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Due to the Federal Reserve's numerous quantitative easing programs, the money supply is increasing by $85 billion each and every month, with no end in sight.

Gold Stock AdviserMorgan Stanley called the massive amount of money printing "a game changer for gold," adding that "the size and strength of the recent upside move in gold is reflective of decisively changed perception of Fed policy going forward." In English, that means "the Fed is printing money into oblivion, gold will soar because of it."

This is why right now, the "smart" money is busy positioning itself for what may be another historic run for the gold mining companies . . . they are leveraged to the price of gold, and can see stratospheric gains with just a small increase in gold prices.

Gold Stock Adviser is your opportunity to profit from what could be a historic rise in gold prices . . .

Our gold expert, Tom Luongo, has been following the situation very closely and will help you take advantage of what many anticipate will be a historic move in the gold markets in each issue of Gold Stock Adviser.

Tom will identify gold ETFs, major gold producers, junior mining companies, and even royalty and income trust companies that offer the greatest potential for outsized gains as gold prices soar.

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