in May of 2015, I’ve helped my readers generate 3,620% in total gains.

And when you combine the gains and losses together, we saw an average of 38% gains per trade.

Nobody I’ve seen is making anywhere near those kinds of average trade gains!

Plus, what conservative-minded investors really love about these investments — they are backed by the performance of companies whose products and services are in high demand.

In other words, they’re practically recession-proof!

And they’ve allowed my Inner Circle and me to make exceptional profits.

In addition to our big winners mentioned at the beginning of this letter, take a look at some of our other triple-digit winners from investing in:

A computer hardware company for 131% profits

A clothing company for 137% profits

A computer memory and data storage company for 160% profits

A semiconductor and telecom company for 205% profits

And a multinational technology company for 297% profits

Those kinds of returns are enough to double, triple, almost quadruple your money.

So, if you’re looking to increase the income you currently receive from your investments or simply boost the value of your retirement portfolio . . . 

And you would like to do it in a way that allows you to steer clear of the volatility of stocks we’re likely to see for months (maybe years) to come . . . 

Then I’d like to show you more about these special investments.

And after you see what I share with you below, you may want to start using them today to generate massive investment returns for years to come!

Why These Could Be the BEST Investments to
Add to Your Portfolio Starting Today,
Especially If You’re Already Financially Well-Off

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been recommending these unique investments to my Inner Circle since 2015.

And right from the start, I’ve delivered BIG for my readers.

For example, in May of 2015, I recommended one for a growing computer company that delivered 15% returns in just nine days.

The following month, I told my readers about another one for a successful tobacco company that provided 36% returns in just 10 days.

Then in July, I recommended buying one for a top-performing clothing and accessory company that generated 48% returns in 30 days.

I will say, not all of these investments deliver returns that quickly.

In fact, you may have to wait 12-30 months before you have the chance to take profits on winning investments.

But I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t mind waiting that long for opportunities to make three, seven, or even up to 10 times your money like we’ve seen!

Let me show you what I mean with the five companies I shared at the beginning of this letter.

The 326% gains on the American clothing company took 13 months.

The 491% gains on the multinational technology company took 26 months.

The 620% gains on the electronics equipment company took 26 months.

The 723% gains on the semiconductor and telecom company took 23 months.

And the 1,034% gains on the computer hardware and media company took 24 months.

So, if you’re a day trader or someone who likes to hop in and out of very short-term and riskier trades, then these unique securities might not be a good fit for you.

But if you don’t mind a one- to two-year average holding period for greater profit potential . . . 

Then they could be a perfect addition to your investment portfolio — especially with my track record using them and getting my recommendations on which ones to buy.

A Few Comments From My Readers

As I mentioned earlier, I take it personally if my readers lose any money on my carefully vetted recommendations.

Yet even with the trades that went down in value over the past eight-plus years, we have still been able to come out way ahead!

That’s why I’ll repeat what I mentioned earlier:

From inception in May 2015 to today, (September 2023), we’ve been able to pocket an average of 38% PROFITS on these opportunities — winners and losers combined!

As you can imagine, my Inner Circle has been thrilled with their results using these investments as part of their overall investing strategy.

In fact, here’s what a few of my readers had to say over the years about my investment recommendations.

Will G. says:

“I’m ecstatic! I just went over $1 million on my holdings!”

Heath M. told me:

“I’m up $77k profit . . . Thank you for doing what you do!”

Karl F. wrote in to say:

“I’ve done quite well. One for a 160% profit, one for a 422% profit, and another where I’m up 172%!”

I’ve got countless notes just like these that I’ve received over the years.

To me, they are worth more than the big profits I’ve made from my own investments because they are real financial results I’ve helped others achieve that have allowed them to reach their financial goals faster than they ever imagined.

And I’d like to do the same for you.

You Can Start With as Little as $1,000 and
Add More of These Investments to
Your Growing Portfolio Each Year

Let’s face it . . . 

With the economy becoming more chaotic and the financial markets more unpredictable, many conservative investors are looking for the safest and most stable companies going forward.

