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  1. A 12-month membership to Spetrino Inner Circle — Each month, you’ll receive Bill’s research on the best investments that could allow you to make up to 10 times your money within the next 1-2 years! Bill will ONLY be sharing what his research proves to be the best ones he finds (typically 12-15 per year).
  1. Bill’s newest special report: The LaSalle Street Secret: The Little-Known Investments That Could Make You 10 Times Your Money — In it, you’ll discover everything you need to know about The LaSalle Street Secret,  how these investments work, how to purchase them, and the types of companies you should invest in to have the greatest chance at making up to 10 times your money within two years . . . and much more!
  1. The Inner Circle Portfolio — You’ll get access to Bill’s Inner Circle portfolio. Plus, you’ll have access to Bill’s portfolio of closed positions since 2015.
  1. Weekly Podcasts  — To many of our members, these weekly podcasts are their favorite part of their membership because of Bill’s “no nonsense” talk and unorthodox insights on the markets. Each Friday, Bill records a short message and will usually go into detail on one or two holdings in the portfolio. You can listen to these on your daily commute, at home, or even while grocery shopping!
  1. Trade Alerts — When it’s time to make an adjustment to our holdings or take profits, Bill will send you a trade alert by email. These emails will give you trading instructions that you can share with your broker, or allow you to go online to make the trade on your own.
  1. Bill’s Financial Freedom Library — You’ll have access to over a dozen of Bill’s best special reports, where just one tip or recommendation from each of these special reports could help you make thousands of dollars in extra income this year alone . . . or save you thousands of dollars in taxes now, and for years to come!
  1. A Free Copy of The Great American Dividend Machine — In Bill’s best-selling book, he reveals how he got started on the road to financial independence to retire at 42 years old . . . and shows you how a few simple, easy-to-follow investing rules can set you on the path to millionaire status!
  1. Secure Access to Our MEMBERS-ONLY Website — Here, you can access everything I’ve mentioned above 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  1. Concierge Customer Service — We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and success. So if you ever have a question, simply call us or send us an email. Our friendly, patient, and helpful staff is dedicated to our subscribers and they’ll do everything they can to assist you.

Bill Spetrino

And to top it all off . . . you get Bill.

He will be the one guiding you with his investing insights, market research, and investment recommendations as you build your own portfolio using The LaSalle Street Secret.

We’ve recently raised our retail price for a one-year membership in the Spetrino Inner Circle to $1,995 a year.

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You’ll get everything I mentioned above for two full years . . . at less than the retail price for just one year!

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So like I just mentioned — if you like getting the most value for your money, the TWO-YEAR option is the best deal . . . and we shoulder all the risk.

And if you’re not happy with his research for any reason — or even no reason at all — simply let us know, and we’ll offer you a full and prompt refund!

But I think that you’re going to love Bill’s investing insights and the profits they could provide you for years to come.

Just pick which membership option below makes the best financial sense for you, and tell us a bit about yourself to get started.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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