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Aftershock Investor ReportThe Aftershock Investor Report is your lifeline to safe and prudent investing opportunities while the rest of the stock market collapses under the weight of our nation's careless economic policies.

With volatility and chaos certain to overtake our economy as the dollar collapses, government debt explodes to historic levels, and consumer spending fizzles under the weight of higher taxes , the Aftershock Investor Report will recommend the exact types of investments that stand to benefit from the uncertainty, such as gold, high-dividend stocks, and currencies.

The Aftershock Investor Report focuses on these investments, along with other asset classes, because the portfolio has three key principles: 1) preservation of capital, 2) minimal volatility, and 3) reasonable returns.

As the managing director of Absolute Investment Management, an investment advisory with over $300 million under management, and the author of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal best-seller Aftershock, Robert "Bob" Wiedemer has decades of experience identifying what is really going on in the markets, and shares that with readers in each monthly issue of the Aftershock Investor Report.

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Bob selects each investment idea in the Aftershock Investor Report, provides you with his insight into how the recommendation fits into the economic puzzle we face, and even when to get in, and when to get out. With a full team of economists behind him, you can be sure each monthly issue will be packed with the latest information you need to protect yourself from the perils our country faces.

As Bob says, it is only a matter of time before "the medicine becomes the poison" and the house of cards comes crashing down. Fortunately, those who read the Aftershock Investor Report will be prepared, and will have the unique opportunity to profit while others lose everything in the collapse.

And that is why Bob started the Aftershock Investor Report. It's his effort to sound the alarm and to extend the important messages from his books, in a way that's powerful and useful for ordinary Americans. If the super elite are preparing for the life-changing events that our economy is facing, Bob wants to make sure that you are too.

Bob's firsthand business and investment experience, combined with accurate understanding of macroeconomics, gives him the unique ability to see things that many financial professionals and academics miss — or simply cannot face up to. And that insight will be yours each and every month as a reader of the Aftershock Investor Report.

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