The significant financial returns you could make with the unique investments I covered today that my Inner Circle and I have been successfully using for years could dramatically increase your investment income and build your wealth.

And the sooner you secure some for yourself, the greater the gains you could see.

Plus, what I think you’ll really like is that you can often scoop up one for a top-performing company for around $1,000 — sometimes less.

However, the more you can invest in these securities, the more money you could make!

Like I stated before, it’s certainly possible to use them to generate an extra $30,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more in profits over the coming year.

In this lingering post-coronavirus market filled with volatility and uncertainty, it’s smart to primarily invest in top-performing companies with products and services that are in high demand.

And those are exactly the type of companies I target — with the greatest profit potential!

That’s why I believe every serious investor should have at least a few of these in their investment portfolio.

I can’t disclose what these investments are, because it wouldn’t be fair to my existing Inner Circle members.

But I am opening up my Inner Circle for the first time in several months to a small number of new members who would like to go from being financially comfortable to exceptionally wealthy starting this year.

Try Out My ‘Inner Circle’ Risk-Free,
I’m Making 50 Spots Available Today

I started my top-tier investment advisory service, Spetrino’s Inner Circle, in May of 2015.

As you could imagine by its name, Inner Circle, it’s not a big group.

And that is by design.

In fact, I keep the membership limited, and only open it up two to three times during the year.

This letter serves as one of those times we open the group to new members.

Today, it’s open to 50 new members.

And if my invitation below makes good financial sense to you — and you act quickly — then you may be able to secure a spot.

Here’s everything I’d like to give you for taking a 100% risk-free trial to Spetrino’s Inner Circle today:

  1. A 12-month membership to Spetrino’s Inner Circle. This will provide you access to what I see as the best investments — those that could allow you to make up to 10 times your money within the next two years! I will ONLY be sharing the best ones uncovered by my research (typically, 12-15 per year).
  2. A FREE special report explaining these investments, called The LaSalle Street Secret: The Little-Known Investments That Could Make You 10 Times Your Money. In it, you’ll discover everything you need to know about The LaSalle Street Secret, how LEAP options work, how we use them, the types of companies you should invest in to have the greatest chance at making up to 10 times your money within two years, and much more!
  3. A FREE Copy of The Great American Dividend Machine. In this bestselling book, I reveal how I got started on the road to financial independence to retire at 42 years old, and show you how a few simple, easy-to-follow investing rules can set you on the path to millionaire status!
  4. The Inner Circle Portfolio. You’ll get access to my Inner Circle portfolio of open positions with buy price guidance. Plus, you’ll have access to my portfolio of closed positions since 2015.
  5. Weekly Podcasts. For many of our members, the weekly podcasts are their favorite part of membership because of my no-nonsense talk and unorthodox insights on the markets. Each Friday, I record a short message and usually go into detail on one or two holdings in the portfolio. You can listen to them on your daily commute, at home, or even while grocery shopping!
  6. Trade Alerts. When it’s time to make an adjustment to our holdings or take profits, I will send you a trade alert by email. These emails give trading instructions that you can share with your broker, or you can go online and make the trade on your own.
  7. My Financial Freedom Library. You’ll have access to over a dozen of my best special reports. Just one tip or recommendation from each of these special reports could help you make thousands of dollars in extra income this year alone, or save you thousands of dollars in taxes now and for years to come!
  8. Secure Access to Our MEMBERS-ONLY Website. Here, you can access everything I’ve mentioned above 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  9. Concierge Customer Service. I am 100% committed to your satisfaction and success. So, if you have a question, you simply call or send an email. Our friendly, patient, and helpful staff is dedicated to our members, and they’ll do everything they can to assist you.

And to top it all off, you get me.

I will be the one guiding you with my investing insights, market research, and investment recommendations as you build your own portfolio of these carefully selected securities.

I can guarantee you won’t find anyone with a better track record than mine in this business.

Countless people have thanked me for sharing my unique investing insights and allowing them to dramatically improve their lives.

