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The Newsmax Difference

Each month, Newsmax reaches over 11 million Americans who are affluent, well-informed and response-oriented adults. 

As a result, your marketing dollars can have a big impact with Newsmax.

You can tap into these highly responsive readers via Newsmax’s powerful online channels — including:

  • Our powerful Email Alerts with more than 4 million opt-in subscribers.
  • Websites like,,
  • Newsmax TV.
  • Text adds on the Newsmax Feed Network, published on over 700 million page views monthly.
  • Newsmax Magazine and more than a dozen health and financial newsletters.

Newsmax readers are buyers — looking for offers that improve their health, financial well-being and lifestyle.

Our readers shop online and donate generously to charities and political causes.

We can help you deliver your advertising campaign through one of several Newsmax "channels."