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The Peak Profits System Is Bursting with Money-Making Opportunities . . .

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Dear John Daly and Jeff Yastine,

I’ve seen how Mike Carr’s Peak Profits system is designed to grab 52% gains each year, enough to turn every $1,000 I have into a mind-blowing $65,000 over time.

I’ve also seen how his trades are double vetted for a 90% win probability using 15 years of consistent profit patterns AND a 97% win probability using the Relative Strength Index.

Additionally, I’ve seen how this system can beat even the best performing stocks by grabbing profits week in and week out again and again.

Gains like . . .

  • 226% on Tesla Motors
  • 148% on SanDisk
  • 315% on Akami Technologies
  • 180% on DeVita HealthCare Partners
  • 182% on Gannet
  • 191% on Alexion
  • 306% on Equinix

But I know this is just the starting point.

If I want to get even more aggressive — at my own discretion — I can use the Money Multiplier Portfolio to potentially ratchet up these profits tenfold! That’s enough to turn my $1,000 investment into $650,000.

And as long as I am one of the first 1,000 viewers to respond to this special offer right now, I’ll get every one of the bonus resources in the Peak Profits Suite . . . ABSOLUTELY FREE!

These free resources include . . .

  • Bonus Resource #1: The Original Manuscript of Smarter Investing in Any Economy, where I’ll see precisely why Mike’s relative strength filter is the chief indicator for making BIG money in stocks — a $4,000 value . . . FREE!
  • Bonus Resource #2: The Unpublished Final Chapter — The 12 Secret Stock Market Patterns, where I’ll see how to grab an extra 19% a year on presidential cycles . . . an extra 28% from decennial patterns . . . as well as the 12 “must-trade” dates for massive market-beating gains — a $79 value . . . FREE!
  • Bonus Resource #3: The 6-Part Video Coaching Package, where I’ll look over Mike’s shoulder as he details one trade after another until I’m 100% confident that I understand how to grab maximum profits with Mike’s system — a $499 value . . . FREE!
  • Bonus Resource #4: The Investing 101 Guide that can give any novice investor the confidence they need to jump into the markets with both feet and start profiting from the military precision of Mike’s Peak Profits system — a $49 value . . . FREE!
  • Bonus Resource #5: The Uncensored Video Interview you recorded specifically for the Financial Braintrust, describing the secrets behind Mike’s system — a $99 value . . . FREE!
  • Bonus Resource #6: The Money Multiplier Portfolio, which could potentially send my 52% in gains soaring as high as 520% — in fact, all my Peak Profit trades could jump tenfold with the Money Multiplier Portfolio — a $995 value . . . FREE!

A $5,721 Value . . .
Absolutely FREE!

So count me in as one of the first 1,000 viewers to claim a membership to Mike’s Peak Profits service today.

As a member to the Peak Profits investment service, I can expect to receive . . .

  • Trade Alerts: Mike is constantly scanning all 8,000 stocks. When it’s time to buy, or time to grab my gains and sell, Mike will send me a trade alert via email so I can make sure I squeeze every penny of profit out of every trade, aiming for the minimal return of 52% a year. These trade alerts will be SIMPLE to understand and I can act on them QUICKLY. Mike expects to make about one trade a week, and will never hold more than 10 stocks in his portfolio at a time . . . and I make the final decision on which investments to buy and which ones to pass on.
  • Weekly Updates: With Mike’s weekly updates, he will walk me through the research and rationale of every trading opportunity without a bunch of Wall Street jargon or complicated trading language. Instead, I’ll get easy-to-decipher trading opportunities . . . presented in clear terms . . . so I can make money as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • 24/7 Access to the Encrypted Website: The website will hold every bonus report and video Mike has ever put together, along with additional material to help me get started investing right away. It also acts as a complete archive of every trade alert, weekly update, and portfolio calculation for the service. And of course, I’ll get all the bonus resources of the Peak Profit Suite fully archived for easy, global 24/7 access.
  • Customer Service Support: I’ll also have direct access to over 50 highly trained customer service representatives who can help me get started with this service and are readily available whenever I need to speak with them.

Now, I understand that Mike is already giving me $5,000 in free gifts and that his data feed costs about $17,000 a year . . . so Mike would be perfectly justified in charging me at least $10,000 a year for his Peak Profits investment service.

But I will pay only a fraction of that today!

Best of all, so I can make completely certain that this is the right opportunity for me, my membership to the Peak Profits system is . . .

100% Risk-Free

So, if at any time during the next 60 days, for any reason at all, I decide the military precision of Mike’s powerful investment system isn't for me, all I have to do is simply call, email, write, or fax you, and I will receive a complete and total refund . . . no questions asked.

The great part about this risk-free guarantee is that I have more than enough time to make a few trades and start profiting right away, well before my risk-free trial period ends.

And with a minimum goal of 52% returns per year, I can expect that my trading profits could easily pay for my membership fee many times over.

But even if I do decide to cancel my membership, I can still keep everything I received in the Peak Profits Suite, including . . .

  • The original, unedited manuscript Smarter Investing in Any Economy
  • The controversial unpublished chapter 12 Secret Stock Market Patterns
  • The DVD coaching course
  • The Investing 101 Guide
  • The uncensored video interview
  • And even the Money Multiplier Portfolio

That’s $5,721 in free gifts that I can keep no matter what — just for giving Mike’s investment service a test-drive for the next 60 days.

My Peak Profits Suite Includes:

Peak Profits Suite

I Have 3 Exciting Membership
Packages to Choose From:

(Limited-time offer. Expires )


  • A 3-year membership to Mike Carr’s
    Peak Profits investment service
  • BONUS: The 6-Part DVD Set
    How to Make an Extra 20% a Year


  • A 2-year membership to Mike Carr’s
    Peak Profits investment service
  • A 1-year membership to Mike Carr’s
    Peak Profits investment service

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