In fact, here’s what some readers have said over the years about my investment recommendations.

People like Jay C., who said:

“In the last two and a half years, my portfolio has returned close to a MILLION dollars!”

Joseph L. wrote:

“Every time I have followed Bill's advice, I’m batting 1.000, and I have DOUBLED my dividend income in the last 18 months!”

Then there’s Bernard E., who was thrilled to tell me:

“I made enough the first year to PAY OFF my granddaughter’s house in 10 months using only the dividends paid back to me!”

But this isn’t about them and their wealth.

It’s about you and how my financial research and investment recommendations could make a world of difference for your retirement.

Follow What’s Tried and True . . . 
It’s ALWAYS Worth It!

Look, I learned from a young age that if you can simplify a goal — any goal — the greater your chances of finding success.

These days, I cringe when I see people constantly looking for the next hot stock tip, like a drunkard stumbling around looking for his next drink.

Or jumping from one investing strategy to another, like an overweight person going from one fad diet to the next.

No matter what these people do, they will never be able to create great wealth.

But if you’re sensible enough to do what is tried and true, then I have no doubt I can help you create a fortune.

I can’t promise you’ll grow a $27 million fortune like I did.

After all, you’re not me.

And the market conditions, opportunities, and circumstances that allowed me to grow my wealth may not be the same for anyone else.

But I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t add an extra $270,000 to your retirement portfolio.

Or, if you have more time until retirement along with more starting capital, I don’t see why you couldn’t add an extra $2.7 million to your savings over the long term, simply by following my lead.

You’ve already seen many of my winning recommendations in this letter that have allowed my readers to make three, seven, or up to 10 times their money with these little-known investments.

And I believe that if you follow my research and recommendations, you’ll have the chance to make more money over the coming years than most investors will throughout their entire lifetime.

Here’s How to Claim Your Spot
in the Spetrino Inner Circle Today

We recently raised our retail price for a one-year membership in the Spetrino Inner Circle to $1,995.

When you consider you could make that amount — and much more — from just one of the investments I recommend, that price is an absolute bargain.

But today, I am making a limited-time offer.

If you’re one of the first 50 people to get started today, you’ll pay only $995.

That’s over HALF OFF the retail rate.

And if you like, you could use your savings toward your first investment that I recommend!

Just imagine how great it would be if you were able to make three, seven, or even 10 times your money on your first investment!

But know that once those 50 spots are taken today, that’s it, and you may be put on a waiting list.

Please know that we have more than 1 million readers on our Newsmax email lists, so I’m sure those spots will be filled up quickly. And if you are lucky enough to get in today, you’ll be happy you took fast action, because my newest recommendation is right around the corner!

If you’re like me and want to get the most value for your money, you can lock in a second year of membership today for an extra $500.

So, for a total of just $1,495 today, you could enjoy a TWO-YEAR membership to Spetrino’s Inner Circle.

You’ll get everything I mentioned above for two full years — all for less than the retail price of just one year!

But this special two-year membership discount is only available on this page.

Plus, regardless of which membership option you choose, you can try out all of my work 100% risk-free for the next 60 days.

If you’re not happy with my work for any reason — or even no reason at all — simply let my member services team know, and they’ll offer you a full and prompt refund.

But I think you’re going to love my research and the exceptional profits it could provide you for years to come.

As I said earlier, if you’re going to listen to anybody’s advice — about anything — then you’d better be sure they actually know what they are talking about.

Better yet, you should listen to people who actually practice what they preach.

I’ve been able to turn just $9,000 in savings into $27 million.

I’ve made fortunes in up markets, down markets, sideways markets, and chaos markets like the one we’re in right now!

And I plan on continuing to make fortunes for my Inner Circle members for years to come.

Now, let me help you build your fortune. Grab one of the 50 open spots available today.

It could be the best financial decision you ever make. And it’s risk-free!

Simply tell us a bit about yourself below, and I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Bill Spetrino
Founder, Spetrino Inner Circle

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